Friday, November 28, 2008

M Housewarming & Fashion Show

Dream came true - Dato' Farah and I

Being a loyal Melium member, we were invited by Melium Group to attend the launching of M Men and M Women stores in Gardens, Mid Valley on the 26th of November.

Appropriately themed 'Absolutely Fabulous', guests were the creme-de-la-creme of the society with many distinguished people thronging the party area, enclosed by Melium boutiques such as Boss Hugo Boss, Alain Figaret and M Stores.

A lost guest with a glass of orange juice. Just orange juice okay?

Abg Ayi in non-Melium outfit. Hehe

The fashion show kicked off with 15 Malaysian 'celebrities' (some of them are royalties and were considered celebrities too. Since when royaties became ones?), starting with Ning Baizura donning a cocktail dress from Custo Barcelona, followed by Chef Wan in Rock & Republic jeans, Elaine Daly in Hale Bob dress and many more. Other celebrities include Johnathan Putra aka JP (model-turned-Channel V VJ-turned model again) donning Just Cavalli, Camelia in K by Karl Lagerfeld, Tengku Afzan (daughter of Tengku Aishah of Pahang, like I care who the fuck you are?) in Custo Barcelona and Soong Ai Ling dressed in Hale Bob.


'Celebs' after the catwalk
More people - filthily-rich people.

After the 'warm, playful' catwalks by the celebs, KC Yap, who was the Head of Communication and Relations of Melium Group, launched the (true) models down the catwalk in M Store brands - Y-3 by Yohji Yamamoto, Play Comme des Garcons, Just Cavalli, Rock & Republic, Fred Perry Laurel, K by Karl Lagerfeld, Hale Bob, Custo Barcelona, McQ by Alexander McQueen and Tom Ford Sunglasses.

After the finale, guests were welcomed into the M Store and entitled for extra 20% discounts for all items until the 2nd of December.

I targeted a pair of Rock & Republic jeans with gorgeous tone and hind-pocket detailings, cost about RM1982 per pair.
SO cantik.

We were also offerred Moet Chandon champagne, which we refused though I looked around and saw some familiar Malaysian celebrities who were 100% Malay Muslim (at least by birth) sipping away glasses after glasses of Moet Chandon.

Note: Melium Group was also the one who brought in Moet Chandon champagne, one of the finests in the world, which costs around RM400-500 per bottle.

And I got a chance to immortalize that moment with its President and my long-time (may I say) idol, Dato' Farah Khan. She was the one responsible bringing in posh labels under her company, like Emilio Pucci, Maubussin , Aigner, Boss Hugo Boss, Emernegildo Zegna, Tod's, Stuart Weitzman, Gianfranco Ferre, John Galliano, D&G, Marchesa, Vera Wang Lavender, Herve Leger and recently Yves Saint Laurent, along with food franchises Dome Cafe, Yo! Sushi and Aseana Cafe and Bar.

Long live Melium and Dato' Farah. Yay!

Monday, November 24, 2008

W.O.R.K It!

Okay, I had never worked for real thus far in my life. But that doesn't suggest that I'm against working or the idea of being someone else's inferior minion loathes me, NO. I had always been keen to work, really.

So, I browsed this website ( and found one where they needed part-time promoters to help out during this sale season. I emailed them my contacts and true enough, they were so desperate for people. Someone called me about an hour later asking me when I could start (which desperados like me will reply with the same standard answer - ASAP).

So the next morning, I reported myself to the Tangs office, located in Menara Keck Seng which is opposite of the Pavilion, Kuala Lumpur (yes, it was Tangs surprisingly. They didn't put the name of the company on the job ad listing).

Located at the fifth floor, the office was so unlike of anything I had imagined before - crowded with cubicles, people going back and forth, nobody will take notice of my presence and so on. No. It was nothing like that. Instead, it was so spacious with modern furnitures, wooden flooring, a mini Zen garden by the waiting sofa and it was so quite that it freaked me out. I could have done my yoga there and completed it - without being distracted.

