Wednesday, July 9, 2008

I Screamed in Their Faces Today. Period.

So, picture this. I had 9-5 classes today. Lots of things running in my head. Sweat dripping and drenching off my back. Walking towards the bus stop in full fatigue. The bus came. I was just trying to be all civilized and get into the bus peacefully. And, I was expecting the same from everyone there.

But they weren't not half as I expected them to be. Those sickening foreign workers pushed, hassled, grabbed people's back and pull them, shoveled their bodies and breasts and smelly butts through.

Nonetheless, I was pissed. Pissed with P.

So they thought they could have all the fun while struggling their way in around me like a bunch of retarded monkeys getting into a moving machine named 'bus' without getting a piece of my mind? WRONG

So, I screamed to them in general at the top of my lungs to make myself clear:

So they backed off - a while, before continued what they did. Guess, they just have to do what they did. It's in their chromosome - to be ape-shit and lousy humanbeings for the rest of their lives no matter where they are.

Ironically, I felt so, so relieved after doing so. I feel like I've make myself known to them and of what I really felt to them. Yes, dear foreign douches in UM, I do hate you all because you guys are so sickening.

Wonder what would tomorrow's afternoon bus ride would be like?

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