Thursday, September 17, 2009

Ending Ramadan with a Bang. NOT

Kelab Golf Perkhidmatan Awam, Petaling Jaya

Ayi and his platter

Since Wednesday, September 16, marks the last day of our Ramadan here in KL for the year 1430 Hijrah a.k.a 2009, we decided to end it with an equally tasteful breaking fast as what we had had in the past 4 weeks.

So, before Ayi and I head back to our respective hometowns, we decided to have our last breaking fast in a decent place and one place comes to our mind - Kelab Golf Perkhidmatan Awam (KGPA) since it's not too expensive (RM46.20 per person) and quite close to where we stay.

I had an opportunity breaking fast in other golf club couple of years ago in Kelab Darul Ehsan, somewhere in the Ampang vicinity and it was good. The food was tasty, the place was convenient and there wasn't too many people. It was a good experience.

But here in KGPA, boy, I was so wrong. It is like the complete opposite of what I've experienced in Kelab Darul Ehsan.

First of all, the management didn't reserve a table under our name - though they had (somehow) already prepared the receipt and the place was packed with people continuously coming in. Thankfully there was an unoccupied table on the first floor which they offered us and we managed to get our seats just after the breaking fast time. I was beginning to think of how to eat buffet whilst standing on my foot, stylishly of course.

The most important thing of a buffet has got to be the food, right? Major bummer. The food sucks. Okay, maybe it wasn't that bad but at least, you got to walk the talk - many of the menu featured on its website weren't there and the ones available were not that good either.

Simply put, the food wasn't something you would expect from a golf club buffet. I could get the same ones (even tastier) in Pantai Dalam. No kidding.

Steamed fish fillet, steamed broccoli, beef rendang and gulai perut

My plate: Kerabu manggo, gulai perut and lempeng (seriously, lempeng. I was clueless of what to take)

Laksa. So-so

Rojak buah, ketupat daun palas, jemput-jemput pisang, omelet and the controversial teh tarik

Chicken rice with two pieces of pisang goreng

Since Ayi already paid, we cruised anyway around to fill our tummy. Sad to say, there were not enough variety of food and some of the helpers there were kind of rude too. One bitch handling the 'teh tarik' stall gave me a sulky look with rolling eyes when I asked for one glass of teh tarik. I still gave her a polite 'thank you' though on the inside, I was quietly hoping the hot teh tarik container falls on her frail body and burn her to death. Silly bitch.

Overall, this is a major disappointment. If JW Marriott has the best Ramadan buffet of all time, this one surely has the....well, you got the idea. Truthfully, I was quite upset. I bet Ayi too.

If you come across any blog or website singing praises for this Ramadan buffet by KGPA, obviously they haven't been to any buffet before. By 8 o'clock, we left and had to console ourselves with Caramel Macchiato from Starbucks in Gardens, Mid Valley where we got 20% off since my friend Nurul works there.

Yay for Macchiato! Something to be happy for

And I don't really like the crowd there too - mostly were quite kampung-ish. As if, they had never been to any buffet before. And quite surprising too as most of them still eating away and chit-chatting gaily though it was well past 8pm as we were leaving. Maghrib prayer, anyone?

Before I signed off, here's a Happy Eid ul Fitr 1430 Hijrah for all Muslims and a great, great holiday ahead for non-Muslims! See you after the break!


Silly Tee

Recently Topman launched a series of humor tees with cartoons and jokes emblazoned on the chest. Though I love some of the designs, I often couldn't bring myself to buy Topman stuff as it is too...ubiquitous? Everyone's wearing Topman nowadays. I bet even those pesky mat rempits have at least one in their smelly wardrobe.

But, this particular red top really got my attention. It's a cartoon of a cow, playfully drawn, swearing to something (or someone, I don't know), " You pig!"

Okay, that's hilarious. So I bought it and got a 10% off for being a Topman/Topshop/Selfridges/ Warehouse/ Dorothy Perkins. Although I only shop at one among the five stores, obviously.

This one retails at RM73. I bought it in Topman Lot 10 as the ones in Pavilion, Mid Valley Megamall and Suria KLCC are too crowded. I just want to shop, man, not rubbing bums with other people in those crowded outlets.

And this is officially my baju raya, I guess.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Best Buffet Ever

JW Marriott Kuala Lumpur, located adjacent to the Starhill Gallery has probably one of the best Ramadan buffet around with affordable price. Quite affordable, if you may.

