Monday, April 26, 2010

Jeremy Scott Does Mickey - In a Good Way

Few days back I stopped by Adidas Originals in Pavilion KL and was quite surprised to see they were now carrying Adidas Originals by Originals (ObyO) line with collaborators such as Jeremy Scott and David Beckham.

You know, Jeremy Scott. The one created my winged shoes.

Not surprisingly he has a new tongue-in-cheek collection and one of them is this pair of shoes called Jeremy Scott x Adidas Originals Mickey.

Well, you could already guess the name from the picture right?

I'm torn on this one. On one hand, they looked cheeky, silly, child-like and quite fun all at the same time - and I like being quirky with my sneakers. But the next minute, it looked rather simple and nothing out-of-the-norm if it's not for the Mickey Mouse head on its tongue.

This one retails around RM500. Should I go for it?

Is this pair a yay or a nay?

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Finally...It's Here

As I had told earlier (way, way earlier) here, I always had a dream of bringing in big labels into Malaysian shores someday like what Dato' Farah Khan did with her Melium Group.

But one by one of the labels are made available here, starting with Prada's second line, Miu Miu which is now available in Suria KLCC since December 2009.

And now, another one of my favorite will open its door soon in Starhill Gallery. Say hello to the master of multicolor, zig-zag pattern knitwear, Missoni.

With the recent opening of stand alone boutiques like McQ by Alexander McQueen and Sergio Rossi in Starhill Gallery, the addition of Missoni is very much anticipated - at least for me.

I never had that much money to spend on any of Missoni's merchandise but I've been a great admirer of its 57-year-old legacy, the quality of its knitwear and of course, its beautiful designs. Hopefully, someday I'd have enough to wear its beautiful cotton-cashmere tops on my back.

Welcome to KL, Missoni.

I Popped My Satay Cherry

I don't really like satay. Never. I dislike them, actually. I never understood the joy of eating carcinogenic, roasted (was it roasted?) animal flesh with some sweet gravy. My mom and my sister in law know this about me very well.

Somehow, I was attracted to this one place called Serai Satay Bar in Pavilion, KL. Blame it on a slow weekend at home watching Jalan - Jalan Cari Makan on TV3.

This place is supposedly a breath of fresh air for Malaysian delicacies like satay and, err, satay as they serve it in a giant cup-like container with the size of Big Gulp cups in 7 Eleven. Yes, they actually put the satay sticks with additional sticks of nasi himpit, cucumber and onion slices in those giant cups with its gravy so you can enjoy it like regular snacks while strolling around.

Well, supposedly. Try doing that in a crowded shopping mall without smacking people's faces as you struggle to detach those pesky satay from their sticks.

Anyway, it's a good idea to put it into such container, rather than serving it on plate like usual.

So that TV programme really got me wanted to try the Satay Bar. And I did, and yes it was delicious.


Hey, though I had rarely eaten satays before, I still know how to acknowledge the good ones, alright. And this one, my friends, is really good.

A day before my first examination paper started, I made a second pilgrimage there since I was craving for its satay all week long. I wasn't craving for just any satay - I wanted Serai Satay Bar's!

I must say, the satays are much bigger than those available around my and your place. Besides, they have soto and some kuihs too.

For the second time in a row, I had the C Set (6 sticks of satay of beef and chicken plus 2 sticks of nasi himpit, cucumber and onion slices) for RM9.60 with a glass of teh tarik. Really, really good.

Somehow, I just realized I didn't have any pic of me actually munching on those delish satays. Maybe I was too busy enjoying it. Ha!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

A Love That Will Never Grow Old

Go to sleep, may your sweet dreams come true
Just lay back in my arms for one more night

I've this crazy old notion that calls me sometimes

Saying this one's the love of our lives.

Cause I know a love that will never grow old

And I know a love that will never grow old.

When you wake up the world may have changed

But trust in me, I'll never falter or fail

Just the smile in your eyes, it can light up the night,

And your laughter's like wind in my sails.

