Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Birthday, My JS Wings!

On this Halloween Day, I'd like to dedicate a post to my most talk-about shoes - the JS Wings. The black pair turns one today, while the grey metallic pair is only a few days old.

So, here are some celebrity photos wearing various versions of this quirky sneakers which I've managed to gather all around the net. Due to size constraint, some are not put up here (like the ones worn by Drake and Lil Wayne). Not that I care much about those celebs anyway but just for fun.

Happy birthday, wings. To Mr Jeremy Scott, you're a genius.

... and the designer himself, Jeremy Scott

Monday, October 25, 2010

How Far Would You Go For Shoes? (Version 2.0)

Okay, I have to admit I'm a little over the moon about this one.

It has been almost a year since I got my pair of Adidas Originals by Originals JS Wings sneakers in black, which was somewhere around 2009 Halloween. That pair is, perhaps, my most talk-about shoes among those who know me or have read this blog. They don't care about my other pairs, they just wanted to know "Where are the winged shoes?"

Just my luck, as I was strolling around Pavilion on Monday afternoon, I saw these new version of JS Wings in silver reflective metallic. You guessed it right - I couldn't take my eyes off it.

This pair would be the seventh version of the highly successful JS Wings line, after the gold, white, silver, black, rainbow and Swarovski-studded versions. It is a part of Adidas x Jeremy Scott Fall/Winter 2010 collection which had just debuted in Malaysia - get this - two hours before I dropped by the store. It is only available in Adidas Originals store in Pavilion KL.

So technically (and shamelessly) that would make me as the first owner of this JS Wings reflective silver metallic here in Malaysia. Woohoo! Ceteris paribus.

Under normal light, they look rather grey-ish but upon coming into contact with bright light - zap! - they pop like a ball of lightning (I kid you not. See the picture for yourself). This one comes with matching grey laces and grey 'Jeremy' tag (unlike gold, in the previous black version).

For those of you who are interested in getting a pair, this one will set you back RM680.

Again, JS Wings is the official shoes for my Halloween this year (though I don't celebrate it).

Tok Tot

Tok Tot and Little Kye (age 3) in 1990

Tok Tot was my grandmother's nickname, given for her small physique ('ketot' means 'dwarf'). I never really thought she was small anyway and I always questioned why her friends (or her family) gave her that name. I wonder if those people were any bigger/taller than her.

She had passed away eight years ago on this very date - October 25, at the age of 85.

My grandma was one hella woman. Tok Tot was the only person, perhaps, whom I share much resemblance. I have a soft spot of imitating people's gestures and voices, often being misunderstood for my 'honest' opinions, prefer to be alone most of the time and never learn how to take 'No' for answer - just like her.

I still remember spending every Raya eve in her big, august kampong house and listened to her stories about everything - from her days during the Japanese occupation to how my mother was when she was little. Even our weekends were mostly spent on her veranda and listened to her 'updates' of the kampong. Most of the times, she kept it real and deliver her very blunt thoughts across - like when she complained the unpleasant sound of the muazzin's voice during the Azan (call to prayer). 'Macam kambing jatuh parit ('Sounds like a goat tripped into a ditch') - she would say.

But eight years ago, she had passed away peacefully on an early Friday morning. I still remembered staying up all night to recite the Quran by her side, glancing at times to her cold, motionless body. The afternoon ahead, I was already in the hearse heading toward the mosque and finally the cemetery. How I still remembered being drenched in tears and nodding repeatedly as the imam read the last rites by her grave.

That very night after her funeral, I missed her so much that I spent the night in the bed she passed away, complete with the quilt and the pillows she used. Some of my relatives were dreadful of even touching the bed of a dead, but nope, not me. Eight years later, I'm still very much alive, thank you.

Take that, superstitious Malay suckers.

Eight years had gone by so fast and so many things have changed. But I still made it a must to pay her a visit as often as possible and have a conversation with her on each visit - although the conversations now are only one-sided.

How I wish she would still be here. I really need her wisdom, her support and a large dose of her jokes as growing up is never easy and life is never too kind most of the time.

I wish she would still be here and tell me the same thing she told my brother before he got married - 'Buat apa kahwin awal-awal? Enjoy dulu! (What's the point of getting married so young? Enjoy yourself first!)'

I miss you, Tok Tot. Al-Fatihah.