With many other five-star hotels vying for buka puasa buffet but at insane prices (Hilton KL doing it at RM109++ per person, Le Meridien at RM89++, Hotel Istana at RM99++), JW Marriott took a wiser road by doing it at much lower price, which is RM54++. Not bad for an international five-star hotel with a long-standing good reputation over the years.

Aside from the numerous bombings in Jakarta though. Indonesians seemed to have a unquenchable thirst for actions, I assumed.

Waiting for breaking fast time

Anyway, here in JW Marriott Ramadan buffet, you won't find any Western or any other types of main dishes other than Malay's. For real kampung-style food lover like me, this is a buffet worth attending.

You have over 100 dishes to choose from - from chicken rice, mees, laksa, briyani, rojak, fruits, cakes, bubur, satay - you name it. No wonder this place garnered an overwhelming response this year that they added more seating on the fourth floor, in the Starhill conference room 1 to 9.

Ayi's platter: White rice, satay, perut masak lemak cili padi, ikan pari bakar and daging masak pedas

Kambing bakar and cut fruits

Nasi briyani, mutton and sting-ray fish curry and gulai nanas.

My platter: Rendang ayam, Singapore-style fried meehoon and sambal udang with petai

Curry puff, chocolate cake, banana pudding, steamed broccoli and pengat pisang (with orange juice - complete with orange sacs alright)

Banana jelly and bread & butter pudding

Pengat pisang

Rojak buah

With a reasonable price (I'm not saying it's cheap), friendly staff and convenient seating and food aisles, this has got to be the best buffet around. You just have got to try it, at least once.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Nike Dunk Hi Supreme

Nike Dunk Hi Supreme Spark sneakers in pine green, white and black

I've been in shoe-famine for quite some time, until now. Raya seems like a good excuse to splurge a little on a new pair of kicks.

Though I never really need any excuse to get me going.

As I had told previously here, I really love SoleWhat, the store carrying high-end sneakers with over-the-top designs and color where I bought my last pair. Staying true to my promise, I have returned to the store and...

..I got my eyes on only one particular pair.

This baby is made up of green patent leather which gradually lightens from back to the front, giving it a two-tone effect. Glossy dark green at the hind and white at the front part, with green shoe laces. Aside from the color, I'm really into its high-cut design and extra large front tongue which can really be an attention-getter.

That's exactly what I need.

This one retails at RM459 per pair and this collection comes in two other different two-tone colors - black/white and red/white. If you Google these sneakers, you'll find other equally orgasmic designs as well. Love, love, love.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Rendezvous with HRHF* Farra

*Her Royal Highness Fantabulous

Friends come and go, but real friends remain by your side throughout your entire lifespan, be it during thick or thin. These rare breed of people are extremely scarce nowadays but thankfully, I have a handful of them which never disappointed me (yet).

Simply put, they are made up of those smiling faces at the right-hand side of this blog.

One of them is Miss Farra which I became acquainted when we were both studying for our foundation studies in University of Malaya back in 2005. I don't really have many friends back then (and still now) so it was a real delight to know someone of the same wavelength as I am while studying there, hundreds of miles away from home.

She's warm, caring, funny, smart yet silly and bitchy, which is pretty much a reflection of myself especially the silly part. We have same interests, ideas and thoughts and that was why we garnered every possible tag from people all around - they called us siblings, cousins, girlfriend-boyfriend and someone even professed that she thought we were engaged (to each other!) - just because we spent most of the time together.

Crazy. Talk about he said, she said.

Anyway, since she left for India to pursue her studies in medicine, we rarely got the chance to see each other. Obviously. So, when she was in town a couple of days ago, we went out for a much-needed rendezvous-cum-breaking fast in Mid Valley Megamall.

The eatery du jour of the day was Madam Kwan where we had sambal petai with prawns, assam prawns and fried Hong Kong kailan with salted fish for breaking fast along with chit-chat and continuous laughs broke out in between.

Oh, the sambal petai there is definitely my favorite dish in Madam Kwan where you can enjoy the petai without any fear of, erm, unpleasant odor emitting from your mouth. Yet, the petai are still fresh and cruchy, and tasty above all. I have no idea how that do it but, yeah, that's the truth I assure you.

