Saturday, October 31, 2009

How Far Would You Go for Shoes?

Adidas Originals by Originals JS Wings sneakers in black

In my case, quite far, as long as I like them!

About a month back some time around wee hours in the morning, I was going through, the sister site to, which focuses mainly on fashion and the hottest trends around and I stumbled across these marvelous pair of Adidas sneakers. Turn out, it was designed collaboratively by Jeremy Scott for Adidas Originals by Originals (ObyO) line. And he has designed other shoes for Adidas before this as well such as this quirky three-tongue shoe:

But I really got my eyes on the winged pair. I'd be so fly with them, literally!

The winged pair comes in 5 designs, which are in black, silver, gold, white and rainbow mash-up. Kanye West has donned the white one earlier this year and I got my eyes on the silver or gold ones.

Well, before I got it, I went nuts about it. The picture of the gold pair was my desktop wallpaper and I kept telling everyone how fabulous they are. Even Zafirah has to listen to me about it during our revision session in the UM main library. I really went nuts.

Well, it's the law of attraction, as Oprah said. When you want something so bad, you exert a pulling force toward it.

However, we were too little, too late - the gold ones had already been snapped up and only the black one is available. Other colors are not available here in Malaysia. When we dropped by the Edison Chen-owned Juice store the other day, the black one didn't look too bad either. It looked superb. Regally sitting there on the display. Waiting for me to touch it.

I touched it, feel it, tried on it, fell in love with it and eventually bought it. Happy.

No surprise, I got heads turning and eyes bulging out when I wore it around KLCC and Bukit Bintang. Even an Indonesian cleaner in KLCC loudly told her friends when I passed by, "Uuu! Kasutnya ada sayap!" I returned them a wide satisfactory grin :D

This one retails at RM679 and only available in Juice KL, No. 46 & 46-1 Jalan Telawi 5, Bangsar Baru. Miss Hana Amira, you may want to cut my legs (again).

In Starhill Gallery with my wings on Halloween. This is officially my costume of the year.

Friday, October 30, 2009

8TV Quickie Audition

Among all of the things which I had done, perhaps this one required me to really have some balls.

Not that I don't have any, by the way...

They say, life is a box of chocolate and you never know what you're going to get. At least, that's what Forrest Gump said. So, I decided to play trick or treat with my box of chocolate. so I chose to jump and conquer my cold feet of public auditioning.

Of course, in times like this best friends come in handy to offer you some much-needed support and laugh at your silliness. That's why on one Saturday morning, all four of us come together and decided to test our luck.

The morning starts with quick take-away drinks for Ayi and I before we headed to Taman Tun Dr Ismail and picked up Miss Hana Amira for the audition in Sri Pentas, Bandar Utama. Though we arrived somewhat around 10.30am, the queue had already built up with about 39 people trying to secure their spot.

I got number 40 and Hana got number 41.

Script guidelines

Miss 41

Mr Supporter and Mr 40

Miss 91's arrival and waiting for turns anxiously

Since our turns would be light years away, we headed to the cafeteria for morning snacks and tried to come up with our own presentation lines. It was nerve-wrecking for me, alright - who never had any audition as such before. But I was excited as well on the inside *giggles*.

Then Ann Jie showed up and she got number 91. Long-way to go then!

The audition wasn't that hard anyway. We were required to do a 1 minute presentation of ourselves and another 3 minute of our own mock-up TV show. If they find us Quickie-worthy enough, then we have to do another short version of a Quickie show.

Ann Jie and I didn't get through the final one but Hana did. Guess her prior experience in entertainment helped her very much there, and we were all rooting for her to be short-listed! Finger-crossed. Woohoo!

The people there are nice anyway. They didn't patronize you or say demeaning things to you a la Simon Cowell. And I got a number of positive responses for my Nike kicks and silly top. That was refreshing.

We definitely look forward for other auditions like this. For beginners like Ann Jie and I, this was really an eye-opener and a great exposure for other future ventures. As she put it, it's about pushing yourself to the limit and conquering the fear of rejection - which I couldn't agree more.

It was a really, really great experience and if there are anymore out there, we would surely give it a try. Why not? It was fun anyway watching all kinds of people there and make fun of them. Ha!

