Monday, June 23, 2008

A Sunday Family Affair in Pavilion KL

After much persuasion, we managed to get my brother-in-law to agree for a day-out to Pavilion Kuala Lumpur. We didn't take long to get ready as another second passed might change his mind to what he had just agreed.

So off we went there. True, like what The Star reported today, the traffic in the city center was so clear and cars were, sort of, scarce. Strange. Perhaps people were beginning to feel the effect in the increased fuel price recently.

My dad with his 'rojak' a la Food Republic style
One with an ABC, another with a J.Co - they're ready to take over the world
Ignore my hairdo. Forgotten my hair gel. Have to resort to Vaseline (thanks to John Travolta in Grease for it)
No prize for guessing who was the happiest one there
We didn't shop much except for a dozen of J.Co donuts and half a dozen of the sumptuous cupcakes from The Loaf (the cupcakes were, oh my Lord, heaven-sent).

We took a stroll around the mall with my sis targeting on some shops for her next visit, before calling it a day and headed home.

It turned out, my a-year-old nephew Aisy and his uncle shared a same taste - fondness for Paris Hilton. Well, at least in the tot's case, he refused to leave the heiress store and seemed to be attracted to her posters there. Ahaks!

I tried to show to my mom the girl I've been eying in J.Co but she didn't turn up. But by the time they all left for the foodcourt except my brother-in-law and I queuing for the donuts, the girl showed up and flashed me the same sunshine-y grin she always sported whenever we looked each other. Did I tell that I'm a regular there?

Anyway, my brother-in-law approved my 'selection' for the girl. Hey, it ain't easy to get a nod from him unless it's really something!

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