Watermelon juice for Ayi, ice lemon tea for Farra and teh tarik for me

Assam prawn

Sambal petai with prawn

Fried Hong Kong kailan with salted fish

And I must say, I'm feeling the whole new look she rocked that day - especially the short bob, reminiscence of Taylor Momsen a.k.a Little J in Gossip Girl. Hot! Loving it - and FYI I'm not paid by her to say that. Hehe.

Then, at approximately 9.30pm we headed to the cinema to watch Final Destination 4 - in 3D! Blood splattering, internal organs flying across the room, bodies smashed into pieces. Totally a violent galore for aspiring serial murderer. Despite all the impressive 3D effects and some finger-biting scenes, I must say it was not that good. Two and a half star from me.

Trying on the 3-D glasses before the movie. Totally channeling Gaga.

By midnight, after chauffeuring Farra to KL Sentral where she boarded the last train back home, Ayi and I headed to Bangsar's Mc Donald's for our own quickie sahur before heading back.

Definitely a great evening for all of us. Love you lots, Farra!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Third Week of Fasting

Everyone who's close to me knows how risk-averse I am. I'm a perfectionist and I hate being unorganized (though it always happens). Thus, when Ayi suddenly suggested dining out for breaking fast hours before the due time, I was uneasy.

Since we were heading to KLCC. We checked on Madam Kwan, which was fully booked as expected. Little Penang Cafe was equally packed as well. Even the food court was fully occupied an hour before breaking fast time.

Oh, I smelled disaster. I hate myself for not making any reservation prior. Dang.

Since every eatery you could ever think of in Suria KLCC was full that day,we headed to the adjacent Kuala Lumpur Convention Center. Thankfully, Kenny Rogers there still has seats available BUT no more roasted chicken for us.

Double dang.

Like it or not, we had its beef spaghetti bolognaise which comes with a muffin, and I have to say, it was pretty good. I can assure you that this doesn't come out from our empty stomach but indeed, it was tasty. How enlightening - now on, I can order their spaghetti instead of the usual quarter-chicken-with-side-dishes the next time I drop by any Kenny Rogers.

Beef spaghetti bolognaise

And later that night, while I was flipping through the pages of September issue of Vogue (hey, no harm reading Vogue once a year for its annual biggest issue), I noticed this Jean Paul Gaultier advertisement featuring the top similar to mine which I wore earlier for the breaking fast, except in different color and it was cut in the chest for extra dramatic marketing purposes, I think.

Good thing my JPG top is still in the fashion. Bad thing JPG is no longer here in Kuala Lumpur. Bummer.

Monday, September 7, 2009

New Hair Cut

I don't like my hair long and I chose to keep it short and textured (for spiky style) although it is getting thinner and thinner and my forehead is quickly resembling that of Tyra Banks.

Anyway, heck. The usual saloon I always frequented is in SS2, Petaling Jaya (Kimarie Saloon) but I've totally forgotten the way (Azhar, if you're reading this, you need to bring me there again!) So I went to the barbershop nearby my place instead and for only 8 bucks, I must say I'm impressed with the outcome.

Somehow later I noticed, I ended up looking like a cross between young Rambo and army in cheap porn. Jeez.

Fret not! I still love my haircut and felt compelled to take this picture after purposely pairing up my cheap Taiping-bought skinny jeans with plain jungle green Replay top, for that Rambo-crosss-porn-army look. And I got positive feedback all around, hoorah!

And, staying true to my Ramadan syndrome, as you can see in the picture I've lost quite a weight. When I dropped by my friend Peter's sauna in Grand Millennium Hotel the other day for a lil chit chat with him, he was shocked to see my bony figure and insisted I hop on the weighing scale right away.

I've lost 6kg for the past 2 weeks. Now I'm only 53kg, down from 59kg previously. Hell, even Oprah or Kristie Alley can't beat that.

Time to gain more weight and rock this new haircut! Loves it.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Chase No Face

I was browsing through People Pets website tonight when I came across this touching yet remarkable story of a cat. His name is Chase No Face.

Well, actually I was going through all the celebs pictures on and somehow diverted to People Pets, the supplementary magazine of People. Anyway...
Chase likes to groom himself, loves to eat and as curious as any cat could be. But the main difference between Chase and other cats is, well, he has no face. The name kinda give it away, right?