Oh, sorry. Do pilates instead since yoga has been banned in Malaysia. Bummer.

About 15 mins later, I was introduced to Miss Jinjing (flashes of the word 'Jinjang' came to my mind at the moment she blurted out her name). She gave me some forms that I needed to fill in and told me that I would only be employed on the 27th of November.

Crap. It was only the 16th. I have more than 10 days to waste my time doing nothing at home. Oh boy.

I accepted it anyway and made my way out. It was only 10am something and I was all prepped up that morning to ditch my vanity and don the ugly Tangs tee and handle crazy, kiasu customers. Now, I was out of work.

I was out of work even before I started to work. Crazy?

So, I made my way to Pavilion where I saw this 'We are now hiring Part Time Sale Assistants' on the glass panel of a boutique there. I asked, I filled up the form and thankfully and co-incidentally, the boss was on her way there.

After an hour of waiting and lingering around, I finally got to meet the boss and was interviewed by her. It was okay I guess. Nothing could have been simpler than that. She told me that I would be informed on the next day, but in attempt to show her how interested (and desperate) I was, I called her instead.

And I got that job. How fabulous is that? Of course, I threw away that Tangs offer immediately.

So, on a bright Sunday afternoon of November 23, I made my way to Etro boutique at Level 3, Parkson Pavilion and reported for work, clad in an all-black outfit. Those ladies who worked there, Eja and Azfa, were SO nice and helpful. They were extremely generous with lessons on how to run the store and other useful tips of do's and don'ts.

I felt so welcomed right away.

Come the next day, I had to work with this poser - let me call him Mr CG aka Cheap Gayboy. The moment I stepped into the store, he launched a full blast of annoying blabbering on almost everything about him, his family, his fugly sissy partner and tried (so hard) telling me how fabulous he was.

He was like trying to draw this line of how inferior I stood from him. So annoying.

Oh, he kept on making annoying sounds (which were words coming out of his mouth); how his mother has a penchant for Louis Vuittons, how he wanted to buy a Prada wallet 'very-very soon', how appropriately dressed he was and how terribly dressed I was and the list goes on. You get the idea.

Not tired, he commented on my shoes - how I chose the wrong shoes, instead I should have opted for pointed ones because of my slender body type. He commented on my shirt - he told me I should have worn Calvin Klein shirt instead of my Zara because I wore (co-incidentally) Calvin Klein Jeans black pants that day.

I mean, hey Mr I'm-A-Cheap-and-Dumb-Gay-Boy-But-Try-So-Hard-To-Look-Fucking-Posh, both CK and CKJ are two DIFFERENT labels (CK is the second tier label while CKJ is the third tier, meaning CKJ is cheaper). And it will be SO tacky to clad in one label head to toe. Besides, if I were to dress-up top to bottom in one designer label, I wouldn't be working my ass off there for God's sake.

And he was only wearing Sub Zero pants and yet, he wanted to comment on my appearance. Gosh. At least I wasn't wearing Hong Kong/Kepong made stuff. Even if I had worn them, I wasn't as audacious as him to tell people what's hot and what's not on them.

Then he continued his blabbering on how he once had a 'Sal-va-tor Fer-ra-ga-mo' sunglasses (It should be Sal-va-toh-reh) and a pair of 'Ver-sech' pants (It should be Ver-sah-ci). He proudly told me (against my willingness to hear him) that he only shopped in Topshop (It should be Topman, moron. Topshop only carries women's range, idiot) and Giordano among all.

I didn't mean to be judgmental but shopping at Giordano? For someone who wanted to buy a Prada wallet?

If I were to be that Prada wallet, I would cry so hard and stab myself to death than feeling humiliated being bought by a poser like him.

I wonder if he ever had a brain. Maybe he left it in his partner's ass while pounding his shit-hole. Do you spill everything about your pseudo-posh lifestyle to some stranger you have just met for a few minutes? Have some courtesy to get to know each other and respect the other person as what he/she was without being judgmental.

