Friday, July 31, 2009

Funny Creatures

I was in Ikea the other day and I saw this pet shop named 'Pet Safari' which was so huge and has become my most favorite pet shop ever. They have everything - you name it - and the whole outlay of the store itself makes one enjoy browsing from one isle to the next ones.

They have this cute creature, hermit crab (or 'umang-umang' in Bahasa) which has become the latest craze (I supposed) in exotic pet-keeping. The price range from RM5 to RM15 each according to its size.

No doubt I was really captured by this cute and weird crustacean and decided to buy two, as they don't like to live alone. I named one of it Domino (because I supposed it was a male) and the other one was named Jolie by Ayi.

Though they told us these hermit crabs are of low maintenance, I was quiet surprised when I found out lots of do's and don'ts in keeping them from the internet. It seems they aren't as easy as those store people had tell us anyway. That has taken most of the initial fun in keeping these crabs.

What more after a week, Jolie died for no apparent reason. There left Domino alone. And I was so sad to see poor Domino had nobody else to mingle with and that same afternoon when Jolie died, I went back to the pet store - clad in all-black mourning attire - and bought 3 more for Domino to mingle.

And now Domino has 3 new friends! Namely Prue, Baby Joe and Maddox.

In the beginning, it was quite hard to get a sound sleep at night with them in the room as they are active in the dark and will be making lots (read: LOTS) of noise with their protective shell continously hitting the glass aquarium they are in. Especially Maddox with his heavy, green shell that makes the most noise.

However, after a while we got used to it and now it seems much more fun with the sound around as I know they are there and I am glad to have these small, funny creatures as companions. It is quite entertaining as well to see them walking around, digging in the sand, climbing on whatever they could reach as I study beside their tank.

Aboy checking on his new step sisters and brothers as soon as we put them in place.

This is Jolie

Jolie and Domino in their old, smaller tank before we moved them to a larger one

Bigger tank courtesy of my sister. Hermit crabs need adequate open space with no obstacles for them to run around and dig.

That is Prue - the smallest among four of them.

Baby Joe

Oh, and my tarantula Seraphine now gets a new bigger container, complete with dry coconut fibre and small pebbles as she likes her surrounding to be DRY.

Now, I'm a proud daddy to 4 hermit crabs, a tarantula and a cat. Sexy huh? LOL

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

This is an Investment!

There is absolutely no excuse for this purchase. I'm not going to lie here that I simply got it because it was nice.

There are only 12 of this backpack in Malaysia and this one is the second last. The last one is still available in Armani Exchange Pavilion Kuala Lumpur (only if you're lucky enough hehe).

This one was bought in Armani Exchange Gardens in Mid Valley City. This has got to be my most favourite A|X store aside from the other one in KLCC, because the salespersons at both places had known us well and we often got the best items, suggestions and early notice about sales. It pays to be loyal after all *winks*.

I debuted this backpack for my English class on Tuesday and I matched my whole attire, courtesy of Armani Exchange fabulous design entirely. Though nobody gave a damn about it (...), I felt good saddling a new bag around the campus. This one retails for RM390.

Now, who says you can't have the bag to go with the brain?

An Easy Breezy Weekend

After allowing myself to weep, grieve and reminisce about Yasmin Ahmad for a day, I detached myself from sorrow and decided to have an easy weekend to lift up the good spirit. Ayi and I were pondering and wondering of where should we go after having a decent brunch in Old Town White Coffee Kopitiam Bangsar South and he suggested KL Bird Park.

Boy, I never had a chance in my twenty-two years of life to pay the park a visit and the last time he went there was more than two decades ago.

Thanks to Google Maps, we got the right direction to the park from the kopitiam....

...still it didn't stop us from getting lost around the Perdana Lake Garden before reaching the bird park. All because I missed a turn (damn you lousy signboard).

The entrance fee was RM15 for Malaysians with MyKad and RM60 *gasp!* for non-Malaysian citizens. But I must admit the whole experience, the park outlay, the bird collection and the entertaining bird show are worth the money spent.

The park, which is the largest free-flight aviary in the world, is divided into 4 zones spanning across 21 acres. So you might want to take that into consideration first as you have to do LOTS of walking around the park if you wish to enjoy the total of 3000 birds there.

Being sceptical, I didn't put high hope on the park initially but after first-handedly experiencing it, I was impressed and kept smiling from ear to ear throughout walking the entire park.

Ok, perhaps not all the time but you got the idea. I totally enjoyed it.

Our aim next is to discover the forgotten attractions of this beautiful city like the Museum, Planetarium and others. I might sound dreadfully boring but, hey, I might change your perspectives toward all of them like what I just did to myself when visiting this bird park.

There's so much more to live than just shopping malls in Kuala Lumpur!
The Perdana Lake Garden - this shot is taken as we got lost and driving around with no direction.

"Tak boleh kurang ke, kak?" tanya Encik Ayi kepada Akak Tiket

Peacocks are known as proud and arrogant birds. There are two in this picture.

A crippled fella. Poor guy.

A black hornbill.

None in this picture is a bird.

Photo taking session with some old friends. That parrot has quite a weight, alright!

Parrots in the Parrots Zone

Pretty parrots in a row

Some of the interesting birds - some roam freely while others in display aviary.

The bird show at 3.30pm

An eyesore in the form of litter next to the eye candy in the form of a peacock.

The Nursery Gallery where the incubator is

Some familiar faces - ducks.

Mr Ayi at the Waterfall Zone

Beautiful flamingos

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Another Gem Lost

Yasmin Ahmad (July 1, 1958 - July 24, 2009)

This is truly a devastating news.