Lunch after Hana and I had our turns. The briyani in the cafeteria is to-die-for.

Our supporter for the day


Ann Jie waiting for her turn

Le Tour de East Coast

Woah. It's that time of the year again - exams. You can't blame me for not updating this lot for quite some time. I have so many things to share but some of it is too irrelevant to put up by now.

One of the most exciting things that has happened lately (no, not Beyonce's concert) has got to be my recent trip to the east coast with my entire brood. Mom, dad, big bro and big sis as well as the accompanying toddlers - everyone was in.

Exams coming up but since they were really pushing the tour before my papers, I have no qualms but to oblige. Why not escape the city for 4 days and venture into the eastern peninsular side for a little me-time?

So on October 16, we kickstarted the tour with a trip to Cherating. I've never been there before and gladly I have to say, Cherating got my heart. The place was serene and (no need to mention) beautiful, not too crowded or commercialized and the beach was as clean as hotel towels- at least in where I stayed.

My brother and sis-in-law in Genting Sempah R&R for breakfast

My Deepavali-colored shoes were the talk for the entire journey

Daddy's kids (and some grandkids)

This cat is not one of us. Spotted in one of the R&R somewhere in Temerloh

Sis and mom. Photocopy images, as said by my friend Erik

The Impiana Resort in Cherating have quite spacious rooms in traditional Malay architecture and interior. I could go on and on about the fabulous private beach there with small hermit crabs running around and hiding themselves and exquisite sea-shells were abundant. Totally a place for retreat.

But with 4 nephews and a niece running around, retreat is something quite remote in my journey. Perhaps your experience will be better than mine here!

Any resemblance?

Mr Hazim enjoying the beach

Acara lumba lari di Impiana Cherating kategori 1 hingga 33 tahun

Dinner in Tanjung Lumpur, Kuantan

The next day, we headed to Kuala Terengganu - the place du jour for batik, keropok lekor, regatta and crystal mosque!

I bet Zuhairi must be grinning ear-to-ear reading this. Winks.

We stayed in Primula Beach Hotel. One word sum up this hotel - crowded. Definitely not a place to relax and enjoy the hotel hospitality. Even the towels arrived 8 hours late after we checked in. And both my brother and brother in law got scolded by the staff for taking fork and spoon while breakfast in the cafe. That's crazy, okay.

But, if you're looking forward for batik stuff, salted fishes, songket, various types of keropok, asam and other equivalent what-nots galore, Kuala Terengganu is your place. I'm personally impressed with the batik and songket clothes there - relatively cheaper than any other place with equally attractive designs.


Power struggle

I called him Jimmy Neutron due to his hair.

Yin and Yang

Fooling around during dinner in KFC Kuala Terengganu

Since we were already there, we decided to take a peek at the infamous crystal mosque and Pulau Duyung, the venue for annual Monsoon Cup. The crystal mosque was okay, quite some mosque but the whole area of Taman Tamadun Islam was really burning my already-dark skin.

I'm still puzzled of those people who chose to develop new places and plant small, small shrubs like ixora or alamanda instead of big, shady trees. We're not living in the Mediterranean, silly.

The third day, we travel down-south back to Kijal, Terengganu and stayed in Awana. Again, the beach was awesome, schmosome but incomparable to that of in Impiana Cherating. The latter still wins my vote hands down.

In Awana Kijal beach

Not much can be done there in Kijal. Most of the time were spent in our apartment or strolling by the beach. I'm not a fan of swimming pool activity so I had to pass any of it though my brother and sister (and their entire clan) mob every swimming pool in all of the hotels that we stayed in.

By Monday, October 19, we headed back to KL with our lazy bums and shit-loads of photos. It took me quite a while to upload them all on my Facebook.

All in all, the trip was fun but it feels so much different traveling with your family now compared when you were younger. It takes some patience and a whole lotta compromise to make it work, and until you have it, don't go together just yet.

Just saying!

Friday, October 23, 2009

What the Eff is This?

Just when you thought Malaysian royalties/elites couldn't get any more douche/stupid/vain/all of the above, here's one to put the light on your head.

