Thursday, May 22, 2008

Reminiscence: First Present

I was unpacking the stuff that I brought home from my hostel and while I was unloading my luggage and stuffing all of the clothes into my closet, I came across a piece of worn-out black cloth, which was proudly hung amongst all other spanking-new shirts and tees.

It turned out, the 'piece of cloth' wasn't just any piece of cloth. It was an old Armani Exchange t-shirt given by my special one way back in 2002. Almost 6 years has passed by and how I've grown up with this tee. Countless times I've put on this tee proudly including on one occasion in Central Market where my sugar and I wore matching black A|X tshirts, minus the different design. I even wore it to a singing contest back in my secondary school days! (I sang 'Fallin'' complete with a female Form Six student as my prop. How classy was that?)

What really made it special wasn't really the label nor the price. It was the first present given by my sugar to me, a sloppy, nerdy-looking kampung boy coming down to KL to meet a stranger whom he called boyfriend.

When I looked back, I was so amazed. How strong the love was, it made me travel down to KL - 256km away from my hometown, to meet and stay with a man he barely knew.

That was love. Pure, unconditional love from ME.

God, even I'm getting emotional from writing this.

Anyway, thanks sugar, for the tee and most importantly, the lessons you taught me, the time you have given me, the countless hours we've spent together and so much, much more.

What have ever happenned to us?

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