Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Yesterday, as I was waiting for the train back home after a long day at work, I noticed a group of four to five young lads standing merely 10 meters away from me.

Inferencing from my personal experience, I assumed these guys participated in the debating tournament currently held in PWTC based on the way they carried themselves.

These guys were wearing their complete debating attire - shirt, blazer, neck tie, holding files, saddling backpack and complete with a ballpen (not fountain) in their pocket.

I mean, who would wear neck ties with blazers while waiting for the train at 5.30pm in a crowded train station? Obviously these guys did. Just looking at them made me sweat even more profusely.

Then I quickly gathered all of my previous observations about debaters that make them stand out in a crowd - but not in a good way.

They have this air around them with 'better-than-thou' attitude which makes you love to hate them. They are posers, self-centered and cocky bitches who, in real life, know very well how to spark an argument but just hate of losing it.

Bahasa Melayu debaters are worse. The girls would be equivalent to those you watch in sorority-theme movies while the guys, well, they are just like the girls (literally) but with worse attitude.

Again based on my previous encounters, male debaters in the Bahasa category usually have greater tendency at making you want to bitch-slap them.

True, they are some who could differentiate between their act on and off stage. They could be very well intimidating and annoying on stage but once the tournament's over, off comes the mask. They are back to being wonderful human beings - like my fellow debaters Ann Jie and Li Lian.

Back to the group of those blazer-clad young guys giggling while waiting for their train, they are no exception and fit perfectly into this stereotype of debaters. Airs, attitude, bitch-slap and all.

As for me, I don't know if I carry around that disgusting debater air with me but I did get remarks saying that I looked rather, err, unapproachable at times (especially from my blunt mom). Maybe because I was both an English & Bahasa debater so I must have got the 'best' of both worlds. Ha!

Until the time I boarded the train, they were still in their suits and ties, each with a too-good-to-smile-to-you face (despite pimples and bad acnes on them). As much as they annoyed me, I am really amused at how lost people can be and so full of themselves.

As Kurt Cobain once said, 'Thanks for the tragedy. I really need it for my entertainment'.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Second Week of Internship

When you started to work, surprisingly the weekend seemed to go by so fast - even faster than you could spell 'W-E-E-K-E-N-D'. Was it always like this, fellas?

Anyway, my second week of internship was less hectic as the first one and my spare time in between tasks were no longer as dull as then with a new phone. Winks.


I was prepared to juggle mountains of works as the previous week but nothing was handed to me, even after I asked from my colleagues there.

It wasn't until after lunch, they handed me the budgeting I did last week for some minor alterations. I did the corrections, tidied up everything, printed it out and submitted it for one last time.


Just when I had some faith in the good ol' Komuter, they were back to their nature - being delayed. The 7.03am train which I usually boarded were delayed and by that time, was still in Shah Alam - which is about 13 stations away.

So quickly I went back and drove my Kiki the Kancil to work.

No major work today except making few phone calls and sending faxes about Martha Stewart's visit to Malaysia.


Again, no work. Main reason was because the programme which I did last week had been settled and now I'm left with nothing, pending for new assignments.

I helped some colleagues making few phonecalls to travel agencies regarding the changes in the itinerary regarding Mega FAM Programme (which I now know means Mega Familiarization Programme).


Really, really no work. At times like this I really wish I would be given few jobs to keep me awake and stop yawning so much in my cubicle.


Alright, this is the first day I went back at 6pm due to the upcoming Chelsea Flower Show in London, due May 28.

Apparently, Chelsea Flower Show is one of the may-jah floral and garden show in the world, held annually and no surprise, Malaysia is participating.

I had to type the whole description of the Malaysian garden which will be presented during the show and seriously, I didn't understand anything about the Malaysian garden. It will be some fusion of typical kampong style with modern 'multicultural aspects' and few touches of improvised Balinese and Thai garden styles.

No idea at all about that.

After lunch, I had to type, print and bind speeches for Minister of Tourism in the Floral Show as well as some other events which will be attended by her in Munich, Milan and London from 26 to 28th of May.

