Sunday, January 6, 2008

The Last Day of 2007

It sucked when I had to go to my first class of the new semester on the last day of 2007. In fact, 2007 had been a rather sucky year for me. Lots of distresses, dramas, bad omen and the outcomes and on and on. But, thank God, the last day of the year has been nothing but a very nice reunion between my friends and I.

My class ended early that day. It supposed to end by 11 but it did around 10.30. How cool is that? I got back to my hostel and waited for Hani to arrive here so we all can head somewhere together!

By 12 something, she arrived and how we missed each other so much! It has been more than a year since we last met in the airport prior her flight to Adelaide and now, we were back together with lots of giggling and oh-my-gods! Hani, Azha and I took the bus to Mid Valley and we had our lunch there. Waffle for the year-end! Woo hoo!

By 4, Fa and Zafirah arrived and the party really kicked in. Each of us armed with a drink and we comfortably had our pillow talk in the Coffee Bean, minus the pillow. Get it?

Then, something terrible happened - Fa dropped her cell phone into the toilet and the phone was nothing more than a history. Fa cried and sobbed and came out of the ladies' room and straight away hugged me. The whole thing just proved that 2007 was nothing but a really bad time for most of us.

By 7, my other half arrived and I had to leave my dear friends to make time with him. He bought me a pair of Adidas Superstar shoes as my birthday present and boy, I never had any dream of wearing a pair of Superstar. That was far beyond cool!

By 11, Azha and I headed to the club amidst thousands and thousands of people who thronged Bukit Bintang that new year's eve. It started to rain by 11.30 but only lasted a couple of minutes and we were later joined by my friend/my bro Ayie in the club. As the clock struck midnight, both special persons in my life greeted me birthday wishes...such a sweet time!

All the best in 2008! Amen!

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