While he continued to expose himself up to this day, my third day of working, I remained mum and just nodded my head evertime he told me about his 'I'm-better-than-you' stuff. I pretended like I never own Gucci, never knew about 'Salvatorrrrrr Ferragamo', never had enough money to buy Juicy Couture and so on. What's the point anyway of telling?

Besides, I took GREAT pleasure in watching him ridiculing himself in front of me. How's that for a free entertainment?

Gosh. I could never imagine how such a terrible man can exist in this life. Definitely one of the many rejects ever produced by a human womb.

However, I love my job! It's such an easy job, with great opportunity to meet distinguished people and most importantly, to gain knowledge and working experience, although it couldbe extremely tiring at the end of the day after a long nine-hours shift of standing on my feet.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Happy 32nd Birthday, Big Bro!


On your 32nd birthday this November 22, 2008, we wish nothing short of utmost happiness, successes and terrific health in the many years to come. May Allah bless you and your family (including me, not less) and may everything that you work on, put your effort on and your dreams will finally be realized. From the deepest part of our heart, we wish you total joy on your birthday. And, we will always love you...

...even when you're doing your best Spiderman impersonation during rain, because we know nobody else could do it better than you.


Monday, November 17, 2008

360 Desktop

Since my exams are over and I got nothing else better to do, I spend most of the time in front of my lappy and look out for other cool applications that I can use.

This one caught my eyes and it is REALLY useful and quite interesting.

The 360Desktop lets you have a 360 degrees desktop i.e. more space on your desktop, which is surprisingly-easy to use. You can just use the track-scroll on your mouse to rotate the desktop and even adjust the scrolling speed.

You are now able to open as many windows as you wish on your desktop without interfering one another. This one is totally useful for me when I need to do multi-windows works like doing a report while referring to other documents and at the same time browsing a web site.

These are the impressions you will get as you 'scroll' your desktop to the right using 360Desktop (click on images for larger view)

You can also post widgets that can be scattered on your desktop as you wish and even 'clip' any part of a web-page that you like and post it on your desktop (both are not shown in the pictures). It's pretty much like having a newspaper article that you wish to keep and put it on your table, along others of your works - that's how it is. The best part is, the web page that you 'clipped' is constantly refreshed so you won't have to use the browser again and again to refresh the page manually. Is that cool or what?

There are only 2 wallpapers available (one of them is what I used in the pictures above) and since this is only a trial version and be made free-of-charge, you can download it for no-cost and soon, there will be new applications added which includes how you can custom-made your own wallpaper.

This application only takes about 30Mb of your C drive. Enjoy!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Adobe Photoshop CS4

Though not completely computer-literate, I somehow managed to merge two of the three partitions in my laptop - by my own! That's SOME accomplishment for a guy like me.

My brother suggested this application, Partition Magic, which enables you to split, resize, merge or change the system type of your partition e.g. FAT30, FAT32 or NSTF. I don't know what those acronyms stands for but I do know that a FAT32 partition is the central point where all of your system files are stored.

I managed to picked up this and that by myself along the way of merging those partitions.

So, why the need of bigger free space you ask?

To make way for the new Adobe Photoshop CS4 of course!

Just when I thought I was pretty advance with my Adobe Photoshop CS3, along came CS4 with brand new fresh-out-of-the-room layout. The whole interface is different from its predecessors, most of the part at least.

This extended pack includes Adobe Device Central CS4, Adobe Bridge and Adobe Air, among all. The most interesting thing has got to be Adobe Air, which is a brand new media player by Adobe and was not available before this.

Adobe Air lets you play your favourite show on the net, boomark it and even record them for you, so you can view all your favourite shows the next time you're logged in. It's pretty much like TiVo or Astro Max, except it is for media available on the internet.

The interface of Adobe Photoshop CS4. Notice the difference in tools button and simplified control bar.

