Sunday, January 6, 2008

The Last Day of 2007

It sucked when I had to go to my first class of the new semester on the last day of 2007. In fact, 2007 had been a rather sucky year for me. Lots of distresses, dramas, bad omen and the outcomes and on and on. But, thank God, the last day of the year has been nothing but a very nice reunion between my friends and I.

My class ended early that day. It supposed to end by 11 but it did around 10.30. How cool is that? I got back to my hostel and waited for Hani to arrive here so we all can head somewhere together!

By 12 something, she arrived and how we missed each other so much! It has been more than a year since we last met in the airport prior her flight to Adelaide and now, we were back together with lots of giggling and oh-my-gods! Hani, Azha and I took the bus to Mid Valley and we had our lunch there. Waffle for the year-end! Woo hoo!

By 4, Fa and Zafirah arrived and the party really kicked in. Each of us armed with a drink and we comfortably had our pillow talk in the Coffee Bean, minus the pillow. Get it?

Then, something terrible happened - Fa dropped her cell phone into the toilet and the phone was nothing more than a history. Fa cried and sobbed and came out of the ladies' room and straight away hugged me. The whole thing just proved that 2007 was nothing but a really bad time for most of us.

By 7, my other half arrived and I had to leave my dear friends to make time with him. He bought me a pair of Adidas Superstar shoes as my birthday present and boy, I never had any dream of wearing a pair of Superstar. That was far beyond cool!

By 11, Azha and I headed to the club amidst thousands and thousands of people who thronged Bukit Bintang that new year's eve. It started to rain by 11.30 but only lasted a couple of minutes and we were later joined by my friend/my bro Ayie in the club. As the clock struck midnight, both special persons in my life greeted me birthday wishes...such a sweet time!

All the best in 2008! Amen!

Saturday, January 5, 2008

To My Fucking Haters..I Love You!!

Phew, this has been a while! It's been quite some time [3-4 months] since I updated this blog. Truth saying, I have diverted to blogging on the new site which is So, I never really cared about blogging here in Friendster...until someone, a friend of mine told me that I still have a bunch of people who were quite keen on my Friendster's page and read all of my blog posts.

More interestingly, they BITCH about me to other people behind my back regarding of their 'discoveries' on my page and blog! I have known this through my good pal and I chose to remain silent but boy, how they went frenzy about this. Seems like the more I remained mum, the more fun they have bitching about me.

Though this bunch of people seemed [and looked] pious, they still bitch about me and not even once they came to me and asked me in the face should they have any 'wild thoughts' that's bothering their mind.

So, they bitch and bitch and bitch about me. And from what I know, they seemed to hate me as well. But do they show it? No, no, no! They still put on that sweet, saccharine smile each time I bumped into them like they have been loving me for a long, long time. How hypocrite is that?

A silly so-called pious bunch of people who are hypocrite and bitch about people behind the subject's back.

That doesn't sound so Islamic to me.

Well, these people sort of like have a problem with the way I am. Don't ask me, because I, too, don't know what's the meaning of 'the way I am'. I just assumed it. Because they, apparently, hate everything about me. The way I looked, I behaved, I talked, I carried myself - everything.

They just DON'T LIKE ME. And I wonder why.

Not that I am being vain or any shit, but I am just curious why in the fucking world would they hate someone [i.e. me] to the extent of talking behind my back, asking my closest friends about 'who I really am' and bitch around about me?? Have I ever stole their girlfriends/boyfriends? Haha..that's funny. Coz they themselves and their taste of appearance are already FUGLY [fucking ugly], what more of their gf/bfs? They can't even speak proper English and still have the audacity to bitch about me? That's what I call a fucking high determination. They'll get some brownies point with that.

[Just for the records, I never stole anyone's bf/gf]

I wonder why they hate me so much? Why would they targeted me? Am I that interesting to be targeted as an issue?

What more, they assumed that I have sex with my room mate!! What in the fucking world is going on with them?? They sort of like think I am a fucking retard who spreads negativities and influence people to commit sins. With me around, people cannot excel. I am like a very bad whore, sitting around and asked people to do bad things and thus, should be thrown away into hell. The deepest one.

That's more a description of the devil than me. Though I am bad, I'm still a Muslim and I know where I should stand.

I just don't get it, why or what made them so intrigued to dig stories about me? Bitch about me? Assume that I am the subject of my friend's failure?

I have kept quiet long enough and it's high time to speak out and say something. I just wanted to make things clear here that I will name drop the people responsible for this, if I hear more 'juicy' things regarding this in the future. No hesitation will be contemplated. Just a sharp attack.

To those people, next time, if you wanna know anything about this guy, come and ask it to my face and I'll entertain every single question you want to know.


Because I am not a hypocrite like you guys. I tell you want you want to hear. You can tell me what you would like me to hear too but you cannot make me obliged to it. I am a free human and according to the UN Declaration 4, I have the freedom of choice to make decisions that I want AS LONG AS IT DOESN'T INTERFERE IN OTHERS' RIGHT OF FREEDOM.

I know, I'll be hearing more from those people soon. And I'm eager for it.

Cheers. Til then, shut up and mind your own business, bitches.


My 2008 Nag

Alright, my initial plan was to write about how I spent the last day of 2007 and how my 2008 celebration [cum my birthday celebration] went but I decided to spare some time first to nag a little. Well, of course I won't say its a nag but to people who might not dig this, this might sound boring. Just read it at your own risk..

Everyone thought I had the best life. The perfect life. Boy, how that had missed the fact. My life has been nothing but a total drama of myself and every possible shits and surprises that one could ever think of.

It's way not perfect at all. I'm a wreckage at times too. A complete wreckage but I still managed to put on that big smile on my face and pull people out of the darkness whenever the told me [sadly] that they are sad.

You people don't even know what's the meaning of sad. I have been through all the 'sadness' and still, here I am. Alive and kicking. Sort of, that is.

People expect me to be nice, smiling, happy, perfect this, perfect that. But often those mortals forgot that I am a mortal as well, just like them. I eat, I breathe, I laugh, I cried. But no,no! They expect me to be all in place. Whenever I had my bad days, do they care to lean over and ask me of what's really going on, like what I did to them? Like what they want me to? NO NO NO! They didn't! They never did that! So, whenever I got grumpy and started to be silent and ignoring people, they would accuse me of being moody and blah blah.

Have they ever heard of the word 'respect'? 'Give me some space'? I bet no. Cause I have no other choice whenever I had my bad days [thanks to them]. Should I be silent, they'll nag around saying I'm a fucking moody bastard. If I tell them what's on my mind and their silly behaviour is the sole cause of my irritation, again they'll nag around about me being a diva bitch.
Have they forgotten that I'm a human myself? I have my ups and downs. I'm not programmed to be the listener of your confessions. I need my own space and learn to respect what I like and don't. Don't you people be ashamed of your fucking selves, coming to me whenever you're down and forgetting me like gazilion years when you're having a fucking great time?

And to those people who expect me to do things at their please, to be what they want me to be, to obey each and every fucking word they say...hear this: Fuck off. I'm living my fucking life and this 2008, you'll be hearing no mercy or sorry from this man.

I'm tired. People treating me like a compact powder. Using me whenever they feel like, and bury me deep, deep down in your tote after you have done.

All I'm saying is, I demand some respect for myself and for what I am from those people who claimed that they are my 'friends' and 'lovers'. Show your true self first, then we'll talk.