Monday, October 18, 2010


People dream because it's free
Won't cost you money
Won't cost your energy
Some say it's a therapy
In any way you wish or see

Some dream of a prince charming
Kneeling on the ground and hand out a ring
White horse with armor shimmering
And say sweet words, sweet things

Some dream of big cars
To take them around near and far
Rolling around in Porsche or Maserati
Maybe Escalade or in luxury MPV
Going anywhere carelessly
Picking up speed tickets like they're free
Turning heads everywhere in the city

Some dream about lots of money
They want to be rich, they want to be wealthy
Maybe even richer than Oprah Winfrey
Live in Monaco, drives a Bentley
They believe that will make them happy

What's your dream? Ever had any?
Do you have a place you want to see?
What's my dream - if you ever ask me,
There's only one and ever will be
That I'll live long enough to be thirty.

October 18, 2010

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Xbox 360

Two years ago, after successfully being frugal (some of the time) and saved up our coins dime by dime, my hommie and I managed to buy a digital camera. It cost us about RM1300 then but now you can get digital cameras with more than 10 megapixel for much, much less.

Just what a difference two years can make.

This year, after months of saving - only coins - we have managed to exchange it for another good.

Since I have always been a game junkie (which most people have hard time to believe) and Ayi got smitten playing in one of his relative's house during the past Raya, we got ourselves a nice Xbox 360! Yay!

*performs somersault*

Actually we had wanted a PlayStation 3 instead (which costs almost the same as an Xbox 360) but PS3 only plays original CDs.

And the original CDs are all in BluRay.

And BluRay means expensive - I don't want to shell out some hundred bucks for ONE game just to find out it sucks big time.

Since PS3 is not a feasible option, we decided to go with Xbox 360 instead since it doesn't require only original game CDs to play *cough cough* - which is an equally great substitute as well.

I could go on and on for hours playing all the Xbox games but I wouldn't be the typical housemate hogging onto the TV for the whole day. So I had to control my urge.

We got this one in the Low Yatt Plaza. It comes with two original wireless controllers and ten Xbox 360 games for RM1050. I'll definitely update some of the games I've finished playing - Batman Arkham Asylum, Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands, Split Second and Assasin's Creed II. Looking forward to play Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light (yep, I'm a big fan of RPG and racing games)

Love this.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Would You Like a Tight Slap with That Whining?

If Days of Delirium were a diary sitting on my already dust-ridden shelf, it would definitely be entangled with cobwebs and whatnots due to the long abstinence. My mind was boggling with the many things I wished to share here but I couldn't seem to drag fingers to run onto this keyboard.

Whether you have missed me or not, I am back again. Yay?

My blog wouldn't be completed without some rants every now and then, would it? So here I am again to deliver my thoughts across and tell me what you feel about this.

I don't have many friends but some of the 'non-friends' consider me as their friend (isn't it weird?). The reason why I don't really acknowledged them as friends because - well - they whine too much.

Yep. They kept on whining and whining and whining every single day and I can't stand whiners.

Then again, maybe not everyday but most of the days. They just have things they would love to whine.

They whine about loneliness. They whine about how ugly they are (some of them are not that ugly anyway. The rest I leave it to your imagination). They whine about their job. They whine about not having boyfriend/girlfriend.

Simply put - they whine just about everything.

To make matters even more twisted, they could be oh-so-golly tomorrow and continue whining and complaining the next day. Totally bipolar a la Britney circa 2008.

I mean, these people complain and whine too much. Who wants to be near a person who whines too much, all the times? There are so many bigger things at stake all around the world - plague, the war, the revamping of education, the slow economic recovery, HIV/AIDS and cancer cure, the politics, natural disasters - and here they are whining 24/7 on their acne-ridden face that drives away potential boyfriends/girlfriends.

Seriously? Don't they know how to give a middle finger to their petty problems, tell it to 'Suck it!' and get on with life with wider-than-Julia-Roberts grin? If only these people know how to take advices - they are just plain stubborn too.

They would whine on how miserably lonely their life is and just wanted to die but the next day - tadaa - they would still be online. If you really want to die so badly, by all means go ahead - there are so many ways to do it and Google would assist you in doing so. Just bare in mind, all across the world, billions of people are striving to stay alive everyday despite having bigger problems than your 'nobody-wants-to-take-me-to-clubs-on-saturday-nights' or 'i-am-so-meaningless-without-a-boyfriend' problems.

If they can be all happy and gay one day simply by getting aroused watching Lady GaGa's video, why can't they sustain that positive outlook throughout the week and eventually the entire month?

I have had my low points in life too but I don't need to put it all over my Facebook, MySpace (is there anyone still using this?) or Twitter? That would just drive people - like me - sick and away from you. Again, who wants to hang out with a whiny? I have way lots of other better things to do like watching paint dries.

I don't hate these whiners but I'm just amazed at how narrow-minded they can be. If we care to look beyond our borders (regardless of what it would be), we would definitely know there are SO much more to live for.