Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Golden Child

Oh you, you poor child
With your pride not even mild
Standing there patronizing me
Your ego is as big as your belly

You, the Golden Son
The favorite of Dad and Mom
The never wrong, never submit
The always right, always throwing fit

I'm so mad at you, dear Wasted Punk
I even took time to write this junk
The least I could do to channel my anger
Since Mom and Dad never dare to even lay a finger

You, you wasted troll
An egomaniac, proud soul
Everyone suffers to please you
While you sit still with nothing to do

You, you should be looking after me
If Mom and Dad are gone, will thee?
But sadly I see nothing good soon
Not until God breaks your hard-headed cocoon

Golden Child, stop with the sighs
See your children through their eyes
Swallow your pride and shine through
Be someone at least to YOU

The Fallen Child
February 23, 2010
11.41 p.m.

Treats for Aboy

Today I went to Ikano right after my class to buy some insects for my tarantula. All by my own. Driving was heaven today. No congestion whatsoever especially near the TTDI area.

Total bliss. Maybe it was the timing.

The pet store, Pet Safari didn't have any worm left (dang!) so I bought crickets instead. But up till now she has yet to devour the poor cricket. In fact I haven't seen her in a while. I hope she's molting (rather than you-know-what).

Anyway, before I left, I thought, why not I buy something for Aboy, my cat too?

Poor kitty being left alone at home day after day.

Then I decided to buy some treats for cats. I've always interested in buying one for him since I saw Ann Jie rewarding Biscuit with some delish treats.

Except that Biscuit is a dog, a terrier. Whatever. I'd still buy it.

Those shit treats don't come cheap, okay. Then I thought, what if Aboy won't like them? Since he's quite kampung-ish kind of cat - although he's like 75% pure breed Persian.

So I decided to buy a small treats instead for a start. I chose this delish-looking milk treats which cost RM5 (it was printed on the price tag as RM6, I wonder why I only had to pay RM5. A small victory for me).

Back at home, Aboy gladly took one after one of those milky tablets and boy, I was glad he did. At least I could buy him more of those fancy ones from now on.

Come to think of it, my cat eats a UK-made treats while I'm munching on Pasir Gudang-made Cloud 9 nugget bars.

Is the Armageddon near?

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Back to Etro

A corner of the store. Pictures taken with my phone, quite impressive, no?

A couple of weeks ago, the boss where I used to work part time called me asking if I would be able to stand in for some days since all of her girls will be on Chinese New Year leave. My reply was affirmative partly because I could see how in need she was and another reason must be, ehem, for the extra cash I could use.

I never had anything bad to say about this job. Working in Etro was perhaps one of the best things ever. My boss was nice, the job was easy and most importantly, I got to appreciate the craftsmanship and quality of the goods.

Stepping into Etro again after more than a year (for work, of course), was a little emotional for me. There were no longer the usual faces which I became acquainted and befriended since all of them had left for good reasons. Art, the bitchy one left for a better job in Gardens Mid Valley while Eyrja, the one who got me the job and taught me everything, had left for Australia after marrying her fiance, an Australian hunk whom I had forgotten the name.

Still, the place was still the same. The same display shelves, the same small office and the same fabulous goods. Every corner of the store has something for me to remember - it's not just a working place, it's a training ground for me and the place where I garnered lots of experience.

The best thing about Etro is, we don't have many different customers. Our customers are either foreign tourists or the same local people, and each one of them has different tastes. For example, Datin Noriani will come in with her oversized metallic Louis Vuitton purse (she has them in pink, silver, gold and plum - which costs about RM9000 each) and she will buy all of the ladies' shirt in size 50.

Dato' Flora Ong likes bright colors. You just have to shove every single bright-colored tops, accessories, scarf or clutches to her and she will gladly buy it without asking for the price. Datin Yoshiko Kato, the wife of the Japanese ambassador to Malaysia likes Etro's cashmere scarf and will usually buy 2 to 3 pieces at one go. Datuk Faisal SM Nasimuddin loves Etro's signature hand-painted men's shirts and he is one of the nicest customers around. Datin Yazreen loves discount - even when we don't have any sale, she will ask for it through Puan Sri (my boss).

Scandinavian tourists loves Etro so much that they don't usually leave the store with purchases below RM4000. Another group that will go ga-ga over Etro are Koreans and Japanese as they really love the paisley design on its handbags and scarves. No wonder there are about 40 Etro stores in Korea alone. Arabs on the other hand will come in, ask for the price and leave. True story.

It was very interesting to work here and at the same time analyzing each characteristics. Indirectly, I learned to improve my social skills and know a thing or two about how these rich people behave (and spend).

