Thursday, November 8, 2007

I love this book~!

There are not many books that can enchant you, moved you and make a difference in your life even in a slightest way. Thus, when you found one book that makes you feel all of the above [or one of them is good enough], you feel a certain accomplishment arises inside of you. Exaggerating? Not really.

As much as I love books, I always ponder hard in front of a particular book that I have targeted to buy, whether to do so or not...and to disappointment, the answer has always been nearly 100% NO. C'mon, you cant expect a medium income student depending solely to the mercy of his parents to buy a book that costs ridiculously..! But sometimes I do though..with my Anna Karenina and other equally good books.

This time around, it started co-incidentally when I was waiting for my boo browsing his selection, I picked up this one book that has everyone talked about. I read about its review everywhere - in The Star, in the forums, everywhere. It was 'For One More Day' by Mitch Albom. As I had read his previous work before [The Five People You Meet In Heaven], my expectation on this book was quite high and I didnt want to be disappointed.

And, I did not.

It was brilliantly written with Mr Albom's signature short, simple sentences yet has very provocative and thoughtful depth. Basically it was about this man, named Chuck Benetto, who thought he had lost everything in his life - his wife, his daughter, his career and most importantly his mother. So he tried killing himself but on the verge of doing so, he was somewhat experiencing a 'new' life. He went back to his childhood house and saw his [dead] mother preparing breakfast for him like nothing had ever happened. So, the [true] story goes with Chuck reminiscing about the one special day he spent with his [again, dead] mother, from day to night before conscious again and attended by paramedics.

'You might call it a ghost story but which family story isnt a ghost story?' That was how Albom describe the story as a whole. Although my reading at the bookstore ended abruptly after my boo finished his browsing, I continued to read it from page to page whenever I visited a bookstore [my boo and I love books..winks]. So, as you can see, my reading wasnt a continuous one. Yet, I managed to grasp every emotions, feelings and the pains Chuck gone through. I feel as if he was talking directly to me. The way it was written makes you feel closer to the story...and no wonder I managed to shed a few tears after the last page, in MPH The Curve. Haha..

It was a beautiful book. It teaches everything one should know. How the family value is indeed the most important thing and it is the foundation to your life. A very brilliant book and I will get the hardcover version as it really deserves the place to be on everybody's desktop.

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