He was hit by a car about 4 years ago which destroyed most of his face and one of his hind leg, which had to be amputated right away. His eyelids was badly damaged and most of his facial tissue sloughed off, making recovery almost impossible.

The veterinary who worked in the clinic the day Chase was brought in after the accident quickly adopted him and Chase had been living with her since for about 4 years now, though she is now married and have a child.

Chase was even named after the clinic he was treated in.

His owner even set up a Facebook account (which I am now one of his 1000 over fan - Chase No Face) and a blog ( on his behalf, where people could donate money for his continuous medical needs and support. And so they will know the money donated is indeed used for Chase's needs.

Now, though he has a deformed face and in need of a good care (no outdoor activity for Chase, constant eyedrops needed to keep his eyes moist - he has no eyelids now, remember?), Chase has a large number of people who really care about him, near or far. I really applaud his owner's determination to keep and take care of Chase and how courageous and resilient Chase is.

Be a fan of Chase and offer him and his owner everything that you could - the least is moral support, as I did.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

The Best Thai Food in KL

When someone asks me of my favorite eatery in Kuala Lumpur, the answer to this question will never change. In fact, it has remained consistent for the past 3, 4 years.

I love Imperial Chakri Palace restaurant. There, I've said it again for the umpteenth time. I really, really love this place.

Not just because I have a penchant for Thai food, but the ambiance and the whole layout of the restaurant itself are captivating. Not to mention, the delish, delish Thai food over there - especially the exquisite pandan leaf chicken which is one of the many reasons I fell in love with this place.

During the second week of fasting, Ayi and I chose this place to break the fast. We did not make any reservation prior and just dropped by hours before the breaking fast time. Thankfully, there were still vacancy unlike last year, where we did not have any chance to break the fast there - everyday the place was fully book right until the end of Ramadan. Crazy.

The Ramadan buffet is RM69++ per person and there were more than 30 dishes for main course as well as quite a number of soups, kuihs, cut fruits and other desserts like bubur kacang, ice kacang and cendol.

This is my definition of food mecca. I love each and every one of the dishes - except their cat fish mango kerabu, solely because I don't eat any kind of freshwater fish. Bummer. But my favorite dish there has got to be the pandan leaf chicken, green curry and black pepper beef/mutton.

Even I'm still salivating heavily as I write this. Totally sumptuous.

As for drinks, there were iced lemon tea and syrup bandung along with iced water.

Ignore how sloppy I look. It's the food there that matters!

Ayi's platter. Clockwise from bottom: Thai fried rice, steamed siakap fish, sambal sotong & petai, fried shrimp, pandan leaf chicken and steamed broccoli & cauliflower

All in all, the buffet was worth it. You pay for everything you could eat as the dishes were not as many as hotel buffet but still maintain an attractive variety for you to enjoy it all. We left by 8pm for Maghrib prayer, with a round belly and packed tummy.

Hopefully I'll have a chance to drop by again (and again) before Ramadan passes.

The Imperial Chakri Palace is on the Fourth Floor, Suria KLCC

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Of Bananas and Fasting Month

Dessert. Nyum nyum

It's that time of the year again. Assignments thrown in your face without mercy, presentations and numerous of tests coming your way even before you have time to say 'Test, what?'. Totally, bananas.

But, one good thing is that the fasting month is here again. This means less time for me to think about food and more time to spend on work. Or so, it seems. The first couple of days fasting left me totally immobile - stranded on bed, unable to do a thing. But now I've got better!

And already, people all around me noticed I've lost some weight. During last year's Ramadan, I lost 8kg. Let's hope I still have some flesh intact when Raya comes this year.

One of the best things of Ramadan has got to be the food. The buffet, the bazaar and all the sudden, invitations to break the fast together flooded in. How nice.

During the first week of fasting, Secret Recipe was my choice du jour to break the fast. Twice.

Not that there's any good reason besides it's delish food - especially the cordon bleu and black pepper chicken. The latter was what I ordered on the first day there.

Black pepper chicken with plain rice and ice lemon tea - RM15 per set

Then I tried on the new dish created by Chef Wan for Secret Recipe, specially for the fasting month (it was written there in the menu). It was a set dish, tasting like a cross between chicken curry and asam pedas - spicy yet sour, which was quite good.

Plain rice, ayam asam berempah, salad and iced syrup - RM15 per set