Sunday, June 15, 2008

Rendezvous in KLCC

Today is June 16, 2008 and earlier this day, I had a little chillin' time with my bestest buddies, the incredibles Chong Jin and Cheng Mun aka Alexis.

Well, it was scheduled at 10am initially (by Chong Jin) but it turned out, Chong Jin was the first there to 9.30am. I mean, 9.30am? In KLCC? On SUNDAY?

God! However, best friends wouldn't see personal interest hindering such faboulous get-together, even if that means waking up early on a Sunday morning!

The rest of us did show up anyway...of course not on time (we are Malaysians, remember?). Chong Jin and Alexis had their meals from the fattening Mc Donald's (hehe) while I had the sumptuous sizzling yee-mee from Sizzles (the best sizzling mee in KL I've ever discovered). We easily spent nearly an hour at the foodcourt, dishing almost anything from studies, Madonna to bad housemates behaviours.

My 'muka-baik' pic in Signatures, KLCC, June 15,2008
Chong Jin tried so hard to be all friendly with the cam but Alexis was just trying to have his brunch *giggles*
Chong Jin as the McD ambassador (KLCC branch)

Alexis wants to apply for the next cycle of ANTM

Then, both of them invited me to the Matic (Malaysian Tourism Information Center) for the special screening of Buddhism-related movies in conjuction with the Wesak International Film Festival (WIFF) .

Arduously, we walked from KLCC to Matic on a hot Sunday afternoon, like some White tourists crazy for tanned skin. We watched the 'Among the White Clouds', about the lives of monks and nun in the Zhengnan Mountains in China.

Though coming from different religious view, I found the movie was very stimulating and moved me. There's one particular bit that captured me til right now, coming from a mouth from the sole nun living on the mountains:

"We always seek things and everything's about 'me','me'. We struggle for that one breath. When that one breath is chopped down, we let go of the universe. Why not let go of it now?"

There you have it. Very enlightening.

After the screening, we walked to the nearby monorail station (Bukit Nanas station) and head to KL Sentral, where we dispersed in our separate ways. But we had already planned for our next Genting!

In the monorail, en route back to KL Sentral

See ya!


jin-almahdi kilulu said...

"We always seek things and everything's about 'me', 'me' and 'me'. We struggle for that one breath. When that one breath is chopped, we let go of the universe. Why not let go of it now?"

This concept is termed 'anatta' (non-self). Along with 'dukkha' (suffering) and 'anicca' (impermanence), they form the three fundamental universal truth which according to Buddhism, the characteristics of all phenomena. Indeed, the movie is a perfect representation of true Buddhist practice towards liberation in the ultimate, perhaps extreme sense, hoping to break free from the seemingly endless cycle of life and death. Totally inspiring!

Anyway, thanks alot for sharing your relatedness and unbias view on Buddhism. Really look forward to meet you soonest possible. Hope we can make it to the 'party' at Genting! Lol.

(Disclaimer: with all due respect, pls remove the images uploaded on this post asap)

syyeam said...

ow =) I love reunions!
Haven't caught up with you guys for so long