Saturday, May 31, 2008

The Day My Life Becomes Black

I got a BlackBerry! A BlackBerry Curve 8300!

The day was May 26, 2008 which was Tuesday when I welcomed another member in my family - BoyBoy (the name I gave to the BlackBerry). BoyBoy joined alongside Hayden (my mechanical pencil) and Hayden Jr. (my 4Gb thumbdrive).

Haa..what a beautiful day, it was! Unexpectedly!

The reason BoyBoy was bought was beacuse my long-time companion, Motorola A780 was ailing and no shop was willing to accept it for repair, due to its hard-to-find spareparts. Well, that was the thing when you lived in a country that only called 'Nokias' and 'Sony Ericssons' as cell phones.

Anyhow, I'm so far beyond delighted for BoyBoy's presence because a BlackBerry is the ultimate gadget that I was so eager to get, from all the sparks and hoo-haas it made across the globe, and on Gossip Girl.

I'm contented, blessed, thankful and couldn't think of other things that I wanted to have, as much as I wanted a BlackBerry. I'm done on this part - so far.

Love you lots, BoyBoy!

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