Saturday, May 24, 2008

OMFG - Gossip Girl

"Spotted, K piously sitting in front of his laptop downloading episode after of Gossip Girl. You know you love me, XOXO"

God, I can never have enough of this! At least until now! I am shamelessly a GG addict and I have no plan of recovering from it. This show is totally awesome! I never thought I would be driven by this show although I've read about it on PerezHilton and my friends told me about their fondness for Blair or Serena or even the delicious yum-yum Nathaniel (Thanks Farra & Fa!).

For the start, who wouldn't be intrigue by the lives of the rich and famous in the Upper East Side of Manhattan? Their lives are full of drama, cat-fights, high-profile parents, struggles to be the ultimate talk of the town and to make things even better, they are all high school students (a private high school, mind you). Everyone knows each other and want to get a piece of who's whereabouts dish and their ultimate source is none other than the anonymous blogger of the Upper East Side, Gossip Girl.

So far, as I have only managed to watch up to the fifth episode, the storyline goes something like this - Serena is back to New York from a long hiatus which he kept secret from everyone and her return wasn't so welcomed by everyone, namely Blair Waldorf - Serena's best friend-turned-nemesis after Blair found out Serena used to have sex with her boyfried, the incredible Nathaniel Archibald - who's starting to fall for Serena after that one-shot thing.

So this show centers on the return of Serena and the questions she brings along - why did she left? Why does she come back? Does she has undisclosed intentions? Will she come back for good? Will Nate got Serena and dump Blair, or will the newbie Dan win Serena's heart? Will Serena and Blair be bestfriends again?

To quote Gossip Girl:
"The girls in the Upper East Side aren't always on top. They climb with their heels to the top. And honesty isn't always the best policy; at least in this zip code."

Go and watch it! Now!

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~mista [s.h.a.n.d.y.e]~ said...

whats omfg stands for btw?

izzit oh my f-ing god or only meant for girls?

can you light up some info on that?