Cause I know a love that will never grow old

And I know a love that will never grow old.

Lean on me, let our hearts beat in time,

Feel strength from the hands that have held you so long.

Who cares where we go on this rutted old road

In a world that may say that we're wrong.

Cause I know a love that will never grow old

And I know a love that will never grow old.

I had shut down my PC when I suddenly had an urge to write a post about this song. This song has been lingering in my head for weeks though it was released about 3,4 years back.

Looking at the lyrics and the simple country melody, you can tell how sincere this song is. It's like a man singing to his beloved while putting her to sleep and assuring her how everything will be okay tomorrow - just like today. How his love will never change despite the uncertainties they would face the next day. He doesn't know how to assure this except by telling her that he knows this love is real.

It doesn't matter if you're straight, gay, lesbian, confused - you can still relate to this song. Though I didn't really like it at first play, it slowly grew on me especially after I had read the lyrics word by word.

I know someone out there knows what this song means to me.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

How Not to Take Everything Personally

Blow-ups, mouth fights, arguments, misunderstandings happen - even to closest friends. But that doesn't mean you have to throw everything down the drain including your friendship when it happens.

I've had my own fair share of misunderstandings. Yes, it was hard, it was tough and it was such a pain in the ass. But, as much as I hate to admit it, I was partly the one to be blame. Misunderstanding can't happen just from one side of a party, anyway.

Everytime when it happened, I got mad. Yes, who wouldn't be pissed when someone bad-mouth, bitch about you or make false stories of you behind your back? I would, for sure.

But never would I cut the friendship ties with any of them. After the storm has gone, we would always go back to where we were before that happened. After all, that's the real measure of a true friend - the one who would always accept your flaws and forgive each other's differences.

That's not being hypocrite, double-faced or anything you want to call it. That's forgiveness and not taking everything too seriously and personally.

So, it bothers me to know how a friend would just cut off some of my friends and I from her for some silly things which we didn't even realize we did to her - indirectly, of course. Worse, she bitched about all of us behind and brought back stories from dinosaur-age about things that pissed her off.

I mean, for real? She's much older than all of us, anyway.

You know what bothers me the most? People who has issues but never had the balls to confront it face to face.

She could go around and bitch about everything to everyone about us but never has the guts to come forward and barf everything in front of us. Nope, never.

You know why confronting face-to-face is important? Because it gives the accused a chance to defend him/herself and who knows, you might be wrong for accusing people for something they never did or intended.

That's why it is important.

I would be lying if I say "I don't really care about you, bitch!" I do care, yes - but just because I need to have her feet on the ground. She really needs to learn how to act according to her age, be respectful of other people's feeling, not to take everything personally and have the courage to tell the people she's pissed with how she really feels.

I don't really care about what she says about me. Truthfully, I've heard lots of worse stories about me before behind my back but none of it mattered. You know why? Because only God, my true friends and myself know the real deal about me. Even my brother in law shares the same sentiment.

To quote Samantha in Sex and the City, "If I worry about what people are gonna say about me, I'd never leave the house!"

So, to you, my dear, sad friend, strip off your pride and please reflect on whatever that you're doing right now because you're only fooling yourself, nobody else. It really hurts to admit that you're wrong even in the slightest way, but you'll gain so much more by doing it. Peace out.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Revision Pics

Exam breakouts. Urgh.

Since my parents are now fully embracing the wonder of internet and perhaps religiously peeping into my personal life through my blog at this very moment, I'm going to put up these random pictures of our revision session in the UM Main Library to remind everyone that I'm more than just shoes and outings. I'm still a student.

Yep, make it to remind myself too.

These pictures were taken by the fabulous Miss Eza and I gladly lifted them off her blog without her permission. Whoops. I'm sure she doesn't mind... does she?

There are actually more, considering we had spent more than a week together there at the fourth floor but the pictures are scattered all around - some in Fifi's BlackBerry, some in mine and the rest are with Eza.

