Tuesday, August 5, 2008


I know I don't actually live here, I'm just staying here (for a while, I pray) partly because I wanted to and because you invited me.

So, I'm expecting some kind of respect from all of you, as I am respecting the whole household because you're living there first and because all of you are much, much older than me.

But, to discard me like your cat while you guys are off to some birthday party (which I later learned, held in some warung - a.k.a like your daily dinner) without any direct acknowledgment is, say, cruel.

Totally inhumane at all.

It's not that I so wanted to go to the warung-dinner-cum-birthday-party. I just expected those dick heads to tell me properly that it was just between them (because they are close friends eversince the school days) and I would totally understand that. Trust me, I don't have any affection to sit at a table with a bunch of unknowns. I rather be with myself listening to Duffy all night long.

Instead of being grown-ups, they go around all merrily dressed and giggling and head off without even saying anything.

The best part is, I invited one of them (due to courtesy) to my bestfriend's birthday party the evening before and that was another story. I asked her for some spare capacity for my lovely friend here because I don't feel right dumping him at home while I'm out having a great time with my circle.

And the very next day, he and the rest of the gang didn't even bother to bring me along or even ASK me whether I would like to join them or not. Trust me, I would've say NO a million times even if you insisted. Talk about returning the favor right?

At the end of the day, I came to a conclusion that I shall do whatever that I want regardless of the people that kept piggyback-ing me. No more, after this alright. If I wanna have fun with my friends, then I'll go out and have fun with them. If you don't care, then I shan't as well. Period.


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