Saturday, July 12, 2008

Fire in Kerinchi LRT!

View from the LRT platform
Encik-encik Bomba dismantling the water hose

10 mins after the fire broke out

I was back from KLCC and waiting for my bus back home in Pantai Indah when I started to notice a chain of fume emitted from the illegal squatters located directly in front of where I was standing.

Before long, fire started to break out and grew larger and larger. All the makciks waiting for the bus with me addressed their concern about the cars and motorcycles parked nearby. The roofs of the houses started to collapse not long after. Then, the trees surrounding the houses caught the fire and tension was running high.

Though standing 40-50 metres away, I could feel the tremendous heat emitting from the scene. More and more people started to gather around and some, including me, managed to call the fire-engines to the scene. They arrived 5 minutes later but the fire continued ravaging.

It was tensed!

I left after 40mins on the scene with firemen continued to battle the fire withouy any sign of receeding. I later learned from the news that 50 people lost their shelter.


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