I had to give myself some credit for typing and learning how to comb-bind all 8 copies of the speeches in less than 5 minutes and get it done in less than two hours.

By the time I finished, proudly I exclaimed that this fella is done and heading home, y'all.

No idea what next week has in store for me.

This Post is Called 'I Won't Blog About My New Phone'

I'm not going to jinx it again by naming and bragging about my new phone. Period.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

First Week of Internship

My semester break isn't so much about break. I'm currently undergoing my internship for 8 weeks starting last Monday (May 10) in Malaysian Tourism Promotional Board a.k.a Tourism Malaysia in Putra World Trade Center.

Thanks to my hommie, Jet for submitting my application. I got tired of applying around and getting different kinds of excuses on why they weren't hiring interns for only 2-month time. So, I'm settled with Tourism Malaysia, which is not that bad anyway.

Here's the breakdown on how my first week went:


6am - Got up, bathed, dressed, performed prayer, had breakfast and bid goodbye to all living creatures in my house.

7.30 am - Waited for the Komuter. The first two trains were full and I'm not a big fan of squashing myself among people's asses, breasts and bellies. So I waited for the next train at 8.03am and thankfully it wasn't as packed as the previous two.

8.30am - Reached PWTC. Prepping myself up before heading to the 19th floor. I wore white Zara shirt with my grey Zara pants and black-and-white striped Banana Republic tie. Shoes are courtesy of Ayi's. Hihi.

10am - Gathered in the meeting room of the 19th floor, along with other 4 interns - Samuel, Asif, Yanti and Yati. Briefed by the assistant director of the departments. Then, one by one was called for a private interview to decide on our placement.

11am - My turn. They asked me what I think about 'tourism'. Thankfully my mind went back to the assignment I did two semesters ago regarding tourism and I dug every info and every data I could to answer the question. He seemed quite pleased by my response, amen.

They asked me what would I feel if they were to put me in the AERO division (America-Europe). I said, I wouldn't mind at all. Frankly, I have no idea about any of the division so, heck, just put me anywhere and let's get it over, I thought.

1pm - Lunch break. Asif and I went for lunch in The Mall across PWTC. Headed back by 2pm.

3pm - We got our flashcards ready and were separated according to our respective departments.
I headed to AERO, mingled around and put on my best game face when actually inside, I couldn't wait until the clock struck 5.

5pm - As soon as it was 5pm, I packed my stuff and made my way back. I was already asleep by 10pm that night.


I was called by the assistant director of the department and she assigned me for some work. She told me they were doing a proposal to increase their budget allocation and needed my so-called 'expertise' (haha!) in economics to justify their reasons with solid figures, data and other relevant issues.

I later learnt that was the only excuse they used whenever they wanted me to do work - because I'm the only intern doing economics there. Whatever.

So I spent almost the entire day on the 24th floor a.k.a in the library for some research and preparing a short paperwork to support their proposal.

By 3pm, I headed down to hand my boss the result where she made few amendments and I had to redo it again. Then I noticed a new intern had reported himself into my department but yet to be assigned for any work or department.

4.45pm, I finished doing the whole thing and the boss approved it. I handed it to my colleague to include it in the proposal.

By 5pm, I said ta-ta to everyone and head home.


Meeting at 9.30am for homestay roadshow-cum-seminar in Europe, Australia, Russia and America. The best thing about meeting is I could eat as much as I wanted and saved my wallet for lunch.

Meeting ended by 1pm and I headed for lunch with Yati, Yanti and their friend Zani in The Mall, but I just had a drink since I had eaten.

Back from lunch, I was called by a colleague to redo a budgeting account since the boss would 'prefer' it in another format - a much more detailed one. I headed up to the library again and as I was doing it, I was called back to the department for more changes. Big sigh.

By then, it was close to 5pm. I didn't care, I headed back and emailed the workload to my email account so I could do it at home.

I slept around midnight that day.


