Saturday, July 12, 2008

Fire in Kerinchi LRT!

View from the LRT platform
Encik-encik Bomba dismantling the water hose

10 mins after the fire broke out

I was back from KLCC and waiting for my bus back home in Pantai Indah when I started to notice a chain of fume emitted from the illegal squatters located directly in front of where I was standing.

Before long, fire started to break out and grew larger and larger. All the makciks waiting for the bus with me addressed their concern about the cars and motorcycles parked nearby. The roofs of the houses started to collapse not long after. Then, the trees surrounding the houses caught the fire and tension was running high.

Though standing 40-50 metres away, I could feel the tremendous heat emitting from the scene. More and more people started to gather around and some, including me, managed to call the fire-engines to the scene. They arrived 5 minutes later but the fire continued ravaging.

It was tensed!

I left after 40mins on the scene with firemen continued to battle the fire withouy any sign of receeding. I later learned from the news that 50 people lost their shelter.


Wednesday, July 9, 2008

I Screamed in Their Faces Today. Period.

So, picture this. I had 9-5 classes today. Lots of things running in my head. Sweat dripping and drenching off my back. Walking towards the bus stop in full fatigue. The bus came. I was just trying to be all civilized and get into the bus peacefully. And, I was expecting the same from everyone there.

But they weren't not half as I expected them to be. Those sickening foreign workers pushed, hassled, grabbed people's back and pull them, shoveled their bodies and breasts and smelly butts through.

Nonetheless, I was pissed. Pissed with P.

So they thought they could have all the fun while struggling their way in around me like a bunch of retarded monkeys getting into a moving machine named 'bus' without getting a piece of my mind? WRONG

So, I screamed to them in general at the top of my lungs to make myself clear:

So they backed off - a while, before continued what they did. Guess, they just have to do what they did. It's in their chromosome - to be ape-shit and lousy humanbeings for the rest of their lives no matter where they are.

Ironically, I felt so, so relieved after doing so. I feel like I've make myself known to them and of what I really felt to them. Yes, dear foreign douches in UM, I do hate you all because you guys are so sickening.

Wonder what would tomorrow's afternoon bus ride would be like?

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

First Day of the New Semester

It was great to meet old friends again and started to dish about our whereabouts for the whole holiday, as well as to see new, young fresh faces making their debut in the faculty. Like it or not, time passed by so quickly and I'm in my sophomore year!

I signed up for 7 subjects for which 1 of them was Micoeconomics II and I had dropped it yesterday due to mounting pressure of maintaining my CGPA skyhigh. Thus, I better not screw up by taking extra credit hours just for the sake of finishing my course on time. I don't really care - btw, as long as I can get it all done and fine. *winks*

So, I arrived early yesterday morning because my first class commence at 9 o'clock. It was Introduction to Financial Administration. The lecturer was ok, I guess from the look of him although Ann Jie had admonished me of him ("Don't take Anurrdin! You'll screw up, he's a lousy lecturer!").

While waiting for my next class to start at 2pm, I had about 4 hours to kill. Besides having my brunch in the fac's cafe, reading 2 pages of Virginia Woolf's 'Mrs Dalloway' while listening to some tunes from my BlackBerry, I did nothing.

Really bored.

It wasn't until later when one by one of the old faces started to pop out, starting with the cute-as-a-button Faris, entertaining me and chatting away in the cafe, catching up with each other.

Then, Syazwan showed up with his new red hairdo. Along with the newly-wed Husna. Zafirah came. Sakina emerged out of nowhere with her new tote a la Stam bag from Marc Jacobs. Hana dropped by with her knee bandaged thickly. Didi was also there with her new iPhone.

What a great start for the new semester!

I had some other classes later on with them like Macroeconomics II, Statistic I and Sociology. God, while other subjects' tutorial classes would start by the third week, Sociology has gone against all odds by starting its tutorial classes today. Heaven forbids.

All in all, it was a great start for us but I was so freaking exhausted that I headed to bed shortly after 10pm. It wasn't easy adjusting back to the hassle and bustle of studying life after three months of inanely sitting comfortably at home!

Friday, July 4, 2008

New Bag!

This is one of the many reasons why I have a terribly soft spot on sales - the ability to get new stuff at prices I'm willing to fork out my dosh.

God knows how much I love and love Energie, especially their oh-so-macho bags. And today I got one. Thank you Lord for answering my prayer. Hehe.

The reason I love this bag? Everything - from its larger than life logo on the fore-front, to the attention-seeking color and its numerous compartments. Not only beautiful, but so handy as well.

Love it!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The Pierces - Three Wishes

Farra introduced me to The Pierces with this song and I instantly fell in love with this duo. The indie genre was a whole new refreshing tune from the blue-eye soul of Amy Winehouse or folk of Damien Rice, which were both on my regular playing list.

This duo made a cameo in the 10th episode of Gossip Girl entitled 'Hi, Society' in the first season, in which they sang Three Wishes and another single, Secret at the ball scene.

I've uploaded the song in Zshare and the download link is as follow. Enjoy it!

Click here to download!!!