Sunday, June 22, 2008

Topless Giselle in GQ - WTF?

So, the highest-paid supermodel 2007 by the name of Giselle Bundchen posed topless for the latest issue of GQ (July issue, I supposed).

Few months ago, Eva Mendes did the same for Vogue Italia alongside with more raunchy pics than sexy or art-sy.

I didn't get it! Why do these beautiful chicks have to go topless in photo shoots? First of all, the pics don't even come near to the term 'art'. Don't they realized they were being exploited?

What the hell right, when you have the body better just flaunt it.

But, seriously, I can't understand it. There's no absolute relevance to that. Do you really need to expose your boobs in order to address a point? In a men's mag, above all? (Like you really have an important point, btw)

Suit yourselves, biyatches.

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