Sunday, November 2, 2008

An Interview with a Reporter (Not Vampire)

While taking a stroll down and finding a nice place to eat in Jalan Telawi, Bangsar on Saturday, I was stopped by a reporter by NTV7 (well, that's what his tag and camera stickers said) asking for my opinion. The isssue was about a recent report by an international body that stated that Malaysian mainstream press were not given much freedom in reporting.

Boy, my mind went frenzy with ideas and things that I prepared to say. However I kept my sense in check, keeping in mind that my face will appear on national television at prime time so better not start things off with stuff like 'Fuck you Pak Lah!'. I won't say that, don't worry.

I kept my congeniality in check. I told him, I somewhat agree with the report that our mainstream press is not being (totally) true and bias in reporting. Why I said so? Because there are issues that are not reported and people have to resort to other sources like blogs and forums to find out about such.

"What can be done?" he asked. In the simplest way, no party should have total control over what's right and what's not to report. Things should be informed as it is, without taking into account of anyone's interest (except for race and religion issues). Because, I said, people are getting smarter and the mainstream media are not the only sole resource available. Information are cheap and easy nowadays and lets just be fair by stop making a fool of Malaysians through those mainstream media.

Off camera, he thanked me for being honest than being phony goody-two-shoes and giving kiss-ass comments like the previous two people he interviewed. And he does admit that they were being bias to 'a certain side' in reporting. Touche, there you have it.

I mean, I didn't ask to be complimented. He asked, I gave my opinion and that's the whole point of being interviewed right? It's all about channeling your thoughts and expressing what's on my mind.

I told my mom about it and she said, there's a large probability my part won't be aired. Haha.

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