Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Buka Puasa @ Charm, The Curve

When: September 23, 2008
Who: Khairizan, Faris, Sakina, Hana, Zafirah, Didi, Ali Azri, Firdaus et al.

After much delays and postpones, at last, an ifthar between our closest cliques in the faculty finally made it with all the fabulousness and craziness.

Oh, minus Ali and Firdaus, whom were not members of same the faculty as the rest of us - they were just 'companions' of Didi and Hana respectively.

The food in Charm was nice. It was mainly Vietnamese cuisine with a touch of Thai's.

Charm - very charming

Clockwise from top left: Zafirah, Didi, Hana, Kye and Faris...oh, and my BlackBerry!

The Khairolfaris and the Khairizan

Happy bunch! Sakina, Faris and I.

My meal for the day - mushroom chicken rice. Nicely, but not exquisitely, done.

Sakina with her mee-hoon soup ala Vietnamese. She said it was good.

Hana checkin' on the menu while Zafirah checkin' on her 8-megapixel cam. Mine is 12-megapixel (hehe don't hate me Zaf)

Tyra would be so proud of ya, girl!

Hana's clan - From left: Fird and her two brothers (minus Sakina's nose)

Last but not least, many thanks to Zafirah for the ride to The Curve and Sakina for the ride back, all the way right to my doorstep (she insisted on sending me back after listening to the story about a boy almost got sodomised in Taman Tun Dr Ismail while walking back alone at night,many thanks to Firdaus for the story).

And thanks to the rest of the gang who made it possible! See you in next year's Ramadhan!

...actually, we do meet in the faculty every other day...hehe


Ri said...

wah! seronoknye buke posa dgn member2.

geng kita buat iftar kat tupai2 esok tp tk dpt pegi :( sedey...

Khairizan Yaacob said...

try again next time dear! mesti kena pegi jugak!

Booties said...

What story?
Who got sodomized in ttdi??
Tell me?

Khairizan Yaacob said...

Since when you're so interested in people got sodomized?

Hehe..dont hate me, miss booties :D