I was religiously going through my daily need of celebrity news on when I encountered this.

A mysterious Malaysian has reportedly thrown a small (in size, not the expenditure) party for Lindsay Lohan 23rd birthday party at the Angel Ball in 10ak, New York.

Okay, there are some fucked up mess in this story:
1. It's not even Lindsay Lohan's birthday. Her birthday was on July 2.

2. Why would you throw a party for a celeb-retard like Lindsay Lohan? Above all, the guests were entertained with 23 bottles of Cristal Champagne and another 23 bottles of the same label afterwards.

In case you don't watch E! Channel, Cristal Champagne is one of the most expensive ones out there, ranging from $300 to $500 per bottle.


And that same Malaysian was bidding $100,000 on a pair of Lorraine Schwartz earrings (yes, that's five zeros for you) and a Birkin bag.

I don't know about you but for me, there's no other Malaysians more entitled to this kind of extravagant vanity than the royalties. True, we have some serious cash businessmen here in Malaysia too but they know where to spend their money rather than being at a silly ball and throwing party for Lindsay Lohan.

That is why I could never understand and love the royalties. Blue-blood? Blue blood my ass.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Nike Dunk High Premium

Nike Dunk High Premium in White, Yellow, Tangerine and Emerald.

I had a rather rough week. You must have guessed it from those rather poignant posts below. So many things happened unexpected and too many things to be completed in so little time.

In times like this, what else comforts me better than my most favorite item on the planet - shoes.

I was cruising around SoleWhat store and Juice (the Edison Chen's boutique in Bangsar Baru) with Ayi and came across some hot, hot pairs. Unfortunately they were all of Adidas Originals by Originals designed by KZK and Jeremy Scott.

Translation: expensive. Definitely out of budget for the time being.

Anyway, not all the pretty ones are that expensive. This one fits our budget and certainly, fits our taste as well. Especially, my taste.

Quirky, silly, fun yet stylish and ultra glam.

This one comes in 4 different colors altogether in one single pair, namely white, midnight navy, radiant emerald and varsity tangerine. I have to say, I'm really feeling the high-cut design nowadays as high-cut sneakers (coupled with eye-catching splashes of color) really bring an outfit to life and people's eyeballs to your feet.

"Awesome schmosome!"

Originally introduced in 1985 as basketball shoes, Nike Dunk High series caught attention of even non-basketball players too for its bold combination of colors, which was inspired from each varsity's team colors in the United States. That's why it was relaunched in 1998 as casual sneakers and after owning two pairs of the line, I have to admit I am proudly a fan.

This one retails at RM389 per pair and available in Nike Sportswear, Ground Floor, Mid Valley Megamall, Kuala Lumpur.

Never get tired on this thing. Love it.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Why would someone who wants a perfectly simple life, ended up having a more complicated one than any other people?

The more I try to make things easier the more damage I seemed to do.

The higher my determination to make things work, the faster it all go astray.

Why oh why?

I seem even better in screwing things up than pulling everything together. I can't even get a single thing straight without damaging it beyond repair.

Am I really up for this? Or should I just get it over with? But how?

I'm totally wrecked. I damage myself. Again.

Monday, October 12, 2009

A Stranger in Paradise

Hello there, please take my hand
I'm just a stranger in your Eden land
Now do come and get to know me
Though you might not like what you'll see

I'm a lost soul wandering
Searching for something, I think
Looking, searching and fighting forlorn
I felt it was behind me but now it's gone

Are you alone here as well, stranger?
In quest for triumph and madness altogether?
Don't you know that it wouldn't make sense
To love and let die at the end?

