Sunday, October 9, 2011

Another Two Got Hitched

Congratulations to my close and awesome friends, Zafirah and Imran on their marriage.

Having being friends for six years, it was a real pleasure for me to see them taking their courtship from Asasi UM to the dais last week. They are the epitome of unconditional, real love - through thick and thin. 

So here's to Firah and Imran, may you both have a pleasant wedded life from this moment on. I can't wait to be Uncle Kye to your future kids.

Like Beyonce said, if you like it then you should put a ring on it. Guess Imran really liked Firah then, winks. 

Congratulations again, my friends.
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Saturday, October 8, 2011

An Impulse Buy

While I was strolling around Suria KLCC the other day waiting for my movie, I stopped by a gadget shop on level 3. A cool-looking Jabra headphone caught my attention. 

The headphone was cordless and in simple plain black. I liked it, but I didn't dare to enquire further after looking at its pretty hefty pricetag.

So I went for my movie (it was Fright Night - a quite entertaining flick, just to digress) and I still lingered around that gadget store afterwards. After some 'Oohs' and 'Aahs', drooling over the headphone, I made my move - before stopping abruptly and heading back to the store for the third time.

Obvious enough, the first thing that store owner (I presumed) said to me the moment I stepped foot inside was: "You came back for the headphone, eh? I saw you three times already - checking out this headphone. You must really liked them."

Err... I didn't know it was so obvious.

That guy, Francis, gladly elaborated the specs and features of this Jabra Halo 2 headphone to Ayi and I. I later learned, this headphone was dope, yo - Bluetooth connectivity with corded USB option, inner velvet finishing for comfort, double built-in microphone for hands-free phone calls, able to connect 2 devices at the same time, up to 2 weeks standby time, LED status and battery display, crystal clear sound, enhanced bass, surreal surround sound with noise blackout and touch-sensitive controller (simply slide up and down the right ear piece to increase or decrease volume, respectively, and double tap to change song track).

Whoa. That was mouthful. Oh, it also bends for easy storage. The moment you bend it, it turns off - vice versa. How smart.

So I immediately got one since I'd be needing it for work and travelling purposes. No more wire/corded audio device for me, no more my-headphone-wire-got-tangled-to-women's-handbag-in-packed-train situation.

A week after I bought it, that guy Francis still remembered me while I accidentally passed by his store and he immediately asked me "How's your Jabra headphone? I hope you're enjoying it."

I certainly am. This awesomeness retails for RM548.
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