Saturday, September 27, 2008

The Last Day of Ramadan in KL for 1429H

Since this is the last day, I wanted to make it a little special! I wanted to dine somewhere out-of-ordinary or at least, not in the places I had dined gazillion of times before.

So, I called Chakri Palace KLCC... and they were fully booked.

I went to Novotel (where my pal Kem Salleh used to bring me once, thanks dear!) .... and they were also fully booked.

Same goes to Impiana KLCC.

No doubt with Secret Recipe KLCC - always fully booked (see how I've lowered my aim to dine in extra-ordinary place to Secret Recipe? How desperate is that? Yet still no vacancy!).

Thank God there was only one good place left not fully booked (yet) and I have not had the opportunity to taste their delicacies before. It was Aseana Cafe & Bar, located opposite +IT and beside Aseana boutiques in Melium Galleria, KLCC.

To my surprise, the food was worth praised for with mainly made of Malay cuisine. There were also pasta, spaghetti bolognaise with meat-balls, that enough to trigger my saliva streaming down the corner of my mouth.
Finally, a reservation had been made possible...

Among the plates (with food) retrieved in the constant trips back-and-forth to the buffet counter.

The dessert - bubur kacang with sagu, my personal favorite.

With price tag of RM59++ per person for buffet (a Ringgit more than Imperial Chakri Palace's), I had nothing to complain about. The food was good, and so was the hostess and waiters.

Oh, and I saw a couple of bottles of Moet Chandon too in the cold storage. What an exquisite taste of wine Dato' Farah Khan, the president of Melium Group and owner of the cafe, has. Go figure.

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