Thursday, June 26, 2008

Five O'Clock Heroes featuring Agyness Deyn - Who

I love this song so much that I can't stop playing it ever since I first saw the video of them performing live in, aside from the fact that I love Agyness Deyn - a household name in the modelling world. She has graced the advertising campaigns of big shots like Giorgio Armani, Burberry and Marc Jacobs and currently the face of the new Burberry scent, The Beat (yes, the one with the quirky and loopy model jumping with dozens of facial expressions. That's her).

And now, she has collaborated with Five O'Clock Heroes, a band from the UK for this song. Enjoy it!

PS: Don't worry, she sounds way better than Scarlett Johansson :)

Click here to DOWNLOAD!

Monday, June 23, 2008

A Sunday Family Affair in Pavilion KL

After much persuasion, we managed to get my brother-in-law to agree for a day-out to Pavilion Kuala Lumpur. We didn't take long to get ready as another second passed might change his mind to what he had just agreed.

So off we went there. True, like what The Star reported today, the traffic in the city center was so clear and cars were, sort of, scarce. Strange. Perhaps people were beginning to feel the effect in the increased fuel price recently.

My dad with his 'rojak' a la Food Republic style
One with an ABC, another with a J.Co - they're ready to take over the world
Ignore my hairdo. Forgotten my hair gel. Have to resort to Vaseline (thanks to John Travolta in Grease for it)
No prize for guessing who was the happiest one there
We didn't shop much except for a dozen of J.Co donuts and half a dozen of the sumptuous cupcakes from The Loaf (the cupcakes were, oh my Lord, heaven-sent).

We took a stroll around the mall with my sis targeting on some shops for her next visit, before calling it a day and headed home.

It turned out, my a-year-old nephew Aisy and his uncle shared a same taste - fondness for Paris Hilton. Well, at least in the tot's case, he refused to leave the heiress store and seemed to be attracted to her posters there. Ahaks!

I tried to show to my mom the girl I've been eying in J.Co but she didn't turn up. But by the time they all left for the foodcourt except my brother-in-law and I queuing for the donuts, the girl showed up and flashed me the same sunshine-y grin she always sported whenever we looked each other. Did I tell that I'm a regular there?

Anyway, my brother-in-law approved my 'selection' for the girl. Hey, it ain't easy to get a nod from him unless it's really something!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

15 Reasons Why I *ehem* You

To the one with the black Karl Lagerfeld t-shirt, these are the reasons why you're different and why you're loved by me:

1. You accept me for who I am. I am full of flaws. You've seen it and embraced it.

2. You are forgiving. No mistake or things that I did ever shattered your justice in loving me.

3. You understands me. You know how to push my buttons and when to just leave me alone.

4. You're very supportive. The one I looked up for support. The one to shed my tears. The one who sees every small achievements I made as huge successes.

5. You're so beautiful in the inside. You only see the good things, in me and in this whole life.

6. You love Oprah too :)

7. You never say no to me. You know that 'NO's upset me.

8. You work so hard to satisfy me, though I never asked u so.

9. You cook the best meals I've ever known aside from my mom and granma's.

10. You hug me like I would run away from you.

11. You make me explored the parts of my life which I thought never existed.

12. You so naive. So easy to be trifled with, but definitely not any less intelligent.

13. You and I share same ideas, preferences and tastes. Well, almost - except Siti, sorry.

14. You love me as well.

15. You're so nice to me (links back to number 1 to 14).

Thanks dear. You know who you are. xoxo

Topless Giselle in GQ - WTF?

So, the highest-paid supermodel 2007 by the name of Giselle Bundchen posed topless for the latest issue of GQ (July issue, I supposed).

Few months ago, Eva Mendes did the same for Vogue Italia alongside with more raunchy pics than sexy or art-sy.

I didn't get it! Why do these beautiful chicks have to go topless in photo shoots? First of all, the pics don't even come near to the term 'art'. Don't they realized they were being exploited?

What the hell right, when you have the body better just flaunt it.

But, seriously, I can't understand it. There's no absolute relevance to that. Do you really need to expose your boobs in order to address a point? In a men's mag, above all? (Like you really have an important point, btw)

Suit yourselves, biyatches.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

New Semester 2008/2009

OMG. I'm not freaking out but I'm definitely scared.

I was on 12-credit-hours semesters since I was admitted to the Economics & Administration Faculty and for the first semester of my sophomore year, I'll be taking 19 credit hours.


I don't even know if I could handle it but I got to do it if I intended to graduate on time. I've missed some subjects and I need to cope back on the missing slots, now or never ( not really never anyway, I can still do it on the next semester but I don't want to).

I've registered for 17 credit hours and I'm appealing for extra 2 credit hours for that lousy compulsory subject by the name of 'Entrepreneurship'. The maximum credit hours entitled are 18.

I might be dropping some of the subjects but I could never know. I need to take all of them at once but whether I could handle all of them, I'm not too sure.

Pray hard I would successfully pull it off. Finger crossed!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Rendezvous in KLCC

Today is June 16, 2008 and earlier this day, I had a little chillin' time with my bestest buddies, the incredibles Chong Jin and Cheng Mun aka Alexis.

Well, it was scheduled at 10am initially (by Chong Jin) but it turned out, Chong Jin was the first there to 9.30am. I mean, 9.30am? In KLCC? On SUNDAY?

God! However, best friends wouldn't see personal interest hindering such faboulous get-together, even if that means waking up early on a Sunday morning!

The rest of us did show up anyway...of course not on time (we are Malaysians, remember?). Chong Jin and Alexis had their meals from the fattening Mc Donald's (hehe) while I had the sumptuous sizzling yee-mee from Sizzles (the best sizzling mee in KL I've ever discovered). We easily spent nearly an hour at the foodcourt, dishing almost anything from studies, Madonna to bad housemates behaviours.

My 'muka-baik' pic in Signatures, KLCC, June 15,2008
Chong Jin tried so hard to be all friendly with the cam but Alexis was just trying to have his brunch *giggles*
Chong Jin as the McD ambassador (KLCC branch)

Alexis wants to apply for the next cycle of ANTM

Then, both of them invited me to the Matic (Malaysian Tourism Information Center) for the special screening of Buddhism-related movies in conjuction with the Wesak International Film Festival (WIFF) .

Arduously, we walked from KLCC to Matic on a hot Sunday afternoon, like some White tourists crazy for tanned skin. We watched the 'Among the White Clouds', about the lives of monks and nun in the Zhengnan Mountains in China.

Though coming from different religious view, I found the movie was very stimulating and moved me. There's one particular bit that captured me til right now, coming from a mouth from the sole nun living on the mountains:

"We always seek things and everything's about 'me','me'. We struggle for that one breath. When that one breath is chopped down, we let go of the universe. Why not let go of it now?"

There you have it. Very enlightening.

After the screening, we walked to the nearby monorail station (Bukit Nanas station) and head to KL Sentral, where we dispersed in our separate ways. But we had already planned for our next Genting!

In the monorail, en route back to KL Sentral

See ya!

Friday, June 6, 2008

Quote of the Day

"She and Sally bought all these things, she can remember every transaction, but she feels now that they are arbitrary, the spigot and the counter and the pots, the white dishes. They are only choices, only thing and then another, yes or no, and she sees how easily she could slip out of this life - these empty and arbitrary comforts."

- 'The Hours' by Michael Cunningham