Thursday, April 30, 2009

Home-made Apple Pie by Puan Azian

Last weekend, I went down south to my sister's place to meet my newest sugar a.k.a nephew and for him to be acquainted personally with his loony uncle. Well, it was about time for him to know this one eccentric uncle (I prefer 'eccentric' than 'freak') as I had a week gap in between my examination papers.

He looked just as same as his older brother when the latter was born, except much quieter and well-behave so far (a.k.a less troublesome).

I could spent hours and hours just laying by his side and looked at him while he was sleeping or squirming, which both were fun, surprisingly. Just how blissful and innocent life for this one, when things aren't any complicated at all.


We finally meet, Mr Airy

Anyway, the best part of being close to family again is to have my mom cooking and making all of my favorite dishes! It's like an ongoing automated cooking machine, only you don't have to put any coin into it.

No kidding.

Well, I've asked her for different types of porridges, Malay kuihs, pastries. Now, it was time for apple pie! Actually, my sister and I asked for this one and it wasn't just me. It was a unanimous appeal, you see.

Yes, she made apple pie. She learned it either from Amy Beh's column in The Star newspaper or Martha Stewart, I couldn't remember.

So, she made it and it tasted so good, as always. When it comes to food, I got to admit that my mom does it best. She made the best cream puff too, as well as other gazillion dishes.

Love you lots, mama!

P/S: Don't stop being our cooking machine :)

Prior stuffing it into the oven

The result. Taa-dah.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Sunday High Tea in KLCC

I have a week gap in between papers and I got bored staying indoor on Sunday. Thus, I texted my good buddy, Chong Jin for a cuppa and just to catch up with each other.

It was around 4pm. We decided for San Francisco's or Dome's but neither had any available table. Thus, we had to settle for a lesser known cafe called The Lawn, located at the second level of KLCC.

Clockwise from top left: Hot chocolate with chocolate cupcake (RM10), hot mocha (RM7) and brownie with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream (RM8)

I ordered a slice of brownie and a hot mocha while he had a chocolate cupcake and a hot chocolate to compliment it.

And boy, it was so good.

The food tasted as good as it looked. So yummy and my brownie was so fulling.

The place itself was cosy enough for us to catch up with each other and talked about silly stuff in between, as usual.


Chong Jin and his cupcake.

We stayed until 6pm, because he insisted that we waited for the 7 For All Mankind Jeans fashion show. The top that I was aiming for in a LONG, LONG time was featured as well.

Wonder when will I get it? It was only RM269, the last time I checked it during the first day of the boutique's opening in KLCC.

That's the top that I want. No, it's not just plain black. There's a full detailing of 7 Jeans' signature logo (A-shape) all over the tee with a small red 7 Jeans label at the left sleeve

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Nike Kicks

Nike Sweet Classic AP sneakers

I checked my blog again today and to my dismay, there are 3 new comments citing how 'inconsiderate' my blog post about my Malaysian Economics assignment groupmates and how they have all 'been there before and no need to disgrace them'.

I mean, first of all, I didn't ask you to read my blog. Why should you (including your supporting minions) felt compelled to read my blog and tell me how 'insensitive' I was?

What a nonsense.

If you have been piggy-backed by underperforming groupmates like I did and chose not to bitch about it, then good for you. I chose the other way around to make them realized what they have done so they won't do it again for other assignments in the future - not with me, of course.

I wonder what made it SO HARD for them to digest a blunt remark by me, including my response to their comments. I mean, I got offended with the way they carry their work but in real life, they are still my friends. I never let it intertwined. I think they are the one who got it all mixed up mumbo jumbo and started to launch a hating campaign against me.

Never mind though. God knows what the hell I'm talking about here. And I bet the people in question too, know what's going on.

Now - back to happy things!

After answering and successfully created new formulas for my Statistics II paper earlier today, I headed to KLCC for some much-needed fun.

New shoes! Long-awaited adue!

This time around, this Nike baby is a newly-arrived pair and quickly swapped by me. I love the old school feel to it, sort of going back to the days of neon colors and crazy fashion of the 80s.

Costs less than RM300, definitely worth buying and worth rocking around the city.

This would make my 24th or 25th pair of footwear to date.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Pour Que Tu M'Aimes Encore by Celine Dion

I don't fall in love with songs easily. Songs that captured me usually have special connections with my present or past, or it may have a new thought or idea which I liked.

This one is basically not very new. I came across it while watching Celine Dion's Live in Vegas DVD earlier tonight and somehow, it connected to me.

A story about how strong a love can be. How you're willing to give up anything or do whatever it takes just to be with the person. Sounds familiar?

