Monday, November 19, 2007

My Escapade in Genting

I went to Genting Highlands last weekend [17&18Nov] with my boo and as my previous trips there, Genting never failed to enchant me. It was superb, fun and entertaining! A complete dose of forgetting all the problems I have back 6000 feet below.

We stayed in First World Hotel [room 17789] and the view faced the theme park. It was magnificent! On our first day there, we went for a stroll down the First World Plaza, dined in Kenny Roger's and shop a little before resting our [tired] bum for a cuppa in Starbucks while accessing the net until good 1 in the morning. Then, we called it a night.

The next day, we headed to the theme park and tried all the possible rides which we could get our hands on. This was done after fulfilling our tummy's need for a full breakfast :). The first ride that we tried was The Flying Dragon and the next stop was Corkscrew. Both were rollercoasters and Corkscrew was far more dreadfully frightening due to its massive height. But it was so much fun! I would do it again, only if our being there wasnt restricted by the time. Then we tried the Go-Kart, Pirate Ride, Cyclone [the first rollercoaster in cool was that?], Antique Car [silly ride] and Space Shooter.

I can tell, Space Shooter was the most entertaining because of the fear that I have to overcome by looking at its frightening height. While waiting for our turn, there was this one Japanese lady who screamed and screamed [and screamed..and screamed...] once the Space Shooter 'fell' from its utmost peak until it landed back again on ground. It was so much fun!

Anyway, we ended the day by riding the Sungai Rejang Fume Ride [the splash made me wet...and laughing gaily!] and the Gold Mine Coasters. The only disappointment was the shutdown of two my favourite rides - the Euro Express and Flying Coasters, which I didnt know what was the cause. We're sure we'll come back for more!