Tuesday, October 14, 2008

New Shoes (No Carrie Bradshaw Influnce This Time)

I already told you that I LOVE shoes.

This one is a little bit quirky and silly, but I just loved it the moment I saw it in Tangs Pavilion.

I went to Tangs Pavilion last week for its cardmembers' sale preview
, which members were entitled for additional 10-20% discount. I was not a member but my hommie, Abg Ayi was.

I just got to tag along whenever I sniff a place with Eau-de-Sale scent. This one is a slip-on and for the first time, I ignore the label because it is SO cute! And silly too! Why not have a little bit of silly fun with yourself once a while, right? It won't hurt!

A decent tee, khakis shorts, a messenger bag, shades and -voila- these shoes. That would make a perfect weekend around the city!

Happy day!


Kim said...

Nice!! I too have similar kind of comfortable shoes!!

Khairizan Yaacob said...

Long live shoe-lovers :)

agzamry said...

lovely shoeee