Sunday, June 22, 2008

15 Reasons Why I *ehem* You

To the one with the black Karl Lagerfeld t-shirt, these are the reasons why you're different and why you're loved by me:

1. You accept me for who I am. I am full of flaws. You've seen it and embraced it.

2. You are forgiving. No mistake or things that I did ever shattered your justice in loving me.

3. You understands me. You know how to push my buttons and when to just leave me alone.

4. You're very supportive. The one I looked up for support. The one to shed my tears. The one who sees every small achievements I made as huge successes.

5. You're so beautiful in the inside. You only see the good things, in me and in this whole life.

6. You love Oprah too :)

7. You never say no to me. You know that 'NO's upset me.

8. You work so hard to satisfy me, though I never asked u so.

9. You cook the best meals I've ever known aside from my mom and granma's.

10. You hug me like I would run away from you.

11. You make me explored the parts of my life which I thought never existed.

12. You so naive. So easy to be trifled with, but definitely not any less intelligent.

13. You and I share same ideas, preferences and tastes. Well, almost - except Siti, sorry.

14. You love me as well.

15. You're so nice to me (links back to number 1 to 14).

Thanks dear. You know who you are. xoxo

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