Tuesday, November 11, 2008


*this post had been updated due to massive grammatical errors. I'm so embarassed*

The Carrie Bradshaw-ness strikes again.

I fell in love with these gorgeous Victoire white leather sneakers from Louis Vuitton the moment I saw it last few months while doing my Raya shopping. The only thing stopped me from having it at that time was its color - white. I am a terrible stuff-keeper and a lousy preserver so I guess it was just a matter of time before I started leaving nasty marks on its angelic-white skin.

But now I changed my mind. I don't care about the color anymore - I just got to have it!

That was before I came across this pair of velcro sandals with rubber sole by Gucci. To be honest, I was always the shoe-guy and had never really been starstruck by sandals - until now.

I got to have it. I just GOT to have it... and I'll have it, any way any how.

I can picture myself with a short-sleeve shirt over a nice pair of khakis pants or shorts and complete the appearance with these gorgeous sandals.

The LV shoes are a great investment because you can wear it to almost everywhere while you obviously can't do so in sandals BUT those sandals are something! They're fierce!

Which one should it be? Any suggestion?

Remember, you can't have it all - at a time. One by one!

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