See this face, it's not mine
You make believe of the things that you find
I don't know who I am, stranger
Perhaps you too are clueless of who you were

But don't worry
We are fine
We are just giddy
From our restless mind

You'll learn to love me and I hope to see that
You'll know what angry is, and so is sad
They are just some of me of what you'll see
As I told you before, it's not always pretty

Know me now before we depart
So half of me will never be apart
Stay with me until comes the dawn
Then remember me as a stranger gone

Now go away, live your life
For in yours I've made mine
Countless smiles, many more dreams
You and me are never acquainted it seems

You've been good, you've been kind
But, stranger, it is time to say goodbye

Khairizan Yaacob
October 12, 2009
2.08 a.m

Saturday, October 10, 2009

PC Game - Tomb Raider: Underworld

When I first saw its review in a newspaper some time late last year/early this year, I was jumping up and down anxiously waiting to get a hold of it myself. The article was gracious on positive remarks regarding this latest installment of Tomb Raider and when I finally had the chance to experience the gameplay myself, I know they really deserve the positive feedback.

Just when I thought Miss Lara Croft couldn't get any better (after playing the previous installment - Tomb Raider: Anniversary), she certainly up-leveled herself.

The most notable and profound improvement has got to be the stunning, stunning visual. Everything comes alive in Underworld. The whole environment is meticulously designed to make it as realistic as possible. The trees now sway, the leaves moves, raindrops seem real, lighting effects now follow its source and so does the shadow and many more upgrades.

It was really worth waiting for two years.

For those who chose not to play Tomb Raider due to its numerous mind-twisting puzzles (like my brother-in-law, Fadly), fret not! This version has next to none puzzles, everything is almost about physical prowess and making Miss Croft jumping, climbing, running, shimming here and there.

Again, while doing all of the above, you can still go 'Ooh' and 'Aah' of the marvelous graphic. My favourite act is the second one, in which our heroine travels to Thailand and there, you can see how the shrines, temples, jungle and even the sea water is so life-like.

Unlike before, now Miss Croft can shimmy in between wall gap, reminiscence of Price of Persia style. There are no boss for each stage, just pure adventure throughout the entire gameplay. Oh, did I mention that she can now travel through certain levels by riding her superbike? Super cool!

Some snapshots from the Second and Third Acts

This version consists of seven different acts, which starts with the Croft Manor blown up in fire as soon as you finished typing down your profile name. Again, you're fighting against Natla while travelling around the world gathering God of Thunder, Thor's weapon.

Well, as the saying goes, it takes crazy to deal crazy. So, don't ask me if this sounds pure bullshit but hey, at least the gameplay is interesting enough to distract me from the lousy storyline.

Since I liked it so much, I finished playing in just five days, with about 2 hours per day. It wasn't that easy anyway but if you have become familiar with earlier Tomb Raiders, this one still stays true to its old way in terms of clues, manoeuvrings and story line, but other than that they have certainly improved a lot.

An Interesting Quote

"I often see that people are frightened of fashion ... because whatever that makes them insecure, they put it down.

On a whole, people that say demeaning things about fashion, I think, is because they feel in some way excluded. So, as the result, they just mock it.

There is something about fashion that can make people very nervous."

- Anna Wintour, editor-in-chief of Vogue in 'The September Issue'

...and I can't agree more with her.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Being Single Means not Married

While laying in bed last night, waiting for the next boat to LaLaLand, my mind wandered and an episode of Sex and the City flashed in my mind.

I'm not sure whether it's from Season 5 or 6 but I do remember it's title: 'A Woman's Right to Shoes'. Yeah, men can relate to it as well. No shit.

In the episode, Carrie goes to a friend's house for a baby shower/baby birthday party/baby welcoming party (I forgot the occasion) with her best friend, Stanford. Upon arriving, they had to take off their shoes before entering as the host is such a germ-phobic. So, like it or not she had to leave her silver 'd'Orsay' Manolo Blahniks (picture above) outside and as the party ended, no surprise, the shoes gone missing.

The interesting part, and the core of the episode, is how her friend - the host - reacts. Instead of apologizing and offering to pay her back for the shoes ($545), she gave Carrie a sort of cynical sermon on why Carrie shouldn't spend so much money on a pair of shoes.

That ticked Carrie off, and so do her other sidekicks - Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte.

There's definitely some truth in that situation. Single individuals are often seen as a 'defect' - to put it nicely - in a society. In the eyes of married people (mostly), being single isn't regarded as another way of life, but merely like a transition state until one finally settles down with a spouse.

Until then, single means the big L. Loser. Single people have to obey to the rule of thumb set by married ones.

