Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A Belated Birthday Gift

In order to return the pleasure, I asked Ann Jie of what she wanted for her (past) birthday present on one fine day in the faculty while we were having lunch.

Me: "Which would you prefer - shoes, make-ups or accessories?"

Ann Jie: "Hurm..hurm.." *rolling eyes up and down with pouty lips* "I don't know la! Don't get me anything!"

I know that wasn't true. Who doesn't like presents anyway?

Me: "Ala.. just name me one! Quick!"

Ann Jie: "Err..what kind of accessories would you like to get me?"

Me: "Ear-rings perhaps. Saw some cool ones in Isetan."

Ann Jie: "Hurm..hurm..." *pouty lips and frowning forehead* "I don't know! I don't know!"

That conversation was left unfinished as I had a lecture to attend. Somehow my phone bliped during the lecture and she text-ed me:

"Lipstick! Lipstick! Get me lipstick!"

So afterwards, off I went to major department stores around KL in search of a perfect lipstick. Clueless, I asked opinions from my course-mate, Sakina and former co-worker in Etro, Eyrja. Sakina recommended Dior while Eyrja recommended Estee Lauder.

I'm so spoilt with choices. And it wasn't even for me.

As I decided to go with Dior lipstick, she text-ed me again:

"I don't want Dior! Dior uses all the sluts in their campaigns!"

She means Monica Belucci.

So I searched and searched for the perfect lipstick for a gift and she text-ed me again:
"Light pinkish one! Anything light and pinkish! And glossy!"

At last, after much testing and browsing, I opted the Anna Sui lipstick and lip-gloss (because *who knows* a girl still needs a lip gloss though the lipstick is already glossy. Talk about weirdness)

Happy birthday to you bestie! Phewwww!

To Ikea and Back

Who says you need a car to get to Ikea and buy things there? We proved them wrong with capital W!

Though the free eeder bus and RapidKL bus route U89 were lousy (we waited for 40 minutes but it never came), we still managed to get a cab to Ikea and it cost about 6 bucks, which was not very bad since the good driver sticked to using the meter.

You know what I love about the place? Everything! We ate in Cineleisure, shop in Ikea for house goods and chill around for coffee and window shopping in The Curve and Ikano Power Center.

Everything was there! The place was genius!

I know, I'm writing this like I had never been to the place before but truly, it is a place to chill on weekends, a divertion from cliche niches like KLCC or Pavilion.

Yes, we bought this and carried it on the BUS and TRAIN - mission accomplished
We even bought a train set from Metrojaya, The Curve simply because it looked fun! (Written there 'For age 3 and above')
After assembling - yay!

With all the goods that we bought, we still managed to get on the free shuttle bus to Kelana Jaya LRT station (yes, finally we saw it coming and boarded it successfully), rode on the LRT to Kerinchi station and take the bus back to our house.

How's that for a trip?

It spells F-U-N for me!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Bottega Veneta

Last week, my hommie and I went window shopping and took a stroll around the city - the first weekend outing in 2009, after spending almost 3 weeks at home.

Of course, we were 'financially-challenged' (I refuse to use the term 'broke'). Thus, that explains why we only went window shopping and, yes Ann Jie, it was depressing.

Feeling numb and just for fun's sake, we hopped from one store to another and one of it was Bottega Veneta. An Italian 'du jour' high end store which stands at the same level as Louis Vuitton and Hermes, in terms of its exclusivity, history and class.

Bottega Veneta signature woven leather is seen on almost all of its goods - shoes, bags and even accessories.

And I fell in love with its high-top sneakers.

This particular Madison sneakers cost RM2600 approximately. It should be on my next wish-list. Fingers crossed.

Bottega Veneta is available in Starhill, Kuala Lumpur.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

To Miss Tee Ann Jie

Dearest bestie,

Thank you for the fabulous birthday prezzie that you gave me today (along with the heavy stack of Ekonomi Pembangunan notes) which I totally love it, yes, I do. It was downright what I had always been wanting to buy, something to go with the clothes that I wear.

I absolutely love it.

Though we had promised not to break the tradition of not buying gifts for each other's birthday (haha!), seemed like you had broken it anyway, and I would love to get you something in return as well. I can't really tell when due to the liquidity of my financial situation (thanks to my Central Bank in Taiping). But I'll definitely get you something.

You know very well that I wasn't kidding when I told you not to get me anything for my birthday and presents are only superficials - things of love make-believe. Your presence alone in my life is enough. The one to share my silly jokes, shed my sadness (remember the night I was crying my eye-balls out in First College and you came picked me up for dinner in Seventh College? That was totally sweet and really what true friends will do), advised me on what subjects to take (and which lecturer was the lousiest of them all), commented on my hair (even when I just need you to shut up) and other fabulous, wonderful things above all.

You are a really great, great friend and to have you in my life, gosh, is a REAL blessing and do take my word, I'll be there whenever you need me, physically or emotionally, until you'll get tired of me.

As I had informed you earlier, I wish you nothing short of the best and finest things in life.

Lots of love,

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy 22nd Birthday, Khairizan

An enormous thanks to Zafirah al-Sadat Zyed and Fa who planned everything and successfully dragged me out of the house to the land far,far away and back called Putrajaya for the new year 2009 cum my 22nd birthday celebration.

They even prepared the birthday muffins as birthday cake. How thoughtful, seriously.

Lots of thanks as well to Ayi for tagging along and Imran for being there as well.

To the ones I truly love and cherished and hard-to-live-without friends, Ann Jie, Zafirah Md Nor, Megati, Farra, Chong Jin and Alexis, thanks for your wishes and I do appreciate every one of it.

Especially Ann Jie, for your special note on my birthday on Facebook, I never knew I was that important to you! Love you!

To others who wished as well, many thanks as well.

It was indeed a day to be remembered by me.

Imran's bike. Awesomeness.

January 1st, 2008 at 1.20am on Sri Gemilang Bridge, Putrajaya
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