Sunday, February 3, 2008

It's Britney, Bitch..

I don't even know where to start. Sigh..

I wasn't a fan of Britney at all..never. I loved some of her songs but that's just about it. To adore her, buy her CDs, collect her pin-ups - no, I never did those. She was just another singer that always came out with great new tunes which continuously pleased the global crowd.

And there's where the trouble begun. Too much fame. Everyone become obsessed with Britney. Especially those Americans, notoriously known for their celeb-obsession.

When the Chris Crocker vid hit YouTube and became the talk of the time ["Leave Britney alone!!!!!], I wasn't feeling it yet. I wasn't even realized how dangerous this whole situation is.

*The Chris Crocker video is even featured in 'Meet the Spartans'. Haha..

But, as time goes by, I've starting to realized how dreadful this situation can be. How fragile Britney is right now. How she really needs help and people should just leave her alone.

Britney is sick. And we read about it everyday on the net.

She is desperate for some peace, some good friends and someone to love her. In recent drama, she was talking to herself outside an elementary school about 'wanting to pick up her children'. She later said to the person who inquired and guide her to the exit 'You are so kind. Maybe you should give me your number. I don't really have many friends'.

This breaks my heart. You've seen it. Money can't buy life.

She tried killing herself before, when she locked herself up in the bathroom with her child which ended her being wheeled to the ambulance for the first time. In the suicide note, she continuously mentioned about 'wanting to find peace and perhaps death is the best way'.


Rosie O'Donell likened Britney to Princess Diana where both were the obsession of their time and resulted in death of the latter - in the attempt to find peace and space of her own. Pray the same won't occur for Britney.

She has lots to give and way huge potential to color the music industry. Her latest album 'Blackout' is, I daresay, the best album she has ever come out with and easily one of the best albums so far for me.

We've seen famous people died over this short period of time. First was the assassination of Benazir Bhutto, then the untimely death of Heath Ladger, next was Suharto. Is it a trend or what?

A professor in astrology and card reading in Latin America is famous for giving his yearly predictions since 2 decades ago. For 2008, he predicted 2 major things:

1. Hillary Clinton will win US Presidential election.

2. Britney Spears will commit suicide.


By the current affair, it's only a matter of time before it happens. But, 100% of me doesn't want that to happen.

Save Britney. Amen.

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