Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Turning Three Zero

January 2nd, 2017. Kuala Lumpur Sentral Station.

For every 1987 babies out there, this is the year you turn 30 years old. As for me, I've had my fair share two days ago - on January 1st, 2017.

I never thought I'd mouth these words but here they are: I am thirty years old.

There were times when I thought, for some weird reasons, I'd never see myself in the big three zero. When I was younger, thirty used to mean a breaking point where everything has settled down - you're happy, financially-stable, having the 'life' you're destined to live for the rest of your life. Basically, I thought by the time I reach 30, I'd have everything figured out.

Three days in, 30 still feels normal to me. Nothing has changed much. I don't feel significantly older (aside from the random times I checked on my ID card). 

So far, 30 feels normal

Of course, if I were to look back, I'm nowhere nearby the life I thought I'd have by the time I reached 30. I went through quite a rough patch in the months leading to my recent birthday, even hating myself for not having 'the life' - which I seldom did. I rarely hated myself, always forgave myself for the mistakes I made so to have done so was quite a big deal.

After a while, through some heart-to-heart talks with the closest people in my life, I've learned to make amends with myself. What was done, was done. Now is the time to push the reset button, theoretically, and make do of this opportunity to fix whatever that needs fixing.

Here I am, writing as a thirty year old man, feeling calm. Not extremely happy nor depressed. Just calm - and that's good enough as my ammo for brazing this year ahead.

Here's hoping all of my resolutions will be materialized. Here's wishing for a healthy and happy year ahead. Here's to the wonderful life we've been blessed with.

Happy New Year 2017 everyone.