Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween! Bummer!

As much as you will be, I am very amazed at my capability to still spend some hours in front of the television and here writing a post although my examination is approaching way faster than I could even spell out 'E.X.A.M.I.N.A.T.I.O.N'.

Anyway, I had thrown away my relevance down the window the moment The Amazing Race Asia 3 started. With the final 5 teams remaining (2 of them are from Malaysia, hooray!), I got to make this room for this one.

Teams from Malaysia (Ida & Tania and Bernie & Henry) were the bottom two in the last episode. To make things even unpleasant, Ida & Tania had come in last place for 2 consecutive times in a row and how blessed, both were non-elimination leg of the race.

But, not this leg. Someone has got to go this episode.

And it turned out, Ida & Tania managed to score 3rd spot (actually 2nd, had it not for the 30min penalty imposed for coming in last twice in a row) and, this is the worst part for me, Henry & Bernie came in last and was eliminated.

Bummer! Bring Henry & Bernie back!

Now, there's half less excitement for me to catch the remaining episodes of the Amazing Race Asia 3 with my favorite duo had been ousted. They were the nicest teams (besides Ida & Tania, not being biased at all. Fact) and they played fair with their sunny, cheerful attitude.

What a total letdown!

And can you believe Henry is 43 years old? I wish I could pull off that physique, stamina and *ehem* charming good looks when I reached 40. Now I have a man I'd call my role model. Go Henry!

My New Favorite Sound: Mick Flannery

I already told that I wasn't the one following the flow. I'm just like (the late) Isabella Blow, where unknowns excite me as much as big names excite others. While browsing for songs to be downloaded, I came across this particular lad and although I never heard of him until tonight, I somehow took a chance by listening to his tune.

His sound is pretty much a cross between slow ballads by Deep Purple, Sade's easiness and a less mellow Damien Rice. Yes, with a little touch of James Morrison and James Blunt in 'Back to Bedlam'. In his eleventh track entitled 'Do Me Right', he sounded almost like Deep Purple in 'Travelling Soldier'.

I must say this album, White Lies, is a very, very perfect tune for a silent night alone or just when you're in need of a mellow-easy-listening tune while you're alone or on a rainy day. In fact, I found this one very soothing and helpful by 'accompanying' me studying late at night. A real stress-free inducer.

For those who fancies soft-spoken artistes with easy tunes but not depressing (unlike Damien Rice, but still I like his songs), this is the one for you. A close reference would be Norah Jones' 'Come Away With Me' album with a little bit of funk thrown in.

Not recommended for pop-tart lovers.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Condolences to my BFF, Ann Jie with the demise of her father after a long battle with lung cancer. You're a great girl and you have all my love and support whenever you need it.
Wished I had not bought the ticket so I could be with you, comfort you and tell you everything will be alright as then. Then again, we made plans and had no clue whatsoever of what the future holds for us.

And bon voyage to Adelaide for my stranger, Nik. Go and return safely.

Departing - in any way we are. Here's a favourite song of mine at the moment, which fits perfectly during this difficult time: Right Here (Departed) by Brandy.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Designer Jeans - True Religion

I have so many things to do with my final examination approaching! I should be studying hard (like really hard) and complete all remaining assignments, but I just have to take a time-off and write about the thing that I like, undoubtly.

Fashion. That's what I like.

Call me queer, fag or whatever labels that you want but the only labels that I like and allow in my life are the ones available in malls and shopping centers (chewah).

Calvin Klein started the whole trend of designer jeans way back in 1980s with its equally phenomenal advertisement campaign featuring Brooke Shields that catapulted her to what she is now. From there on, other designers have come out with their own line of jeans like Armani (Armani Jeans) and Versace (Versace Jeans Couture, VJC).

Brooke Shields for CKJ, pre-Photoshop era
Now, we have so many designer jeans all around offering pride and class to the wearer than style-wise or for the sake of the fitting. We wear designer jeans because we want that particular label resides at the back of our body and at the top of our boo-tay.

