Thursday, May 22, 2008

This is the Best Briyani Y'all

To set the record straight, I was never a fan of briyani rice, bukhari rice or any other siblings the two have. Never. I found briyani as 'weird' and even if I attempted to eat it, the many spices and other ingredients thrown in are rather distracting they just turned me off.

Thus, I have given up hope on briyani...until this one came along.

This is the new breed/generation of briyani! And with less distracting ingredients and simpler rice! It tastes good as well!
The interior facade of the restaurant from front
The other specialty of the restaurant - sirap bandung. All of them ordered this except me, sticking strong to my nescafe ais. Hehe
This is my mom's plate en route to her journey of fulfilling her stomach's briyani quest
My sister, her husband and the sleeping brat also known as Aisy
Mommy and daddy dearest

Well,this one is in SS18, Subang Jaya with a big red signboard that reads "JM BARYANI HOUSE". You deserve a spank on the forehead if you ever missed it. Turned out,this place was even featured in Jalan-jalan Cari Makan on TV3 (because I saw the plaque on the wall..hehe)

The reason this place has successfully converted me into one of their devotees simply because of the meals. The curry they served (chicken, beef, mutton, name it) was so different from the stereotypical briyani that you find almost anywhere. It's simpler and surprisingly much more exquisite.

Just a tip if you're going there, DO NOT ORDER ANY A LA CARTE. Those a la carte dishes were, ehem, would not please your taste buds. Trust me. My sister, my dad and I have tried their nasi goreng kampung, bihun goreng and mee hailam respectively and all we could say was, "Stick to your briyani, y'all!"

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