Saturday, January 5, 2008

My 2008 Nag

Alright, my initial plan was to write about how I spent the last day of 2007 and how my 2008 celebration [cum my birthday celebration] went but I decided to spare some time first to nag a little. Well, of course I won't say its a nag but to people who might not dig this, this might sound boring. Just read it at your own risk..

Everyone thought I had the best life. The perfect life. Boy, how that had missed the fact. My life has been nothing but a total drama of myself and every possible shits and surprises that one could ever think of.

It's way not perfect at all. I'm a wreckage at times too. A complete wreckage but I still managed to put on that big smile on my face and pull people out of the darkness whenever the told me [sadly] that they are sad.

You people don't even know what's the meaning of sad. I have been through all the 'sadness' and still, here I am. Alive and kicking. Sort of, that is.

People expect me to be nice, smiling, happy, perfect this, perfect that. But often those mortals forgot that I am a mortal as well, just like them. I eat, I breathe, I laugh, I cried. But no,no! They expect me to be all in place. Whenever I had my bad days, do they care to lean over and ask me of what's really going on, like what I did to them? Like what they want me to? NO NO NO! They didn't! They never did that! So, whenever I got grumpy and started to be silent and ignoring people, they would accuse me of being moody and blah blah.

Have they ever heard of the word 'respect'? 'Give me some space'? I bet no. Cause I have no other choice whenever I had my bad days [thanks to them]. Should I be silent, they'll nag around saying I'm a fucking moody bastard. If I tell them what's on my mind and their silly behaviour is the sole cause of my irritation, again they'll nag around about me being a diva bitch.
Have they forgotten that I'm a human myself? I have my ups and downs. I'm not programmed to be the listener of your confessions. I need my own space and learn to respect what I like and don't. Don't you people be ashamed of your fucking selves, coming to me whenever you're down and forgetting me like gazilion years when you're having a fucking great time?

And to those people who expect me to do things at their please, to be what they want me to be, to obey each and every fucking word they say...hear this: Fuck off. I'm living my fucking life and this 2008, you'll be hearing no mercy or sorry from this man.

I'm tired. People treating me like a compact powder. Using me whenever they feel like, and bury me deep, deep down in your tote after you have done.

All I'm saying is, I demand some respect for myself and for what I am from those people who claimed that they are my 'friends' and 'lovers'. Show your true self first, then we'll talk.


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