Cam-whoring fun aside, preparing for exams is still not even one bit fun. Especially foreseeing the potential marks and CGPA for some of the less-attractive subjects. Yuck.

All the best to my friends and those who're sitting for one. Let's nail it.

Miss Eza was purposely posing for this picture - no kidding

Discussing History of Economic Thoughts - which was surprisingly not as dry as it was previously tought during lecture

Friday, April 16, 2010

Internship Stuff - Sorta


I gladly took some time off from our revision session in UM Main Library with study mates, Eza and Fifi to do some quick retail therapy - make it a much needed one.

The reason was, I needed to get some stuff for my internship which will begin in May, only 4 days after I'm done with my last examination paper.

Actually, I never need an excuse for it but, you know, in case of guilt...

So I went to Pavilion and ended up with few things. Shirts, t-shirts and some other stuff unrelated to internship. Winks. Now, all I need is a pair of lace-up leather shoes.

Oh, and I bumped into my pal the bubbly Hannah Azmir and her beau, Anwar in Food Republic. Glad she didn't see those shopping bags :P

Now I'm fully recharged to revise for my exams again. Yeah, I'm happy and stores made me happy.

Who wouldn't be happy with Boss and Hermes, anyway?

Friday, April 9, 2010


Meet Caesar. The latest addition of living creatures in my house.

By the looks of it, I presumed he's a guppy fish (sort of) and was bought in Pets Wonderland Mid Valley for 18 bucks.

Yeah I know you could get it for like, 1-2 bucks anywhere else but I'm too lazy to search around. Besides, he looks AMAZING, no?

Sometimes he's turquoise. Sometimes green. Other times, blue. So yeah, my baby Caesar is quite a chameleon guppy - no pun intended.

You know they said fishes give great therapy just by looking at them swimming around and feeding them. No kidding there - they are.

Oh and don't ask me how I came up with his name. It just occurred to me en route back home after buying him. And I even named that money plant in his container as Augusto. You know, Augustus Caesar?

Yeah, I am silly.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Malaysia's International Shoe Festival - Bummer

Before you go slamming your head against a wall for not attending this fair and asking yourself 'How could I miss that?!', know this - you're not losing anything.

I was so excited about this fair since January when the news broke out. Lord, I couldn't help myself. I was excited - you know that.

But then again, fairs, exhibitions and festivals of this sort are well known for not living up to expectation. Well, this one fits into that category.

When they whore out the word 'International' on its banner and every advertisement and even brought in Datuk Jimmy Choo to launch it, of course I would expect some off-the-ground excitement.

Boy, I was punked.

The only big name there was Porosus, which I believed must regretted joining it. Not even second-tier shoe labels were there - no Aldo, Guess or even Pedro, at least. There were only cheap shoes/sandals by JukeBox (yikes!), Princess, Santa Barbara Polo & Racket Club, Pallas, Larrie and other brands worth of Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman and Kepong-made shoes.

Don't get me wrong. I'm not saying expensive shoes are always the best but in this kind of shoe fair, at least bring in some *ehem* respectable labels to live up to its name. What they had there was as same as what Sogo KL would have in their bargain bins.

Alright, there were some Jimmy Choos too but only for display as they were all six-figure price shoes. Basically, they were just some regular Jimmy Choo heels adorned with diamonds, hence the price.

The only thing that kept me awake there (for 2 minutes) was this Manolo Blahnik shoe which was featured in Sex & the City the Movie. You know the one Mr Big used as ring substitution when proposing to Carrie. Yeah, that one. I was quite happy to see that 800-dollars shoe personally.

A scene from the movie - Mr Big picking it up as he proposes

The same, real Manolo on display

If they ever organize it again next year, better send someone to do a quick check before you actually take the trouble attending it. I wouldn't go again anyway.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Hunny and Khairul's Big Day

This past week was really packed with stuff and this weekend was no different either. I had to reluctantly ditch my bed on Saturday morning much earlier than my usual weekend standard. Oh BTW you don't want to know my weekend get-up hour. Scary stuff.

