Monday, November 17, 2008

360 Desktop

Since my exams are over and I got nothing else better to do, I spend most of the time in front of my lappy and look out for other cool applications that I can use.

This one caught my eyes and it is REALLY useful and quite interesting.

The 360Desktop lets you have a 360 degrees desktop i.e. more space on your desktop, which is surprisingly-easy to use. You can just use the track-scroll on your mouse to rotate the desktop and even adjust the scrolling speed.

You are now able to open as many windows as you wish on your desktop without interfering one another. This one is totally useful for me when I need to do multi-windows works like doing a report while referring to other documents and at the same time browsing a web site.

These are the impressions you will get as you 'scroll' your desktop to the right using 360Desktop (click on images for larger view)

You can also post widgets that can be scattered on your desktop as you wish and even 'clip' any part of a web-page that you like and post it on your desktop (both are not shown in the pictures). It's pretty much like having a newspaper article that you wish to keep and put it on your table, along others of your works - that's how it is. The best part is, the web page that you 'clipped' is constantly refreshed so you won't have to use the browser again and again to refresh the page manually. Is that cool or what?

There are only 2 wallpapers available (one of them is what I used in the pictures above) and since this is only a trial version and be made free-of-charge, you can download it for no-cost and soon, there will be new applications added which includes how you can custom-made your own wallpaper.

This application only takes about 30Mb of your C drive. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

ishh.. hang nih macam-macam jumpak.. buleh install ka kat laptop BURUK hang tuu?...ehehehe .. apok.

Khairizan Yaacob said...

meskebeng....kata kita..tamau bagi cs4..mwahahahaha

Ri said...

waahh.. mcm2 en. khairizan kita ni ek? salaam.. lame tak visit blog hang. blog kita pun blom update lagiik.. :P lariiiii..!

Khairizan Yaacob said...

haha tu la pasal. dah check blog dier ari tu tp xde update pun, bz ek? feel free to update-kan sbb i'll read em :)