The Norton Partition Magic (Version 8.2) installer is around 47Mb while the Adobe Photoshop CS4 (Extended version) installation pack is around 1.2Gb and I still have my Adobe Photoshop CS3 (Extended version) installer, which is around 1.1Gb. Feel free to ask me for any of it if you're interested. Cheers!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


*this post had been updated due to massive grammatical errors. I'm so embarassed*

The Carrie Bradshaw-ness strikes again.

I fell in love with these gorgeous Victoire white leather sneakers from Louis Vuitton the moment I saw it last few months while doing my Raya shopping. The only thing stopped me from having it at that time was its color - white. I am a terrible stuff-keeper and a lousy preserver so I guess it was just a matter of time before I started leaving nasty marks on its angelic-white skin.

But now I changed my mind. I don't care about the color anymore - I just got to have it!

That was before I came across this pair of velcro sandals with rubber sole by Gucci. To be honest, I was always the shoe-guy and had never really been starstruck by sandals - until now.

I got to have it. I just GOT to have it... and I'll have it, any way any how.

I can picture myself with a short-sleeve shirt over a nice pair of khakis pants or shorts and complete the appearance with these gorgeous sandals.

The LV shoes are a great investment because you can wear it to almost everywhere while you obviously can't do so in sandals BUT those sandals are something! They're fierce!

Which one should it be? Any suggestion?

Remember, you can't have it all - at a time. One by one!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

What a Week!

I'm sure you noticed the different (and way bigger) blog header. Thanks to my baby brother, Rio for editing it without my knowledge and I must say, I'm impressed by it. So, it'll stay there for a while as an acknowledgement to him. Hehe. Thanks bro!

Here it is, examination time again. I got panic attack (thank God for that) a week before the exam kicked off and dashed full speed to study and catch up everything that I could. I must say, though not at my top form, I managed to pull it off quite good. Hehe, kinda flattered and feel ridiculously vain at the same time.

Lots (read: LOTS) of things happened since I wrote the latest post until today. I mean, on November 4th, 2008, as I answered my first paper for this examination, Americans decided on their 44th and the most important choice of President.

Okay, maybe not simultaneously due to the time difference but you get the picture right? Allow me to be dramatic at times, please.

Praise the Lord; Americans actually KNEW how to vote this time around by choosing Senator Barack Hussein Obama as their 44thPresident-Elect, defeating Republican’s John McCain.

Over the past 21 months of campaigning, John McCain easily led the race until September 15th, when the Lehman Brothers declared bankruptcy and rolled the ball on world economic crisis and Obama’s financial strategy seemed much more promising and benefiting the people than McCain's. Things got worse when McCain chose MILF Sarah Palin, a strategy to lure women’s vote that backfired Republicans themselves as skeletons dragged out of the closet about that Sexy Sarah.

Recently I found out on Fox News, Sarah Palin didn’t even know that Africa is a continent. Talk about being eligible for No.2 position of USA highest office.

Anyway, what could be more moving that Obama’s victory? Answer: His acceptance speech at Bryant Park, Chicago after declared as the winner.

I need not post what he had said there – I’m sure all of us had seen it, read about it or even heard about it from someone else. It was very inspiring, humble and naked. If you haven’t seen it yet, I’d say: GO and find it.

Even Oprah was in attendance and wept like she just lost her $2.5billion asset.

Anyway, what more ‘surprising’, if you may, was the remark Michelle Obama got for what she wore that night. It wasn’t the usual safe-choice of pastel-colored jacket and skirt previous First Lady-Elect would choose.

It was a little black dress by Narciso Rodriguez with a splash of RED with satin trimmings at the waist and a matching black cardigan. I mean, it wasn’t THAT bad but to be fair, the dress looked alright on her. It wasn’t as bad as being commented all over the internet.

Come on, people. During the past Democrats’ rallies, she only wear dresses from high-street labels like H&M and Maria Pinto which cost less than $100 each, unlike Cindy McCain. This is one of the rare times she chose first tier label as her choice, and it wasn't bad at all!

Where do I begin with Cindy McCain?