I looked up the lyrics and translation and after more than 10 times singing it tonight, I can say that I had almost pronounced every word correctly. Phew. Long way to go.

Have a listen to this song. Listen to it, not hear.

Oh, and I am glad to receive an email from fellow blogger in Saudi Arabia, Susie Khalil. It was so nice to hear from you again, Susie and thanks for the warm wish on my new nephew :)

Got to go now, have another paper for tomorrow. Can't wait for this examination to be over.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Daydreaming at Night. Whatever

It's 2.43 a.m and I am still up reading about small and medium enterprises in Malaysia for my upcoming examinations next week *gasp!*. But I want to take a time-out for 2 seconds to write about this. The things that I want to do in the long term.

Of course, I want to finish my studies and graduate. By then, I want to have at least one book published. Do you hear that miss-co-writer, Ann Jie?

I want to secure a job. Something that I would be fine with, not having to come back from work and complain about it each night. Perhaps, I would need a car by then. A not-too-small car will do like Gen-2, not too sporty or too compact because I want to take my nephews and niece for ride as well.

I would love to have all the essentials from the best labels around. As written currently on my vision board (Oprah influenced me to do one) in my room, I would want to have a patent leather wallet, perhaps from Lanvin or Dior Homme. A nice pair of black leather shoes, perhaps from Ferragamo or Louis Vuitton because both are the finest makers of shoes. Then, I would need a tote which I could pull off for work and leisure, and Hermes has some of the best ones around.

Yeah, then I would like to buy something, even if it's just one, from my other favorite labels which are not available here. Like, I would like Dries Van Noten's signature print shirt and anything from Comme des Garcons.

After 5 years of working, I would want to buy a house. I'm not a terrace-person, thus a nice condo in KL proximity would be nice. Perhaps somewhere in Pantai Hillpark (like Centrio Soho), KL Sentral or Gasing Hill in PJ. I would want my place to be not too far from the city because I enjoy being among the city scene. Not a popular preference, but it's mine anyway.

My crib should be cosy, homely and not too posh. Just average and full of the neccesary stuff. My family could come over some time and I'll take my nephews and niece for a treat somewhere, buy them stuff. Anything that would make them happy.

In the longer run, perhaps after more than 5 years, I would like to give my mom a present. I always talked to her about this labels and that label, so I would like to buy her a nice handbag but not too tacky. Perhaps the Stam bag from Marc Jacobs or the 2.55 from Chanel, or even the Paddington from Chloe. Those three would never go out of style. And my dad? Hurm..that's a tough one. He liked watches, and since he already has his Rolex and Omega now, I'll get him something else. Roger Dubuis or Franck Muller maybe. But, wait, that's quite beyond my reach. Haha.

The most important part, I would want a stable life. I would like to have a place of my own and having my closest friends and family members coming over some time. Going out for bar or dining together during weekends with friends and having a spare time to do some charity work. I had always wanted to spend my weekends at the old folks' home, we'll see bout that.

Since I am naturally bad at creating somethng new, my utmost dream is to be an entreprenuer like my mentor, Dato' Farah Khan. I would like to bring in my favourite labels and share it with Malaysian market like Miu Miu, Dior Homme, DSquared2, Missoni, Dries Van Noten and Hogan. If Gods willing, you'll see that I'll be responsible for one (if not all) of these labels soon. This is where my passion lies and I'll climb my way to it.

And now, back to these notes for exams. Sigh...

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Someone Who Called Me At 4 AM

WARNING: Strong words ahead. Don't say I didn't warn earlier.

Last night as any other night, I stayed up late. Like really late. And since I had my panic attack of the upcoming examinations, I stayed up even longer, attempting to study though I still managed to check my Facebook and refresh my Myspace every 2 seconds.

Ok, maybe every 10 seconds.

By 4.20am, I was ready to hit the sack and went to brush my teeth when I heard my phone was ringing.

Like, so loud.

I got so eff-ing annoyed. I mean, who calls at 4 in the morning? Can't you just wait until the sun rises at least?

I checked. Oh, another mysterious number.

Lately, I've been getting so many unrecognized numbers calling me which I had never responded. Even when I did, they would always ask for the same thing - to hook up. And when I asked where did they get my number, they came out with the same answers too - it was either 'can't remember' or 'someone gave it to me'.

