Thursday, November 15, 2007

Love This - Lions for Lambs

How many outlook does a stand has? A policy the State puts into gamble may affect an optimistic senator, a far-sighted veteran journalist, a realist student, a theoretical professor and a couple of patriotic friends. These are the players and the silent contributor in this game of national interest.

I have to admit, as soon as I saw Meryl Streep on the trailer of this movie, I thought to myself 'I gotta catch this one!'. She has been one of the few good actors/actresses whom I admired and never failed to deliver exquisite perfomance, with records from Lemony Snicket's Series of Unfortunate Events, The Devil Wears Prada and The Hours [she completely blew me away in The Hours]. So I thought, this must be a very good movie and it certainly was.

The story revolves around the invasion [aka domination] of US of A in Afghanistan and Iraq, which centers on the new policy made by a probable presidential-candidate senator in haste, only based by the theory and depicts the selfishness in acquiring the fastest win-win situation. Unfortunately, one's piece of mind isn't always the best and this is shown by the different opinions and outlooks from the journalist interviewing the senator, the armies subjected under the new policy, a political science lecturer and his head-strong, realistic student.

Many argue that this picture is somewhat boring and dreadful to watch, but in my opinion, Robert Redford made a very brilliant movie by staying true to the 'truth' and the status quo of the current situation without being bias. It pops out questions that people always wanted to know and the answer the State would provide in maintaining its amicability. As a Political Science student, I found the movie is exceptionally good and every issue pointed out in this motion picture is easily grasped by people on the go with current affairs, especially regarding the Afghan-Iraq thing.

The simple message it has deployed is, a simple stand/policy can affect so many groups of people and have so many stand from different thoughts. What we may think is the best, isnt necessarily so. The US of A once won people's consent by sending its troops over to Iraq and Afghan, but after 7 years to no avail, they are losing people's faith - simply by making false decisions and being stubborn, ignorant to the other priority - its people.

A must watch - if you are into politics!

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