Sunday, August 16, 2009

Rock With Your Socks Out!

I never really cared about the whole whoopla for the MTV World Stage which was held for the first time in Asia (outside of Japan) here in Kuala Lumpur last Saturday, August 15, until I found out that Kasabian was going to be a part of it.

I mean, like, really - Kasabian? Whoah. This is may-jah.

Then, my best buddy Fifi introduced me to Pixie Lott's song 'Mama Do', which easily grew on me. She was a part of the show as well along with others like Hoobastank, Boys Like Girls, Raygun (I love this group), The All American Rejects and Malaysian own Estranged.

That made me jumped up and down, eagerly hoping I'd be a part of the gig. Kasabian and Pixie Lott are all I needed to get my motor started.

And I was so grateful when my fellow housemate, Jet handed over 2 tickets, only days prior to the show.

Whoah! MTV World Stage, here I come!

And come I did!

The Sunway Lagoon Surf Beach was completely drained that afternoon, specially for the show which will be telecast worldwide on August 23. About 16,000 people thronged the theme park including Ayi and I, as well as Fifi and her friends.

The show kickstarted with Estranged around 6pm. Followed by Boys Like Girls, Raygun and Pixie Lott.

No need to tell, I went nuts for the cutesy, British girl. She totally swept me away.

The show continued with Hoobastank, their third appearance in Malaysia, The All-American Rejects and last but not least, Kasabian.

By the time The All-American Rejects showed up, I was already tired and my feet were killing me from all of the standing for hours. I had to pass Kasabian and head back home.

Yeah, there was some slight guilt and regret but I know, I wasn't fit for a rock concert! But if No Doubt do another tour here in Kuala Lumpur in the near future, I would still be up for it though. That's one rock concert I'd be waiting to happen again.

All in all, the gig was fun and entertaining but the tiring part was equally as much, if not more. Nevertheless, I still welcome another World Stage here in Malaysia. Bring it on, MTV!

Estranged opened the show

...followed by Boys Like Girls

Raygun performing

My darling Pixie Lott

Hoobastank sweaty performance

The All-American Rejects

Here's our video of Pixie Lott performing her hit single 'Mama Do', taken by Mr Ayi.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Spelling Quiz

Your Spelling is Good

You got 8/10 correct.

Your spelling is generally pretty decent. You are prone to a few mistakes, but the mistakes you make are pretty forgivable.

While waiting for my crops to be harvested on FarmVille game in Facebook, I stumbled upon this silly but tricky quiz.

I thought I got it all right but unfortunately not.

Have to go back and learn more, apparently.

Take the quiz by simply clicking on the link provided.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Bestie Graduates


I've been living in an agonizing state since last couple of days as my left wisdom tooth is erupting and causing my left cheek to be swollen.

I need not touch on the pain it causes. The continuous, tormenting pain.

But on Thursday, August 13, 2009, I braced myself through sea of people for my bestie's graduation. If the pain wasn't enough to torture me, I had to park my car far, far away in Linguistic Faculty and walked to the Dewan Tunku Canselor.

Those in UM would know how far it is. Under a scorching hot sun. Blessful.

Thankfully, I arrived just in time as they were snapping away and catching up with each other. I shared half of their joy, truthfully.

I've known her since I was 16, then we both enrolled in the same varsity, shared our ups and downs, had our own fair share of screaming to each other's face during some tense times and now, seeing her graduating makes me feel proud of her

I was overcome with emotions, inside of course.

And it was so good to see old faces again like Mei Lee, Rachel and Yit Yeen among others.

So here's to Miss Tee Ann Jie - congratulations on your accomplishment. You deserve it!

Mei Lee, myself, Ann Jie and Kang


Monday, August 10, 2009

New Collection for Kotak by KikiKakaKiko

We kickstart August with some of our new collection for Kotak by KikiKakaKiko, comprising five attractive new designs.

There are two boxes (Mimpi and Elizabeth) which cost slightly more than the usual ones that we had because of the material used. Both boxes are wrapped in high quality papers with embossed motifs in velvet, which made them even more exquisite. Other three designs are wrapped in equally high quality papers printed in soy ink, giving them a smooth, glossy finishing, ideal for presents or personal use.

There are more to come, so watch out for this space soon!

Mimpi Box in black and white lid with silver box. The black motifs are embossed with velvet finishing - RM12

Elizabeth Box in pale gold lid with embossed velvety floral design and gold box - RM12

Unetro Box in brown, cream and black paisley design lid with matching brown box - RM9

Kara Box in abstract and floral motif lid with dark brown box - RM9

Harvard Box in three shades of green lid with black grain design and dark green box - RM9

For more information or to place your order, contact us at or reach to Mr Khairi at 012 3925953.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Back to Civilization

At last, I'm connected again with civilization thanks to the fabulously speedy P1 WiMax.

Initially, we were going for Streamyx but when we stumbled upon P1 booth in Mid Valley, the latter sure does look more appealing than the ever-complained Streamyx. I had used Maxis broadband before but the high-speed connectivity wasn't consistent.

So, why not try this one out? Besides, it's Wimax - a supposedly higher speed wireless connection than the usual broadband. Though it doesn't span a wide area, thankfully my place is covered.

So far, it has been a week and I must say, it sure lives up to its namesake of high-speed connectivity. Pretty impressed, at least much better than Maxis broadband.