Cindy McCain with First Lady, Laura Bush at Republican National Convention last September

I remember reading in Vanity Fair about Cindy in the Republican National Convention last September, where she wore an outfit which cost around $300,000. Yes, you’re seeing 5 zeros. The figure breaks down like this:

Oscar de la Renta dress: $3,000
Chanel J12 White Ceramic watch: $4,500
Three-carat diamond earrings: $280,000
Four-strand pearl necklace: $11,000–$25,000
Shoes, designer unknown: $600
Total: Between $299,100 and $313,100

So glad she isn’t the First Lady of USA. I would love to comment on those ridiculous wives of our menteris as well but I’ll end up ranting more than I wanted. Next time, I suppose.

Enough about politics. What else was interesting for the past week?

Halloween, yes!

I saw this photo of Heidi Klum dressing up as Hindu goddess Kali for her own Halloween bash and the first thing came to my mind was: FIERCE! She looked great and how did everyone missed that brilliant idea?!

Of course some Hindu scholars were not very pleased with that. Sure, everything about religion sparks ire in the next couple of seconds. I’m not really sure if it’s okay to dressed up as such but that outfit really deserve an applause. No wonder she got best costume that night. Congrats Heidi!

With Halloween, comes the pumpkin. I saw imported pumpkins for Halloween being sold in Cold Storage the other day. One pumpkin with the size of a watermelon retailed at RM150-RM180. Crazy! You’re not going to eat it anyway, so why fork out so much on it? But, given it’s only once a year, I think it’s acceptable to splurge.

Look at those carvings! Is that just GENIUS or real GENIUS? That dude won first place (duh?) for pumpkin carving competition in Florida for Halloween. I mean, if that one didn’t rank top spot, I don’t know what else can. Simply brilliant, don’t you think so?

Before I go off, I just wanted to say MUCH THANKS to all of the people, anonymous ones or close friends, who have been supporting my blog since a year ago. Yes, I started to blog here on in November 2007, only with initial aim to gain more posting space compared to my previous blog on Friendster. To the naysayers who said so much to bring me down, guess what? I’m not moving anywhere but here. For the last month, I got nearly 400 hits. Thanks to you guys!

Though this blog was initially used as a channel for me to express myself, I am welcomed to any feedback or opinion from you guys, seriously. Do drop a comment if you don’t like with what I wrote or disagree with me. As Barack Obama said:

“I’ll listen to you, especially in times we don’t agree with each other.”

Til then!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

An Interview with a Reporter (Not Vampire)

While taking a stroll down and finding a nice place to eat in Jalan Telawi, Bangsar on Saturday, I was stopped by a reporter by NTV7 (well, that's what his tag and camera stickers said) asking for my opinion. The isssue was about a recent report by an international body that stated that Malaysian mainstream press were not given much freedom in reporting.

Boy, my mind went frenzy with ideas and things that I prepared to say. However I kept my sense in check, keeping in mind that my face will appear on national television at prime time so better not start things off with stuff like 'Fuck you Pak Lah!'. I won't say that, don't worry.

I kept my congeniality in check. I told him, I somewhat agree with the report that our mainstream press is not being (totally) true and bias in reporting. Why I said so? Because there are issues that are not reported and people have to resort to other sources like blogs and forums to find out about such.

"What can be done?" he asked. In the simplest way, no party should have total control over what's right and what's not to report. Things should be informed as it is, without taking into account of anyone's interest (except for race and religion issues). Because, I said, people are getting smarter and the mainstream media are not the only sole resource available. Information are cheap and easy nowadays and lets just be fair by stop making a fool of Malaysians through those mainstream media.

Off camera, he thanked me for being honest than being phony goody-two-shoes and giving kiss-ass comments like the previous two people he interviewed. And he does admit that they were being bias to 'a certain side' in reporting. Touche, there you have it.

I mean, I didn't ask to be complimented. He asked, I gave my opinion and that's the whole point of being interviewed right? It's all about channeling your thoughts and expressing what's on my mind.

I told my mom about it and she said, there's a large probability my part won't be aired. Haha.