I had a rather sombre start without my iPod plugged on my ears as I boarded the morning train. No cellphone and now no iPod. I felt naked.

As soon as I had flashed my card, I headed upstairs to the library to print my work. Then I handed it to my colleague for her to check. Then I noticed Dato Mahathir Lokman in my department for a meeting with my boss. Didn't care much, lots of work to do, sorry.

9.15am, my colleague Kak Zah called me and said the boss changed her mind (again) and everything had to be overhauled. Some changes had been made and now the budget might not be as pretty as proposed.

Since another colleague was on leave, so I did my work in his cubicle the entire day. I had no time to get bored and as usual, I finished my work by 5pm and got outta there.


I decided to drive today but surprisingly it was an easy-breezy drive from house to work. I reached PWTC by 7.15 (only 15 minutes drive) and parked at the Putra Bus Station. In the lobby, I bumped into Senator Dato' Jins Samsudin and I greeted him where he nodded with an approving smile.

I was greeted with more work by Kak Zah and Kak Oli (what a cute nick name). They needed all of the data in the 17-page proposal to be translated into a nice table by 10am. Shit, I was freaked out.

Thank God I didn't skipped those Excel classes in UM because at this point those skills really came in handy.

By 10.15am, I emailed them the tables with few corrections of their calculations. 10.30am, I had to print and photocopy 5 copies of the finished report and presentation for our meeting at 11am with the representative from KSU.

I was literally running from one end to the other end of the department, doing my job, getting the meeting room ready and refreshments to be served by then.

By 11.10am, I was in the meeting room with the rest of my colleagues including the big boss of my department. The presentation went well but we needed to further trim the budget to make it more 'attractive' for it to be passed.

The rest of the day went back to normal and I finally got to catch my breath.

Let's see what the second week has in store for me.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Hey, Congrats Sis!

Whatever the boss say, shall be obliged

Last Sunday was a big event for my family. My sister was launching her new office and activity center in Tanming Boulevard, Puchong and the 3-storey unit was named Wisma Bling Lustre, being the name of her company.

Since it was a family event, she asked me to be the emcee for the day which I repeatedly refused. It wasn't until I saw that desperate face she wore and I finally gave in.

I was thinking, alright, maybe it wouldn't be that bad to ridicule myself among these people. Besides, most probably I won't be meeting any of them ever again.

That's the best I could do to soothe my nerve.

So on that Sunday afternoon, I headed to Puchong and prepped up for the big event. Too bad my brother and his whole entourage couldn't make it from Ipoh.

The event started with me welcoming them and only if they were deft, I swore they could hear how nervous I was in the beginning. As the ceremony proceed, I got comfortable and did pretty well, I guess. *wink,wink*

Oh, by the way I bought this cute top purposely for this event. It's FCUK from KLCC. I really love this piece. Hehe.

Then, I welcomed the Managing Director of Bling Lustre a.k.a my sister for her welcoming speech followed by the launching ceremony, officiated by two big women, my mom and my sis' mom-in-law. sweet is that..

Oh, before that we had the cake-cutting ceremony for my precious tots, Aisy and Airy. Since all of the attendees were being typical Malaysians a.k.a lazy asses and uptight people, I had to imitate my friend, Miss Hana Amira by unashamedly singing happy birthday as loud as I could. Thankfully, then only the rest follow-suit but each with a serious face as if thinking "Will I get arrested singing birthday song loudly?" Silly.

That's just a personal opinion, alright. Allegedly.

Then we had some lucky draws, treasure hunts and other games with about 10 booths operating selling various goods, from food to headscarves.

In between, they invited some well-recognized faces like Azizah Ariffin (of TV3 fame), Zhana AF and Miss Maizawati (AVON spokesperson) for other sessions on the 1st and 2nd floor of the building.

Thankfully, all of the event well very well and seemed the guests agreed on that too.

