Thursday, April 10, 2008

My Fav Scents

Alright, enough about the sad stuff below. It's time to kick up and turn over a new leaf! Thanks to those who provided me support and love! (Shin Yau, Zhen Hui and Sakina).

So, these all started on one fine day when I was sipping my daily dose of caffeine a.k.a nescafe ais while Sakina was doing her work. Then she told me, "You should blog about like that."

A light bulb appeared above my head. And this is the beginning! Anyway, mucho gracias, Sakina!! Love u!!

To talk about a man's scents is very hard and tedious because men are complicated than women (if you didn't notice before) yet very dull and boring. So, the selection and variety for men's scents don't really differ over time.

For me, the best scent so far is Kenneth Cole's Reaction because basically, I'm at comfort with sweet and fresh smell. I love applying it at the back of my neck each time in the morning before I went off to my class during my matriculation days.

Just for the record to those who are not familiar with Reaction, the scent is rather similar to DKNY's BeDelicious green apple, except the latter is much more influenced by the apple note while the apple portion in Reaction is subdued a tinge of masculinity.

Another scent which provides this freshness is Calvin Klein's Truth for Men. Some clue of the scent? Picture yourself standing on a windy beach during wee hours of the morning. The freshness, the breeze of the sea and the sweet hint of the flowers around the beach - those are the elements captured in Truth. A perfect use for a stroll down the city or the beach during summer or a sunny day.

Talking about my favorite scent won't be completed without mentioning Annick Goutal. Annick Goutal to perfumes is like Ferragamo to shoes or Hermes to handbags - an expert in its own turf. Annick Goutal's scents has won fans ranging from the royalties of Monaco, to Madonna and even our own Yang Di-Pertuan Agong.

I became acquainted with this brand when I first saw it on tv in a morning talkshow back when I was in Form 2 or 3. Immediately, I said to myself "I have to have it." And later, 5 to 6 years later I finally own a bottle of it.

My Eau d'Hadrien by Annick Goutal was epitomized by the late Prince Hadrien of Greece whom this scent was inspired. And it was the most expensive scent ever in my collection - costing more than 300 bucks for a 100mL EDT.

As we all know, or care to know, each perfumes is made of three notes: The 1st note (The smell that we immediately recognised after applying), the 2nd note (The odor that lasts hours after applied) and the final note ( The scent that lasts after days e.g. on clothes, hair etc).

For Eau d'Hadrien, the highest note or the 1st note is made up of lemongrass while it is subdued by the sweetness of roses and lime in the 2nd and final note. Seems like an unlikely combination of a man's scent, no? Well, Annick Goutal proves that it can be.

As I got older, I demanded scents that are sexier, exudes masculinity and distinctive. And the one that I will always be proud of is the premier perfume from Guess: Guess Man. It is a perfect combination of masculinity, sexiness and it certainly distinctive with a tiny bit of sweetness, which scores it extra brownies point from me.

For a night out with my pals or for clubbing, where serious dose of 'attention' scents are needed, I turned to David Beckham's Instinct, Dunhill by Dunhill and Polo Black by Ralph Lauren. Those are the head-turner scents that can lasts for hours and hours through sweat and time. I tried once or twice using them to classes and they did make good head-turners, but of course in the wrong attention which I prefer not to have at that time. Definitely a no-no for day use but a brilliant choices for night time.

Actually, I bought Instinct (by David Beckham) when I was strolling in Seremban 2 Jusco, sometime in January this year. The gift set which comprises of an EDT, body wash and body lotion was only RM75. I certainly couldn't let go such bargain and the scent didn't disappoint me either. I liked it.

Another one is Just Me for Men by Paris Hilton. No, no, no - don't you ever go away from this one just because Miss Hilton chose it. It actually "smells nice" - as what my friend Ann Jie told me, and surprisingly it chose to empower sweet and soft elements while remaining true to its masculinity basis.

When sprayed a dash or two of Just Me onto my pulse points and at the back of my neck, and started to walked past my friends, they'll complimented me on the scent. But, immediately turned sour and made funny faces when I told them that it was from Paris Hilton.

C'mon guys, you can't be that bad 'coz she certainly knows how to chose the winning scent!


zhenhui said...

finally u bounced back man :)
good for u!!!
reply comment weh
buat bimbang orang je :)

Megati said...

the finest scent on earth is the smell of freshly milled banknotes. hehe