Now, why is it called a 'designer' jeans? We know very well that those established designers do not actually design it. So, why the name? Well, it is just as same as gourmet dishes. What's the different between normal cuisine and a gourmet one? Simple.
Gourmet=Expensive=Less people eating it=Exclusive
Thus, the same stay true for designer jeans. For those who seek exclusivity alongside with the style and more importantly, fitting and comfort, they turn to those numerous designer jeans label out there, depending on personal preferences.
" They say they love my ass ‘n,
Se7en Jeans, True Religion,
I say no, but they keep givin’
So I keep on takin’ "
- Fergie sings in 'My Humps' by Black Eyed Peas
I cannot remember how I fell in love with True Religion Brand Jeans, but I simply loved it. Though growing up in a small town where even Levi's had only been made available recently, I found out a lot about it from magazines and newspaper articles.

The concept, the look and the signature pocket-mark (which bears close resemblance to that of a horse-shoe) just captivated me. I'm not saying it's the best label of designer jeans, but it is my personal favourite alongside Rock & Republic (that's another story).

Abg Ayi's two pairs of True Religion. Left, RM998. Right, RM880.
I don't have that much money (yet) to splurge on a pair of jeans. So, while I wait for the day I can afford one (or more), I'll continue to do what I do best - share with others about it. Hehe.

The best thing about this particular brand is because of the fitting and the boldness it portrays in each pair. And the name too, don't ever forget the name. The controversial name that won't make you forget it. You just have to ask those who have worn and they'll tell you why they like it.

Oh, and it tends to last longer without looking worn out.

To my surprise, one of my hommie shares similar sentiment. He said he liked it the moment he saw Aznil Nawawi doned one on tv. Actually, there are way many more celebrities out there who have similar fondness to True Religion, like Britney Spears, Brad Pitt and ... well, just have a look below.
Britney Spears is seen here leaving a dancing studio in a pair of True Religion (and she's holding BlackBerry Bold. I want it please...gimme..)
Collin Farrell in a pair of 'Joey' from True Religion. This one is more for weekenders or a casual night out.

Little Kingston Rossdale, Gwen Stefani's tot, seen here with his dad Gavin, wears L.A.M.B top and sneakers (around RM300-400 each) and True Religion jeans and belts (RM550 for the jeans. Not too sure about the belt's). Yes, they have kids range too.
One more time because he is so eff-ing adorable! And stylish too!
Glad to share with you guys again of the things that I like! Cheers!

True Religion is available in Bread & Butter Gardens, Mid Valley and Tangs Pavilion.
L.A.M.B is available in TriBeCa, KLCC.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Karaoke! La la la!

I never had the voice, nor the capability to go karaoke. But this time around, my lovely pals dragged me along to RedBox Karaoke in The Curve for some ol' good time!

It's karaoke, so not much can be said right?

First song of the day: Rihanna's Take a Bow. They sang it, I'm clueless about this song.

Sakina and Zafirah - both are still single to those interested *winks*

My singing prowess (you know I'm kidding)

Happy bunch!

Faris and Hana (along with her 'longkang')

Aside jumping around, making fools of ourselves, singing and dancing and eating between those, we did nothing else. This is my first experience going karaoke-ing and I have to say that I'm not much of a singing person. I just go there to be with my wonderful friends :)

We were there from 11am to 2pm. RM16 per person inclusive of a lunch meal (Ann Jie, I told you I put RM16, not RM6 laaa). Nice, yes?

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Friends - or so they say

I am writing this at 3.15 in the morning, just after completing my presentation and assignment, due this coming Monday. Before I head to bed and rounds off my day with a nice, deep slumber (hopefully), I just had to post this one.

This had been long past-due, yet still relevant and resonates each day in my daily life.

First, let me ask you: What is a friend to you?

I don't have a specific answer for that but should you lay people in front of me, I dare point at those whom I regarded as my 'friends' and I daresay they too will point back at me as theirs.

