Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween! Bummer!

As much as you will be, I am very amazed at my capability to still spend some hours in front of the television and here writing a post although my examination is approaching way faster than I could even spell out 'E.X.A.M.I.N.A.T.I.O.N'.

Anyway, I had thrown away my relevance down the window the moment The Amazing Race Asia 3 started. With the final 5 teams remaining (2 of them are from Malaysia, hooray!), I got to make this room for this one.

Teams from Malaysia (Ida & Tania and Bernie & Henry) were the bottom two in the last episode. To make things even unpleasant, Ida & Tania had come in last place for 2 consecutive times in a row and how blessed, both were non-elimination leg of the race.

But, not this leg. Someone has got to go this episode.

And it turned out, Ida & Tania managed to score 3rd spot (actually 2nd, had it not for the 30min penalty imposed for coming in last twice in a row) and, this is the worst part for me, Henry & Bernie came in last and was eliminated.

Bummer! Bring Henry & Bernie back!

Now, there's half less excitement for me to catch the remaining episodes of the Amazing Race Asia 3 with my favorite duo had been ousted. They were the nicest teams (besides Ida & Tania, not being biased at all. Fact) and they played fair with their sunny, cheerful attitude.

What a total letdown!

And can you believe Henry is 43 years old? I wish I could pull off that physique, stamina and *ehem* charming good looks when I reached 40. Now I have a man I'd call my role model. Go Henry!

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