Sunday, May 15, 2011

JS Wings Transparent

It's no secret that I love my JS Wings sneakers by Adidas. Starting with the black one two years ago and another pair in grey last year, now I have the third one in my collection.

Meet the transparent/clear version of JS Wings for Spring/Summer 2011 collection.

I had seen this one on the internet a couple of months ago and quickly fell in love with it (as usual). I just had to show it to everyone I knew and even posted it on my Twitter account.

Little did I know Juice KL had brought it in into their store in Bangsar - in April! Gasp!

This baby comes in perforated clear plastic surface with white leather trimming and matching white shoe laces. The sole is of white rubber and the inner sole is white as well.

I personally think this one easily tops the most quirky shoes I've ever owned. I just have to make sure I pair it with the best socks I have as, well, everything is see-through! Ha!

Thanks to my hommies Mie for checking this out for me in Juice KL and to Ayi for surprising me with this as soon as I got back from work. Such a pleasant (and much welcomed) surprise! It retails for RM699 per pair.

Now, what do you think?
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Saturday, May 14, 2011

These Shoes are Made for Working

I needed a new pair of black formal shoes for work. The old one was, well, old and in a relatively bad shape (bless those shoes for all these years).

I could spend half of my entire a month's pay to buy a good pair from Dunhill or Hugo Boss (damn those lace-ups looked good), or I could settle for much less with a high-street label instead.

Having used to my Lanvin lace-ups, I really wanted to go for another designer label for my second formal shoes. Trust me, they don't cost a bomb for nothing - designer labels' shoes are so comfortable and fit your feet like gloves. At least, that is what they are for men's shoes.

However, I didn't want to damage these potential new shoes as I'd be using them intensively for work - at least 20 days per month. That kinda defeats the whole purpose of having formal/work shoes, no?

So, I decided to settle with less expensive ones instead.

But, boy, it was SO hard to find a decent pair with a much, much less pricetag. The cheap ones were either too ugly, too bulky, too pointy, uncomfortable or simply all of them at once.

Then, came this pair from Pedro. Quite reasonably-priced, OK-design, quite comfortable and made of leather, no less. So I bought it without contemplating, after doing rounds of checking one store to another.

I thought I looked funny in these quite-pointy lace-ups but so far I got nothing but positive remarks from my friends and other people. I hope they weren't lying, though.

This one is RM319 and available in Pedro, Suria KLCC. They have quite a selection of shoes and I recommend the store to everyone with a strict budget of RM35o and below for footwear.

Wait til I get extra cash in hand, I'm going to get one of those ridiculously-sexy Florsheim shoes.
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April Read

What would you do if one day you wake up just to find your entire family vanishes without trace and without having any clue of their disappearance?

No Time for Goodbye by Linwood Barclay is a story about Cynthia Archer who found her entire family had disappeared on one morning and left her no notice, no signs of their whereabouts. Twenty-five years later, she still has no idea what had happened to her father, mother and younger brother that morning - until a series of strange things started to happen.

She has a strange feeling that someone is watching her wherever she goes. She bumped into a man who looked like her missing brother a number of times. Her aunt, the only surviving family relative she has, was killed before she could tell her secrets that could changed her life. She claims her father is attempting to reconnect with her although her husband now thinks she's on the verge of becoming insane - or is she not?

The most special part about this book is probably the big question mark about her family's disappearance that keeps me glued to its pages. It's a fast-paced, thriller fiction with enough reasons embedded between the lines to make you stay intrigued until the end.

Well, not really until the end.

Just before climax, you would have figured out what actually happened to Cynthia's family and it just kind of killed the excitement. In my opinion, if Barclay had hold back some of the information and just let the characters spilled it indirectly as the story progressed, it would have helped to keep the momentum alive until the end.

I saw Barclay's other titles in Borders the other day, but having read No Time for Goodbye, I wasn't so sure as whether to pick them up or not. This one itself was good but the final part of the book kind of killed the steam gathered from the beginning - as if he got tired of writing it and decided to end it right away and in the most inglorious manner.

Have it a go and do let me know if you think otherwise.
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Sakina and Yusuf's Wedding

It was quite amazing how weddings could bring out the emotional side of you and moved even the most unbelieving person (exhibit one: myself).

Certainly, having known and being close to the person did some justice to the wedding tears shed that evening. Sakina and I both studied in the Center for Foundation Studies in Science, Universiti Malaya, where we first got to know each other and later became friends. A year later, we both changed our degree courses and studied economics together in the same batch, of course alongside our best pals Ami, Fifi and Faris.