For the past few days, I've been walking like a zombie on 'Shaun and the Dead' due to my sprained ankle. Many thanks for that ginormous pothole residing on a particular road in UM, which I stepped into, unconsciously of course.

I could barely lift my left foot, let alone to walk.

And don't ever think of me gliding my way to the door, down my apartment, walk to the taxi stand and make my way to the clinic.

I just hate to disturb or trouble my loved ones, including my friends but this time, I got no choice. I had to get someone with a car to take me to the clinic, and first of all, to help me make my way out of the house or even out of the room before that. Thank God, my former room mate in UM and a very, very good pal, Azhar was available (thanks dear for waiting with me throughout the five-hours spent in UM Medical Center).

To those interested, I'm still having bandaged ankle and walking like a midget in haste.

That's one of my friends. Yours? How would you describe your friends?

Frankly, I admit that I'm blessed enough to have wonderful people as my friends throughout thick and thin for all of these years despite not always being able to give them my fullest. Farra, Ann Jie, Aen, Hani, Megat, Chong Jin, Hana, Zafirah, Sakina, Alexis - so many more, I can never complete the list!

They never annoyed me and they're never like a growing bunch of people who wear the tag 'F-R-I-E-N-D' for granted.

The point is, there are some particular group of people who claimed to be 'my friends' and by claiming so, they somehow felt superior and free to whore me around with them whenever they like. Kept on begging me to go out with them and whenever I said no, there goes the sour face.

I mean, do we really need to go out THAT much, just because we're friends? That's sick! That's not rendezvous with friends anymore, that's DATING for Starbucks-sake!

And somehow, they can't really see the fine line between 'friends' and 'acquaintances'.
Don't ever dare to say that you're my friend when you have absolute NO idea of who I AM. Those people are sick, self-centred bitches who think nothing else but THEMSELVES. I

I wonder if they think I have nothing more important than dressing up, making my way through the hassle of public transports and spending hours and hours on some vanity meet-up. I rather spent those time on something beneficial, especially with my final exams approaching.

To those people who know that I'm talking about them, I have to say that I do like being acquainted with you and would love to know more about you, seriously. But, when you started hogging me through phones/text messages/emails asking and asking and asking about the next meet-ups, you TOTALLY turned me off.
Are you guys so desperately-lonely or so busy in the future that you just have to meet NOW?

"Or do you have some hideous skirt convention that you need to attend?" - from The Devil Wears Prada.

Chill, people. If you want to get to know me, or any other, just be calm. Don't rush people off by thinking that you're the only friend that I need to entertain. Calm down, will ya?


Thursday, October 16, 2008

An Open Heart

If New York City’s signature fruit is the apple, then its signature sound is the ambulance siren. It seems like all day, everyday, people are getting hurt and the whole city has to hear about it. But, what about injuries that don’t get a siren? Whether you’re falling into a hole in a street, or possibly falling back in love – just how dangerous is an open heart?

That was what Carrie Bradshaw said in the eleventh episode of Sex and the City Season 6. While watching it to unwind myself, I couldn’t help but to ponder at the simple, blatant truth of it.

Just how dangerous an open heart is.

Some people are willing to trade possibly almost everything earthly for luck in love, or perhaps just to be in a relationship with someone. Others got it without wanting or desiring it and let it go whenever it passes by.

Are we that desperate to fall in love? Or is it just for the sake of being in a relationship?

The age-old question of when-are-you-going-to-get-married seems like a real epitome of how people perceive having another significant one as the ultimate last piece of the puzzle that completes your life. Does it really come down to that, in order to be happy in life?

Is that why lots are desperate to be ‘in love’ with someone, just to feel the utmost happiness? Switching ‘lovers’ faster than you could possibly spell out L-O-V-E, and losing the real, sacred meaning of it.

