Monday, August 4, 2008

Carrie Bradshaw Made Me Do So

Alright, there's absolutely nothing queer about a man loving shoes - lots of them. There are men who collect cars, watches, baseball cards and as for me, well, I appreciate good shoes and sure I do love them.

I have to admit how Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City The Movie 'inspired' (sorta) me to feel good about thing that we like and thus, buy. There's absolutely nothing wrong with it if you can afford it and not bugging others for their dosh to buy it.

So, I like shoes and I think there's absolutely no harm in owning more than 2 pairs of footwear. In fact, I can go to classes with each pair of shoes everyday for 4 consecutive weeks without wearing the same twice. Haha.

Oh, did I mention that I only like shoes with labels? (Why am I being so diva-ish here? Astagfirullahalazeeemmmm)

The other day I was having a tough day, juggling 2 assignments and 1 tutorial with all due on the very next day and needless to say, I cracked up.

There was absolutely no other better way to brighten up that gloomy day than treating myself to these new pair of shoes! wasn't on discount. Just saying!

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