For those interested to know more about Bling Lustre, feel free to go to where various kinds of services were offered under its subsidiaries such as car care service (Bling Autocare), ladies' apparel (Bling Buubies), accessories (Chantek-Chantek) and others, or simply head to Puchong to view items in the gallery.

Special thanks to the sponsors of the day: Playhouse Disney, Karangkraf, L'Oreal Malaysia (credit to Miss Tee Ann Jie) and other main sponsors.

Aisy and Uncle Ayi
The look on Aisy's face explains everything - he was totally not confident of his uncle

Dua orang topui

Who wants a lucky draw?

La Luna

May 6 was our last examination paper. So we were more than thrilled to end it fast and end it quick, for what was planned later in the evening.

After exiting the examination hall, I rode on Fifi's passenger's seat to Bangsar where I accompanied her for some quick accessories shopping along the streets of Telawi.

After the sun had set, the real fun began!

Ayi, Faris and I headed to Luna Bar, located on the 34th floor of Menara Pan Global, approximately 15 minutes after 8 where Fifi and her friends had been waiting for about half an hour.

Although the birthday boy and girl had arrived, the partayyy didn't start just as yet. One by one, familiar faces came in through the door in the form of Didi, Sakina, Eza, Ami, Dini and others.

I've heard a lot about the bar but this was my first time and true enough the place really lived up to what had been said. You could see almost the entire area of KL's Golden Triangle with KL Tower standing just right next door, shimmering in spotlights. Even if you're not here for the food/drink, the ambiance and view were just as superb.

Speaking of the food, it was gastronomically fantastic. Although we just had pizzas that night, it tasted really good and so was my hot cup of mocha.

After we got bored indoor, we headed to the poolside sitting and I have to admit, for a person who sweats as heavily as a pig like me, it was obviously not suitable. High walls around the poolside restricted wind flows, making it rather warm than breezy.

The night was all about celebrating the birthday boy and girl so we had drinks, ate some food, chatted and most importantly took plenty of pictures!

Afterwards we headed to Envie, a club recommended by Asri in Changkat Bukit Bintang, for our so-called after party and danced the night away until well past 2 in the morning. Although most of them were still gearing up their moves on the dance floor, Didi, Faris, Ayi and I had to call it a night.

We bid goodbye and took off. As for me, I had to sent Faris back to Shah Alam before heading home.

Happy 22nd & 30th birthday to Fifi and Ayi respectively. Certainly, my friends have upped the standard for next year's! Love you guys.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

The Reminder

"So verily, with every difficulty there's a relief. With every difficulty there's a relief."
- Surah an-Nasrah: Verses 5-6.

Ever wondered why God has to remind us humans about the silver lining to all mishaps? Because we tend to forget about it all the time. And He did it twice in a row in the above surah as an emphasis. He assured great relief for every difficulty faced by us.

I had my fair share of difficulty on April 30th. He knew my weaknesses are my family and finance, so He tested me on both. I have yet to recover from it but at least I'm learning.

I proceeded with the next day, May 1st, as usual. Had breakfast, went to pick up my altered pants in Bangsar Village, had KFC for lunch, went to Section 14 to buy PC games, bought some fruits, return home, played the games, had dinner, watched Kimora Lee on E!, checked my e-mails, played with my cat and now writing this post before heading to bed.

Life hasn't changed so much for me, despite that I had hit rock-bottom the day before. For some moments, I stopped and realized at how blessed I am.

I was still able to drive around town and do my chores. I was still able to soothe my spirit with some good ol' fried chicken from KFC (bless that Colonel Sanders), I don't have to beg for money by selling tissue papers like that pakcik I passed by beside Digital Mall in Section 14, I still have a roof above my head and watch TV to distract myself. I have beautiful pets for me to play and good company around me to keep me busy.

Life is still good - great, actually. I don't have a reason to be sad and feel less fortunate when there are way lots more people are worse off than where I am now.

Everything happens for a reason and I guess I've found one of the many reasons in store for me. I just hope everything will work out just as fine for the next days. God has already assured me of that and I have total confidence in Him, no doubt.