Friday, February 15, 2008

My 2008 Valentine

This has been nothing short of a wonderful year so far. 2008 looks promising...and I hope it will continue to be until the end.

Well, before I knew it, Valentine's is here again. A wonderful day to make excuse sending my long-forgotten friends as well as the closest ones messages, telling them how much I loved them.

For real. No kidding.

So, I texted my closest friends and confidantes like Fa, Darryll, Ann Jie, Jin, Zaf and of course the top 3: Aen, Hani and my dearest Farra ( I love you guys).

Thanks for being such a great company guys. I love you to pieces and till the end of time.

I got a Calvin Klein Jeans tshirt from my boo. And it's black.

Who wears black on Valentine's? Well, the thought that matters anyway.

He brought me to Pavilion and we had our dinner in Madam Kwan, my favourite eatery. And, believe it or not, as I tried to cut the sliced cucumber with my spoon, apparently it didn't co-operate and...

...and it flew right out of my plate, and out of my table, to land on the floor behind me.

God. That was embarrassing. And funny at the same time. A-W-K-W-A-R-D.

My boo and I exchanged empty look and continued our meal.

Good. 'Coz inside of my head, I was going "Don't say anything..Don't say anything.."

Anyway, actually he was going to get me Estee Lauder's Pleasures for Men (one of my favourite scents) but I refused. C'mon, I already have like a dozen different scents in my closet. From Dunhill to Paris Hilton to name it.

Perhaps it'll be some time til I'll ask him for a new one.

My pet bro, Ayi went too far this time..spending nearly a thousand bucks (my own assumption) on my present. Gasp!

He got me an Energie tshirt and *ehem* my favourite scent which I never able afford to buy since I first knew it 6 years ago - Annick Goutal's Eau d'Hadrien.

Speechless. But a lot of thanks, of course. Hehe.. He's my closest buddy right now. Bad days, unsatisfied comments, place to ask for opinions - that's him. Thanks for being a good bro!

Most importantly, they all give me the same thing - love. Lots of it. And I still feel it, not only today, but everyday. True friendship gives true love.

Here's to 2008 Valentine's Day.

Make love, not war. Cheers

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