During my recent three-day stint, I got the chance to work with a newbie and as devout Etro-rian, I taught him everything that he needed to know. I thought him how to hang the clothes, how to fold them and for women's shirts you need to lift the collars, the different ways of folding the scarves according to its respective sizes, how to display the bags with its handle clasped nicely in opposite directions and many others.

I still remembered my first day in Etro back in 2008 with Eyrja explaining to me about all of these and while doing so, I could see the passion in her eyes and how she really loved this fashion house. I tried to share with the newbie the same passion I have but he was indifferent. Totally not into this at all, I believe. He was only there to work. Sigh.

And he was chewing gums while attending to customers - how highly inappropriate that was! I mean, you don't chew gum here in Etro - at least while attending them. In fact, you don't chew gum at all anywhere while attending them - no matter where you work. Boy, this lost soul has a long, long way to go.

Etro's dressing room. circa 2008

Same spot, in February 2010

I have my eyes on this weekender bag for men. RM6950 (before 50% discount)

From an unknown label for me, I've learned a lot about it. Now I do know that Agyness Deyn and Jessica Stam used to walk Etro's runway and Beyonce and Marisa Tomei once wore Etro's dress to their functions.

If I have the capacity, I would surely return here again to lend a hand because I love this label.

Etro is located on the Third Floor, Parkson Pavilion Kuala Lumpur.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Thank You, DJ AM

If Barbara Walters have her own list of Most Fascinating People annually, I have mine too. One of the most fascinating people for me has always been DJ AM a.k.a Adam Goldstein, the resident DJ of Palms Hotel & Casino Las Vegas and celebrity DJ too. Most notoriously known as the guy who dated-engaged to-broke up-engaged again to Nicole Richie.

This soft spoken guy is my hero when it comes down to his dressing sense, more appropriately his collection of shoes and sneakers which gained him nickname 'Sneakerhead'. He was one of the only two survivors of the infamous 2008 air-crash, alongside Travis Barker of Blink 182.

However his life was cut short not even a year after the accident when he passed away due to drug overdose in August 2009 which sources claimed caused by post-traumatic depression.

Even more interesting, he collaborated with Nike for his own footwear before his untimely death which was released sometime end of last year. These awesome sneakers are made of black patent leather and soft red leather with grey Nike trademark logo. The name of DJ AM is proudly displayed on its tongue.

When I got this Nike kicks couple of days back, I must say it was like a small accomplishment. Though the namesake is no longer around, at least I got a piece of his taste and idea with me - forever.

Each of this pair comes together in three pairs of shoelaces - in red, gray and black. Personally I feel the gray would complement the pair better but for the time being, I'm pairing it with the red ones first and it doesn't look any less fabulous.

So far, the response has been great. My friends loved it when I first wore it and as predicted, Miss Hana Amira tried taking them off my feet in the middle of the faculty's cafe. You can tell she loved it. Of course, I loved it too. Mr Ayi said these are the best sneakers in my collection so far. You agree? I love all of my shoes anyway.

DJ AM had an exquisite taste for his sneakers and you can browse around for the pictures of his sneakers for the proof. By the time of his passing, he left more than 900 (yes, nine hundred) pair of sneakers, mainly Nike which was then auctioned off on eBay for the benefit of his own charity. No one has any bad thing to say about this fantastic man.

Rest in peace, DJ AM. Thank you for your impeccable taste for us, fellow Sneakerheads.

Nike Dunk Hi Supreme X DJ AM is only available in Sole What? The Gardens at RM439.

March 30, 1973 - August 28, 2009

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Before Chanel, There was Coco

Unlike most of the movies made based on the story of Gabrielle Bonheur Chanel, this one clearly stands apart. Coco Before Chanel (Coco Avant Chanel) tells the side of Mademoiselle Chanel which was not frequently told - the strong and outspoken yet fragile Chanel who was desperate to excel and thirsty for a taste of love of her own.

Audrey Tautou plays the Mademoiselle in this picture and she did it brilliantly. Roughly, the story opens with Chanel in her child age, being left at an orphanage with her sister by her own father - which never came back to see them. They grew up together and earn a living by becoming singers in a bar.

Actually, they were more of an entertainer than singers. They entertained the crowd with funny songs especially 'Do You See Coco?' (I don't know how to put it in French) which earned her famous nickname 'Coco' until now.

Life was hard for both of them, especially growing up in the early 1900. That was why her sister chose the simpler way by marrying a Baron and left Chanel on her two feet. She couldn't find any singing nor acting job, and she too chose the easy way out by becoming a mistress of Etienne Balsan, a rich French socialite whom she secretly hope of marrying one day.