Time moved so fast and now, another one has left the nest.

We celebrated the new phase of Sakina and Yusuf's life in Holiday Villa, Subang where their wedding reception was held. The Indian-themed wedding brought back familiar faces from UM and yeah, it was a night we wouldn't ever forget. Our baby girl Sakina, always the darling in the group, got hitched to her prince.

As per requested by the bride herself, Ami and Lia performed some of Sakina's favorite songs during the reception and we joined them on stage while they sang the final song, 'Just the Way You Are'.

The after-party was a different story by itself. We sang and danced alongside the newlyweds to some Hindi and English songs.

As I'm writing this, the new Mr and Mrs Yusuf have settled down in Kuwait City, Kuwait - a place she now calls home. All the best to this new phase and you will always have our prayers with you, wherever you are.

Congratulations, S.
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Saturday, May 7, 2011

YSL For Ayi

Can you believe it's already May?

It seemed just like yesterday (or the day before) we celebrated Ayi and Fifi's birthday on the 34th floor of Menara Pan Global. Just like that, a year has passed by and my hommie Ayi is now a year older.

I didn't really know what to get him for his big day so I chipped in some cash and asked him to do the honor of buying anything he wanted. So, he chose to get a new pair of sneakers.

After doing some laps around Pavilion KL and Starhill Gallery, he finally decided that these navy blue suede high-top sneakers from Yves Saint Laurent were the best choice. Trust me, I had no influence on his decision *roll eyes*.

Malibu High-top Sneakers in Navy

I reaffirmed my approval on these sneakers for its super sexy cut, color, the dark blue patent leather trimming, the gigantic tongue with YSL logo emblazoned, the pony hair at the back, padded insole and comfortable rubber sole - what's not to like about this footwear?

Ironically I had set my eyes on it 2,3 months ago and little did I know he would be the one to own it - not me! Talk about being blessed.

Happy 31st birthday Mr Ayi. Thanks for being a close, close person to me of all these years. Now go and rock those fierce YSL kicks.

Yves Saint Laurent is available in Couture Pavilion, Pavilion KL.

Monday, May 2, 2011

February - March Read

I don’t really know how to describe this book but i’d surely try my best.

I had seen this book on numerous bestseller lists since 2007 and on my sister’s bookshelf but I had never gathered enough reason to read it until two people recommended me to do so (thanks Afiq and Ida!). The first few pages were dizzyingly confusing; the next few chapters were intriguing while the rest of the book was painfully long and criss-crossed with one era and the other.

The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova tells the story of the author’s hunt of Vlad Tepes or the fictional version of it, The Dracula in the 1970s with her father. The quest started off when she found an old book with a woodcut dragon in the middle of the book in her father’s library and led the latter to reveal her how he had accidentally found the book during his student days in 1950s.

Then, we will learn why the author’s father had wanted to keep the book secret for years especially with his professor’s disappearance after he had shown him the same book when he found it. As the author travels around Europe with his father, she begins putting together the pieces of the mystery of Count Vlad the Impaler’s whereabouts to find his final resting place and hopefully, find her father’s missing professor again.

What makes this book a taxing task is the amount of attention you need to give to every page read. The main plotline takes place during the 1970s, as the author recalls her own experience and travelling with her father to unravel the mystery. The next plotline is in 1950s, when her father recalls his own experience discovering the book and up until his journey to the Eastern Europe for the same purpose. The final plotline takes place in 1930s, whenever her father’s professor, Bartholomew Rossi recalls his own experience to the author’s father.

Confused much?

As someone who has never really ventured deeply into Count Vlad’s history (except of some verbal lessons from my friend Akmal who lives in Bucharest, the world capital of Dracula), I found the first few pages quite impossible to read. I almost lost my interest in the book since it seemed the book was written in German – I couldn’t understand a thing!

But as the story progressed, I learned to pick up the pace and my interest slowly grew as I wanted to know more of Vlad the Impaler and why was he assumed not to be buried in wherever he was. I must admit, Kostova’s writing sometimes gave me chills when she described how she could feel the Dracula’s presence whenever she and her father were talking about it. But the rest of the book was painfully long and I had a great relief once I flipped open the final page.

Final note, the book itself is worth reading if you don’t plan on finishing it in a short time. If it’s not for the storyline, you’ll appreciate the history of Count Vlad and its fictional equivalent, Bram Stroker’s Dracula, as told throughout the book. With so many historical events unfolded, intriguing plotline and the surreal sensation thrown in, no wonder the book made its way into the New York Times bestseller’s list.