Still drowsy from last night's outing for Ami's birthday then straight away hitting the club with my best pal from Dentistry Faculty, Azhar until wee in the morning, I had to get up and dress for a very special occasion today.

My friends and I were going to celebrate a union of a couple. Hunny Madu with her now-husband, Khairul.

So the five of us convoyed from our faculty to the reception ceremony held in Damansara Heights Community Hall. Shortly after we were seated, the bride walked in and sit on the dais with her grandmother, fondly known as Tok Mak.

Minutes later, the groom walked in and had to pass two barricades of family members asking for 'toll' in order to get to his bride on the dais - a tradition of Johorean Malays. Then, Tok Mak gave the bride away and the ceremony started.

The next bride and groom

The emcee of the day was Zainal Alam Kadir, an Astro host and we were entertained by some of Akademi Fantasia *ehem* stars. The food was great, the place was too and the ceremony was meticulously planned and carried out without any hiccup.

Oh, Ami looked great as her sister's bridesmaid. The whole makeup and how she did her hair made her unrecognizable for two minutes - in a good way. She looked equally beautiful.

A big congratulations to the newlyweds and to Ami and Fird, ehem, when will be your turn? Winks.

Ami's 23rd Birthday

Earlier on Thursday night, we had planned for a birthday get-together for Ami at the infamous Luna Bar. However the plan was put off since it clashed with Hunny Madu's 'berinai' ceremony which was held on the same night.

Still, we didn't feel quite right to let Ami celebrate her big day all alone and overshadowed by her sister's even bigger day. Thus, on Friday afternoon Dini made an impromptu plan for Ami's closest friends to celebrate her birthday over dinner.

Of course, that girl had no idea about this at all.

That was until she walked into Bijou, Mont' Kiara to the cheer of her 11 friends and flashing bulbs. You can tell that girl was speechless and not expecting it whatsoever.

We stayed for dinner for an hour or so before parting ways. The food was okay and the place was great, overlooking a swimming pool and condominium towers behind it.

Happy birthday Ami!

The girls

UM people and Fird being, well, Fird

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Co-Curricular Day

As most of my closest friends and family members know, I decided to step out of my comfort zone this semester by taking a sport lesson for my co-curricular subject.

Usually I would immediately go for those in my turf i.e. speaking, oratory classes, language etc. But, not this semester. I chose tennis instead. Yes, fellas, tennis.

Thanks to Fifi for persuading me to accompany her for this class. She wanted to take up swimming lesson earlier but I'm a big chicken when it comes to being immersed in water so tennis looked like a good second choice.

As the pinnacle of our 13-week classes, we had to do a presentation of tennis and set up a booth for it for the Co-curricular Day. Thus, earlier today we dropped by our booth to show some support and hanging around there though nothing much had to be done with so many of our other peers being there as well.

For other classes, they had to perform in front of live audience. Ami took sitar playing class so we were proud to squeeze into the auditorium to watch her perform and cheer for her - whether she liked it or not.

I wasn't really sure how she felt there especially when Faris exclaimed at the top of his lung "SHE'S MY FRIEND!!", among all of the audience. Embarrassed, I guess. Yeah, we do love Ami that much.

Tennis people, from left to right: Fifi, Eza, Haniza, Rina, Rafael Nadal :P, coach, broke guy withdrawing money and Faizal

Getting cozy in auditorium for Ami's performance

Faris and Ami before her turn

She's my friend, yo

Looking back, I have no regret of stripping off my guard and did something in which I was obviously not a pro. The experience, lessons learned and new friendships formed were worth every single second I had spent there.

Initially, I was afraid of being looked as a dumb-ass monkey in court since I haven't hit that green ball in 10 years (last one when I was 13) but everything went so well and I gained so much while losing none whatsoever. So guys, the next time you're in my situation, just remember that anything couldn't be that bad as long as you are bold enough to try it.

Better die trying than lose giving in.