However Balsan wanted no commitment and he was as free as a bird. Chanel too knew she would not want to be like any other girl Balsan had played around before her. She knew she wanted to excel, to be different and to be as successful as a man at that time but she didn't know how. On top of that, she didn't even know what her real niche was - whether it was singing, acting or millinery.

She felt she was invisible there, being trapped in that huge mansion of Balsan's. She thought no one really saw the potential she had - until along came a friend of Balsan named Boy, or Arthur Capel, who became Chanel's first and only love.

Boy influenced her way of designing. It was from Boy's suit she transformed it into her own version of womens jacket with masculine, boxy shoulders. And Boy respected Chanel's own eccentric style. During a time when women would always wear elaborate, white dresses with heavy, floral-decorated hats, Chanel went against all odds by choosing simple black dress with plain mens hat. She refused to wear those long, heavily embroided dresses which she said 'resembled a curtain'.

Though they were never married, Boy supported Chanel's move to Paris by providing her starting capital to open her own shop, selling dresses and hats in her own design and the rest is history. However, her joy was short-live when Boy was killed in an accident, en route to meet Chanel for a surprise rendezvous.

There was so much to be learn in this movie from this magnificent lady. Audrey Tautou showed the vulnerable side of Chanel brilliantly yet still managed to depict her determination to stand for what she believed for. When no one thought this small quiet girl would revolutionized the fashion world of today, she did it. No wonder she was the only female to be listed in TIME's 100 Most Influential People of the 20th Century.

According to this picture, the two most valuable things in her life were love and passion. She got her inspirations from being in love and from the person she loved. She was passionate about what she believed in and how she strive to put that into reality.

Mademoiselle Coco Chanel worked until the day she died on January 10, 1971 at the age of 87. It was Sunday - the day she hated most because it was her rest day.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Happy 22nd Birthday, F

It all started during a rather slow lecture in a freezing hall with Didi asking me,"What are we going to do for Faris' 22nd?" Just a few minutes after that, eleven closest friends were shortlisted as the guests and came the hardest part - finding the place du jour.

Husna put a big cross on Mid Valley Megamall. Didi suggested Hard Rock Cafe but not everyone is willing to fork out a large sum of money. Fifi said a big NO to The Curve and One Utama. Faris wanted something 'cheesy' but no Pizza Hut please. Sakina said she had enough of Chilli's.

Something cheesy but not in Mid Valley Megamall, The Curve or One Utama. Then we decided, Itanliannies in Sunway Pyramid! Italian food always means cheesy galore.

So on the eve of Faris' big two-two, all eleven of us gathered there including Husna's baby, Ariq whom we had never get the chance to meet before and of course, Faris' *ehem* brother, Afka.

The get-together came to its may-jah climax with a special courtesy birthday cake (or a pudding, actually) from Italiannies. Faris was made to stand on his chair, played a few games before blowing out his 22 years old candle.

Then we headed to Republic for good ol' dancing before calling it a night. We wanted to try out Opera but it was *ehem* out of budget.

Papa Rock, Mama Husna and Baby Ariq

'I'd FCUK them' Kidding!

Didi & Ika

My pretty girls

Bithday boy giving the all-seeing eye. Accidentally, of course.

Family photo take one

Family photo take two - Guess the obvious change

One thing so special about this lad is, he'll forever be our boy. His cheeky and boyish persona captured everyone in his stride and even the lecturers whenever he gave a presentation. He's easily lovable, never the one to hold any grudge and a great person to be called as a friend. That's why we chose to honor his day because we had never done so in the past.

I call him F and he calls me K, which started as soon as the Gossip Girl wave kicked in about 3 years back with us imitating the S, B, N and other acronyms in the series. It later stayed there and we were stuck calling each other as K and F until today.

So, to our F, have a great birthday and may the years to come bring you more joy, happiness, success and better health. We love you! XOXO

Fly Me to Bucharest

Just fly me to Bucharest tonight

And let me be me

I’ll take a one way short flight

Land right there baby

Make me go to Bucharest tonight

Strip down this loneliness and misery

Blind me now with the city’s light

Make me see my dandy baby

Fly me to Bucharest now

Fly me there tonight

Hear me like a wolf’s howl

See me there in your sight

I’ll fly to Bucharest tonight

Where it’s quiet without a sound

No luggage, without any fright

I’ll call you when I touch down

There you are in Bucharest

Tremendously missed beyond words could say

Here I am being my best

Dreaming of you in a land far away

Khairizan Y.

February 4, 2010

1.26 am, Kuala Lumpur