Sunday, February 17, 2008

This is My Buddy - HRHF Farra

She's my confidante. She's my biggest critique. She's my reflection and everything that I hate. But, she's the best person ever to defined the word 'FRIEND' and proved that best friends stick through thick and thin.

She's Farra. My Her Royal Highness Fantabulous Farra...and I'm responsible for giving her that title. My bad. Haha..

The best one I've ever had. The most fabulous person with XX chromosome ever to popped up to be my friend.

It's funny coz our friendship started during the first day of lecture in matriculation where I kept on bugging her and her friends by jumping into their conversations whenever her friends tried to find meanings of some particular words in English.

But, hey, I interrupted them for good as I got to know her from there!

And she introduced herself as 'Bob' (short for Spongebob. Earlier, we were discussing about our fondness for that silly sponge). How strange, a Bob for a start...ahaks.

We continued our friendship from there. Dinners in 12th college, movies, shopping (she's my stylist cum consultant) and of course, the tutorial-swapping sessions a.k.a copying tutorials...tests too sometimes. Haha

Well, who didn't do such?

Though time has brought us places apart, whatmore with her in India pursuing her medicine course while I'm still in good ol' UM, we are still best buddies, exchanging everything from best bits to embarrassing stories.

She knows my likes and dislikes. She knows that I hand-wash my clothes wearing A|X cap with my mp3 player earphones plugged to my ears. She knows that my Ralph Lauren jacket was only bought RM60 after 90% discount in Isetan, instead of RM660 which I told people before. She also knows that I hate Mawi while she worships him.

To think about it again, we are couple-alike. Only with different tastes, preferences and, of course, not attached to each other. Weird, but, hey, that's us!

There are lots (read: LOTS) more moments, experiences that we had experienced together worth telling but perhaps in the near future. For time being enough said that she's a good friend - the one you'll be thankful for the rest of your life to find her. A fabulous associate through the ups and downs.

To Farra, Kye loves you! Meowww!

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