Thursday, April 17, 2008

Celine Dion in Kuala Lumpur (*gasp!*)

OMG..Celine Dion was in KL. It was freaking fantastic, I swear to God.

C'mon. It's C.E.L.I.N.E.D.I.O.N. Of course that equals to awesomeness!

Anyway, I went there to catch the experience in persona with my pet bro Ayi. We bought (actually he paid for it) the free seating ticket as we just wanted to be in this whole OMG-Celine Dion-is-in-KL phenomenon.

We just wanna be a part of it! And catch her singing!

It was postponed to April 13, 2008, which is days later from the actual date, which is Sunday too. The show started at 8pm, but the gate opened at 7pm, so we went there around 5.45pm by the Monorail (TGFM - Thank God for Monorail).

The queue to the entrace was already building up and to my surprise, I bumped into my long-lost friend Leong Hun and Angeline! What a pleasant surprise! So, my entourage for the concert grew from just my bro and I to four of us!
*Actually we were just not contacting each other for a long time. Not really long-lost. Hehe

My bro & I - circa 6.30pm.

Angeline, Hun and I

But the show didn't even start at 8pm, because of the same Malaysian thing - the King & Queen hadn't show up yet. What a blah.

Anyway, as soon as the two late-comers arrived, the whole Stadium Merdeka was immediately turned pitch-black and the visual montage of Celine Dion past performances were played, welcomed by the cheers and screams by die hard fans - including us.

She kicked up her an-hour-and-forty-minutes show with 'I Drove All Night', which my bro still sings up to this day, reminiscing of her performance that night.

She belted out nearly 20 songs before ending the show with encore of 'My Heart Will Go On'.

All of us left with wide grin from ear to ear. She was truly a singer and a performer.

Much relieved from Whitney Houston performance in Bukit Kiara last month which I got VIP ticket for but disappointed for the show. But Celine Dion is something - she's mayjahhh!!!

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