Friday, July 30, 2010

A Beach Retreat

God knows how desperate I was for a beach retreat. Give me a descent hotel with clean, sandy private beach any day and I wouldn't mind at all.

So you can only imagine how ecstatic I was when a fellow UM pal invited me to accompany him to Port Dickson for some work. I leaped into the invitation immediately, nevertheless.

We stayed at the one-year old Thistle Resort (previously known as Guoman Resort) and I couldn't be happier. It's sleek modern interior greeted us from the lobby up to the room, overlooking the pool and beach.

When you have less than 24 hours to kill, you better make the most of it - and so I did.

I have nothing bad to say about this four-star hotel. The staff were friendly, the beach was clean, the food was nice and the room was exquisite. Although I prefer Cherating beaches than all other beaches I had ever been here in Malaysia (Langkawi, Pangkor, Lumut, Batu Ferrighi), Thistle's private beach wasn't that bad after all.

I really hope to return here again.

They have swings by the beach, yo!

Calling my mom and her response was, "Hoi, aku ni dok takdak duit, anak aku pi Port Dickson pulak no?" (Translation: "I'm broke here and my son is enjoying himself in Port Dickson, eh?")

Thanks Yati

..for this Topman top.

It was a present given by my fellow intern in Tourism Malaysia on my final day of internship (I told you I got truck-load of presents) and finally I had the chance to wear it.

Thanks for the top and most importantly thanks for being a great friend.

And yeah, I do love video games :)

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


A thousand miles away
An avatar
An emotional fray
A lonestar

Like a sudden fall
Came a call
Now the unknown
Has touched down

Somewhat a while
A sudden plan
Ten thousand smiles
From one single man

Teasing, flirt
Off the shirt
I surrendered
He conquered

A heart melt
A feeling identified
So trapped
So dignified

But he left
Dreams crumbled
Like a broken shelf
I trembled

Don't be crazy
Don't be feeble
You're a goody
I'm the devil

What's the plan?
Is there any?
Assuming the man
Am I crazy?

No pledge
No story
Over the edge
I am crazy

Shouldn't dream
Not too high
Should've read
Between the lines

Crazy guy
Hope so high
Wanting star
Too afar

Dear crazy
Let it be
Silly baby
The joke's on me

July 28, 2010
12.21 am

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Craving #657273

New semester has commenced few weeks back, minus the old, familiar faces of my regular UM bunch. Sadly, the same familiar face of one disgusting, obnoxious, back-stabbing, good-for-nothing, crazy bitch is still lingering around though I talk to her no more.

I know, that's some mouthful adjectives for a person but trust me, she fits ALL of them nicely.

Thankfully, there are still some good old mates around to keep me company on and off classes, although regretfully I had to admit that I need some other distractions to keep me from feeling lonely (God, I hate that word).

By distractions, I mean beautiful, wearable, usable stuff like this bag.

Suddenly I had grown tired of the first tier labels (except Hermes and Bottega) and I had my attention on this bag maker called Crumpler. They have a store in KLCC eversince Suria KLCC opened its door in 1997/1998 but I never paid attention to any of its goods - until now.

I had my eyes on this multicolored messenger bag and although I know it looks crazy, I am up for craziness with this bag. I am pleased to introduce you to Crumpler's Barney Rustle Blanket messenger bag.

People go through different phases in their life, style-wise included, and as for me I am SO in the mood for the average 20-something college guy look with a touch of wackiness and a hint of looking *ehem* posh.

Before you go thinking this is your average bag to be taken to your class, this baby doesn't come cheap. It's selling around US$ 140 in the States and I have yet to check it here in KL. If I don't have the dosh, than I won't step into the store. Period. Well, the above average price makes sense since Crumpler bags come with a lifetime warranty should the bags you bought give away to its load.

That's right. You can go and ask for an exchange even after 45 years you bought them.

Let me remind you again that Crumpler is available in Suria KLCC should you *cough cough* want to get one for me *cough cough*. Again, third floor Suria KLCC *cough cough*.

Friday, July 2, 2010

My Internship

Miss Yante and I on the luscious sofa of PWTC

Though I was counting days for this industrial training to end, it was surprisingly hard to say goodbye when the final day of my placement in Tourism Malaysia comes.

I had called the International Marketing Division (Americas/Europe/Oceania) a.k.a AERO as my second home for the past 8 weeks and had bonded so well with fellow colleagues there. We shared inside jokes and other silly stories; not to mention, new ties are formed with other industrial training students such as Asif, Yati, Yante, Hizani and few others with each in different divisions.

I must say, I was blessed to be placed in the creme-de-la-creme, most-sought-after division in Tourism Malaysia, under fantastic helm of its director, Datin Normasila Musa. The working environment was awesome, very co-operative and very accommodating colleagues. Working and learning in AERO were total bliss with no air whatsoever.

On my last day there, they held a farewell party for me and frankly, I never knew how appreciated I was until that day. Each and everyone was wishing me the best and other kind words were offered - along with abundant of gifts and cards I received.

For the last day, I wore exactly what did on my first day there. My white shirt and grey pants, both from Zara and my black-and-white striped tie from Banana Republic. I decided to end it the way I started - corny, I know.

I really, really feel appreciated. The weight of those long, extra working hours spent and tedious works trusted for the past 8 weeks seemed to have evaporated. I would really, really love to return to AERO in the immediate future for real, if God's willing.

Special thanks to Datin Director for approving my placement in AERO, my Europe-1 sub-division chief Puan Maizan Ahmad and my supervisor in AERO Puan Azizah Ahmad. Thanks too to Kak Oly for keeping me laughing like a donkey everyday with her antiques, Mr Raffizi for the times spent talking about clothes and BlackBerry, Kak Fazdila for her blunt jokes, Mr Libra, Kak Aine, Mr Faharul and all unmentioned names in AERO.

Of course, thanks to my best pals in PWTC, Yati and Yante for always keeping me company. The lunches we had in The Mall everyday, lounging around on those comfy sofa at the lobby, breakfasts on the 17th floor, walking together to the train stations - both of you will be sorely missed.

Thanks for making this ride a memorable and fun one for me.

Yati and I. Thanks for the farewell gift, Yati.

Accepting a token of appreciation from Datin Director

The heavyweights of AERO. From left, me, Puan Azizah Ahmad (Assistant Director in Europe 1 Subdivision), Datin Normasila Musa (Director of AERO Division), Puan Maizan Ahmad (Senior Deputy Director & Head of Europe 1 Subdivision), Miss Azizah Aziz (Deputy Director & Head of Russia and CIS Subdivision) and Puan Fazdila Mansor (Senior Assistant Director Europe 1 Subdivision).