So, back to this retard who called at 4 am. I texted him:

Me: "Crazy?" 15 April 2009 4:22:59

Retard: "Nape? Hahahahahaha" 15 April 2009 4:23:44

Me: "Not funny at all. GTH." 15 April 2009 4:24:00

Retard: "Woi ko kenape? Kenal aku x?" 15 April 2009 4:24:41

Me: "No and I don't want to know you. So fuck off n stop calling people at 4 in the morning! Crazy." 15 April 2009 4:25:33

Retard: "Ko ni bukan yg dalam G4M ke?" 15 April 2009 4:26:44

Me: " Who the fuck are you? Go to hell loser" 15 April 2009 4:27:14

Retard: "U are really bustard" 15 April 2009 4:28:31

Me: "It's bastard, not bustard. Fuck off and stay away" 15 April 2009 4:28:52

Okay, I know it was a little bit harsh but this one is a tad too much for me. Usually I ignored all of these junk calls but this one really got me. And he hasn't call or text again - yet. Haha.

Anyway, it was four in the morning! 4 AM!

Nobody calls at 4am except insane lovers and people informing you about someone's passing. I wouldn't mind as much had it been my friends calling, but when some stranger called just to say hello and stuff, that was totally wrong. Nothing is right about that.

Totally gila these people.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

My New Sweetheart

One-day-old Muhammad Airy

Two-year-old brat brother, Muhammad Aisy

On April 13, 2009, I welcomed another nephew into my life - altogether now, I have four nephews and one niece! Means more presents to buy each year and

Muhammad Airy Mohd Fadly was born in Subang Jaya Medical Center on the same day of his 2-year-old brother's birthday, Muhammad Aisy. Totally a double bundle of joy for this month.

I have yet to see him personally, but from the picture MMS-ed by my sister today, he pretty much resembles his older brother when the latter was born.

Well, they are brothers anyway. Duh.

Looking at the picture, of course I was so elated to welcome him into this chaotic world. Whatmore, the night before my sister undergo her Caesarian operation, I was still poking and talking to him across the belly. And now, he has popped out!

Aisy is now two and Airy was just born. Just how fast time has passed me by.

It made me think, of all these times, what are we actually championing for each day? Feuding, back-stabbing, trash-talking about others behind - for what? Time is running out and yet we are still concentrating about these petty things which would not bring us anywhere. We put too much attention on vanity and luxury and losses the real focus in life - the things which truly matter.

Time is moving so fast and what have we done to put a (positive) mark here, right here where we stand, before we leave this world? Have we contributed enough and have we lived to the fullest?

These thoughts occurred inside of my head as I watched the picture of my new-born nephew. Call me delusional but it actually caused quite an impact to me. I've begin to think of all the people who hated me, they people I actually hated and the ex-es which I have acknowledged them as loathe subjects in my life. But last night, I actually made amend with some of them because I have to come to realized that I did not gaining any profit from it, neither did them. So forgive and forget, I guess. I didn't hurt to strip down your ego for a second for a lifetime triumph.

Now, if I could just tell that to the people who hated me. Probably not, because they're too stupid to understand it right now. Ha!

Anyway, here's to Muhammad Airy, welcome to this world and to both of you, Airy and Aisy, Pak Su will always love you.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

My Fan Club

So, today, April 11, 2009 while I was going through my blogger dashboard after days of not doing so, I found two anonymous comments posted on my Malaysian Economics post.

And it was not pretty.

Truth be told, I don't care if they are people who want to hate or love me. Seriously, I don't. As Anna Wintour, the editor of Vogue magazine once said, it just shows that people are starting to pay more attention to you.

That could mean a good thing, no? *winks*

What concerns me most was the perception they gave. They thought I was snobbish, stuck-up, always-right and an accomplished freeloader, which I am not. I'm just a normal guy who's trying to live life as simple as I can without creating any drama or even getting close to one.

Yet, for some reason, these people was still so obnoxious and creating things which aren't true to feed their blackened heart.

I admit, I don't have the face. I'm not smart. I'm far from good. I'm not anything that's the most positive one can ever be. I'm not, yes.

But, that doesn't mean that I'm bad.

When I blogged about people who don't do their work, wasn't it my prerogative to feel upset and annoyed? To do a three people's job single-handedly?

That doesn't mean that I don't like them, personally. I was just upset professionally, but personally, they are still my friends and peers in the faculty.

So, get the point straight. I'm not perfect, so are you. Stop blaming me or showering me with absurd/silly remarks without getting the whole picture. Do some homework before putting your comments because you're only exposing your *ehem* stupidity to the whole world.

Even if you feel like you've told the truth-nothing-but-the-whole-truth, why not put your name below it so I know who was the audacious one to talk to me? If not, it just shows how morally-challenged and unsure you are to your own stand.

Shame on you. God bless.


"Love me, hate me,
Say what you want about me,
But all the boys and all the girls are begging to f-u-*-k me"
- 'If You Seek Amy' by Britney Spears