I definitely against this dogma. In my firm belief, those who are married and single should always respect each other's position, not patronizing another or dictating on what's right or not for the other party.

Married and single individuals live different lives. Just because married people have more responsibilities and thus need to tighten their budget by spending more on their family's necessities rather than miscellaneous stuff, doesn't mean the same would apply to free, single individuals who have no other commitments than to themselves.

Of course, they are responsibilities to the parents, mortgages etc too but the same goes out to married ones as well.

This isn't merely a depiction seen on the fictional now-defunct TV series, but as my other posts, I speak based on my experience - the relentless comparison between me and other married people, which I think is not fair. It's my choice to splurge a little bit more on myself for clothes, shoes and other what-nots - simply because I don't have anyone to support, any mortgage to pay and any other responsibilities other than myself.

Same goes to Carrie in the series. It's her choice to fork out half a thousand bucks for a pair of Manolos. Who are we to say that she's stupid, incomprehensible and not-wise when all she got for her to please is solely herself. Truth is, there are millions of real-life Carrie Bradshaw who are often being unfairly criticized by other commitment-bound married people.

I'm always an avid supporter of the freedom of speech. That's why I allow anonymous comments here in my blog. However, though I support everyone's right to express themselves, I believe we should just leave it right there as our expressions - not to the extent of patronizing the other person.

Each individual has his/her own way to live life and we wouldn't know it until we take a walk in their shoes.

Friday, October 2, 2009

This is Why My Dad (and Mom) Rocks

God knows how long I've been moaning and groaning about a new PC. Seriously, the lappy which I 'inherited' from my sister is better off thrown into the sea and be made into artificial reef.

Not that I'm not grateful, but standing at less than 512 RAM and less than 70Gb hard disk drive, its time has well passed. Besides, each time I brought it to any dealer or service center for repair or to reformat, they gave me a silly chuckle and refused to take it.

Yes, it is that old.

Since I'm not that kind of person who totes his lappy around, I guess its better for me to get a desktop PC which comes in much lower price but greater spec.

Thankfully God has mercy on this bad servant of His and my dad has some pity on me. But he had drawn the line - only under RM2000.

So I went around, cruising for new desktop PC. Cineleisure, Low Yat Plaza, Sungei Wang Plaza, Mid Valley Megamall - you name it. But in the end, I chose this Dell Inspiron 545s which was bought in Dell authorised dealer in Mid Valley Megamall.

Most importantly, the price fits my budget - RM2099 (if you go to its website or in Low Yat Plaza, it retails at RM2399). It has 4Gb RAM and 500Gb *gasp* hard disk drive, which is like 10 times upgrade from my lappy. It comes with Windows Vista Home Basic and Intel Core 2 Duo processor with 512 Mb NVIDIA graphic card.

In easy words, it's perfect for me. Period.

It's time to hit the Sims 3 game, although I'm like 4 months lagging behind. What the heck, now on I can hit any PC game without having to check on the requirements *evil laugh*.

To Abah, thanks for the stimulus package and to Mama, thanks for the persuasion on my behalf! Now, when will I get some fund for that Bang & Olufsen speakers? Heh kidding.

PC Game - Zuma Revenge!

For those who already had the chance to play and know its predecessor, Zuma, this one will only make you pant even harder. Those who haven't, I suggest you take a time off from anything that you're doing now and play this simple but addictive game.

I don't know when it was even released but I just found it couple of days ago and happy to say, I LOVE IT.

In Zuma Revenge, our favorite heroic frog gets stranded in a remote land and, no surprise, isn't welcomed by the natives there, including the land's six spirits. Unlike in the previous version, in this one you have to face each stage's 'boss' before you could move on to the next one. Don't worry, it's not even that hard if you're an accomplished Zuma gamer. No big deal, really.

Some of the screenshots with tremendous improvements from the earlier version. Impressive, yes?

One of the bosses I had to face thus far.

The graphic has definitely improved a lot. There are even new power-ups, livelier gameplay and better sound effects. I'm at level 51 at the moment and safe to say, it's a great game to kill time but still manage to keep you interested throughout the gameplay.

Start hunting for Zuma Revenge now, or buy the original!