I've been a true, true admirer of this lady's works since I watched her first movie movie, Rabun. Up to Sepet, Gubra, Mukhsin, Muallaf and Talentime. Not counting the numerous television commercials she did which, like her movies, touched and moved Malaysians and others.

And now she's gone.

A truly, truly inspirational artiste. A person full of charisma and wits yet very down to earth, humble, joyful and always remind us how small she stood in comparison with the Mighty One despite numerous successes she have had.

I'm way too devastated to write more about this. But this is the least tribute I could do to a person I highly admired, the late Yasmin Ahmad.


Thursday, July 23, 2009

Meet Seraphine the Tarantula

I have a new baby in tow. And she's an eight-legged creature.

Meet my new pet, Seraphine. French for 'the fiery one'.

She's about a week old now, bought from Summit Flea Market last July 19. Yes, while I was working on my sister's booth, I still managed to buy a pet from other booths thanks to my co-worker of the day Ayi.

This tarantula comes from the family of Usambara Orange Baboon. This is the most fierce tarantula, matches its lighting-speed. She's only a week-old now, but when she gets older, you can see thick orange hair around her body and legs, forming a 'flame-like' moving creature.

Thus, the name - Seraphine. *winks*

Right now, she's quietly nestling herself on the thick web she had spinned and perhaps by the end of this week, we'll move her to a bigger, new container.

Papa loves you Seraphine :)

Monday, July 20, 2009

Anger, Frustration and a Huge Mess

The last couple of days didn't look so good. No, not with my life. My life is fantastic as ever - thank God. The things happening around me and in my country particularly really, really upset me. This is worth a blog post.

While many ass-kissing politicians and know-nothing laymen are chanting the new slogan of '1Malaysia' without really understanding the true meaning of it themselves and abandoning the previous slogan they whore out before ('Islam Hadhari' anyone?), nobody - absofuckinglutely NOBODY - gives a damn about the big junk of mess we're in.

Nobody really addresses the worsening air quality and haze faced right now at this moment. It has become a really unpleasant sight to wake up every morning and only to see thick haze all around, signaling incoming respiratory health issues. The education itself has long been a joke - teaching Mathematics and Science in Bahasa, then in English, and now back to Bahasa. What else tomorrow? Teaching them in Sanskrit?

The public universities itself is in a mess. Just because you can't provide enough parking space, don't put up a regulation by allowing fourth year students and above only to drive. And even suggesting us, the students, to use the public transportation!

The audacity!

Honey, I took the bus everyday to my classes for the previous three semesters and I know how suck-y it is. And with impending increase in public transportation charges, is that how you encourage people to use it? Come on, grow some brain will ya? Hey Mr and Madam Lawmakers, take a week in our shoes, ride on those buses and tell us what you think about that.

If you can't, just shut up and abort those regulations, dumbasses.

And now, who are we supposed to turn into when the Malaysian Anti-corruption Commission (MACC) itself is questioned with the death of a witness in an investigated case? This is the biggest, grandest joke and mess to date.

How can a supposedly innocent, defenseless witness by the name of Teoh Beng Hock being questioned until the wee hours in the morning, kept in the building and didn't allow to return to his house, freely roamed through the building and died? These all don't add up and don't make any sense to anyone who chose to THINK.

Are we, a democracy country, practicing KGB-and-Soviet-like style in interrogating people who was supposed to help in upholding transparency and anti-corruption, louded by our premier? He was supposed to return the next day with some documents but why do they claim that he 'chose' to overnight there in the MACC building - on a couch, instead of the comfy of his own place, though it was already close to two in the morning?

Angry, angry, mess, mess. Now I have to go to class.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Kotak by KikiKakaKiko (UPDATED)

On 13th of July 2009, Kotak by KikiKakaKiko was launched by Mr Khairi and Mr Khairizan with the aim of providing decent yet attractive gift boxes at much lower price. Currently, we have launched our Pre-Fall Collection, comprising of 15 different designs. Yes, boxes at KikiKakaKiko do follow the seasons as well *winks*.

Since all of our babies are made of used boxes, they come in same dimension (approximately 34.5cm x 23cm x 8cm) with separate, detachable lid. All of the boxes are made of thick, hard paper and wrapped in high quality gift wrapper. They cost the same, which is RM9 only unless stated.

For more information, enquiry or any suggestion, please contact us via email ( or through the phone. Call Mr Khairi at 012 392 5953.

Now you don't have to spend a fortune on a decent gift box. Get it from us!

Check out some of the presently-available Pre-Fall collection:

Zulu Box in black and white with floral and fauna motifs - RM9 (SOLD)

Zulu Bottom Box in black and white with floral and fauna motifs (body) and black lid - RM9

Zulu Top Box in black and white with floral and fauna motifs (lid) and black body - RM9

Blast Bottom Box in black lid with black and purple body with silver motifs (RM9)

Blast Top Box in black and purple with silver motifs on the lid, black body (RM9)

Sugar Box with pastel pink and purple with silver motifs - RM9

Ramba Box in cream and brown checkered pattern - RM9

Polka Pots Box in black with brown, pink and green circles and black lining - RM9

Raphael Bottom Box in dark brown with monogram motif with black lid - RM9

Raphael Top Box in black and brown lid with monogram motif - RM9

Honey Box in pink with silver heart-shape detailing - RM9

Ice Cube Box in white and lavender with silver trimming on floral motifs - RM9

Baby Polka Box in dark brown with small circles in white, pink, light green and moss green - RM9

Diva Black Box in red and white lid with velvet-embossed motifs and black body - RM9 (SOLD)

Diva Red Box in red and white lid with velvet-embossed motifs and red body - RM9 (SOLD)