Why trade everything that we have right now for something that we couldn’t be sure of where it’d end? True, it’s a good investment to be with someone – only if it last. So, in order to know which one will give us the ‘happily-ever-after’ end, we have to keep on getting hurt from clashes, from getting dumped, from wasting money, time and effort and from letting go of other better opportunity that comes along the way? Are we that desperate to be with someone?

Is that how it comes down to now?

I believe that if you can’t straighten up yourself, you will never drive the right one to you. Why don’t we focus on things that we have a grip on first – careers, studies, family and things like that? When everything falls into its own places, then the love part will come by itself– effortlessly.

We don’t die from lack of spouse. But we do die from lack of love – to ourselves. Learn to love yourself then only dare to think about loving others.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

New Shoes (No Carrie Bradshaw Influnce This Time)

I already told you that I LOVE shoes.

This one is a little bit quirky and silly, but I just loved it the moment I saw it in Tangs Pavilion.

I went to Tangs Pavilion last week for its cardmembers' sale preview
, which members were entitled for additional 10-20% discount. I was not a member but my hommie, Abg Ayi was.

I just got to tag along whenever I sniff a place with Eau-de-Sale scent. This one is a slip-on and for the first time, I ignore the label because it is SO cute! And silly too! Why not have a little bit of silly fun with yourself once a while, right? It won't hurt!

A decent tee, khakis shorts, a messenger bag, shades and -voila- these shoes. That would make a perfect weekend around the city!

Happy day!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Lies, Lies, Lies

Today, a close friend of mine was officially out of his a-year-long relationship with a guy - because the guy was getting married and (this is the best part) he had only told about it four days prior to the solemnation day.

No prize for telling who was the most devastated one.

What has the world come to now? Do we live in lies just to fulfill our needs and pleasure?

There will be times in life when we have to just as ourselves - no shielded, guarded personality or trying to be someone else when we thought that would give us better outlook. The time to strip off lies and face the truth right in front of our faces.

However, most of us passed it away. We lie everyday to everyone - big or small.

When did lying become the new 'it' thing? Is lie the new black?

Come to think of it, it has been long originated, eversince that single tailor lied to the infamously-stupid Emperor about 'his new clothes'. And as children back then, we had always been entertained with stories like how 'Si Kancil menipu Si Buaya'.

Lying is a part of life. A necessity to escape from harm, danger and to ensure continuous harmony in a relationship or a social institution, like a family.

But to what extend lying is permitted? If it is SO common and widely accepted as a mean of 'getting an alternative way', why do we still have to apologize whenever we lied to someone? Is it an 'acceptable sin' in our society? Has our society had gone loopy with what's wrong and what's not?

Yes, we need to lie. As they said it, desperate time calls for desperate measures. But do we really need to escape from the potential harm with nasty means, like lying? And are we allowed to feel good after accomplishing to 'fix' things up by, well, lying?

Lies, lies, lies. Where would we end up in the near future? Will you guys please stop lying like I do?

Well, I lied.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Go Ahead Be Gone With It

This is not about Justin Timberlake, by the way. I tried my hands on the newly installed Adobe Photoshop CS3 Extended in my laptop and coincidently, there is a picture of me that needs an alteration because I look like a pervert meets sleepy, beside my Polaroid-lover pal Faris.

I tried the ‘Liquify’ tool under ‘Image’ bar, which allows me to drag a certain point of the picture without affecting other parts. Oh, and it also allows you to make the image fuller or thinner – very convenient for the lips and the boobs (but only for girls).

Note: Normally, I don’t alter my photos digitally, except for amusement purposes. However, this is a different case because my face look, err, ‘perverse’. This has got to stop and something needs to be done.

Being a rookie on Photoshop, I ended up making the photo rather weird. I did managed to fix the sleepy eyes (sort of) but the smile? That looks terribly plastic and plain weird. Judge it for yourself.

Before. Aiyo I can't even bear looking at myself. So I-don't-know-what-to-say.

After. Taadaa... better, yes?

My brother is a pro at Photoshop-ing, guess I just have to learn it from him then. Better attempt next time – finger crossed.