Thursday, January 22, 2009

Bottega Veneta

Last week, my hommie and I went window shopping and took a stroll around the city - the first weekend outing in 2009, after spending almost 3 weeks at home.

Of course, we were 'financially-challenged' (I refuse to use the term 'broke'). Thus, that explains why we only went window shopping and, yes Ann Jie, it was depressing.

Feeling numb and just for fun's sake, we hopped from one store to another and one of it was Bottega Veneta. An Italian 'du jour' high end store which stands at the same level as Louis Vuitton and Hermes, in terms of its exclusivity, history and class.

Bottega Veneta signature woven leather is seen on almost all of its goods - shoes, bags and even accessories.

And I fell in love with its high-top sneakers.

This particular Madison sneakers cost RM2600 approximately. It should be on my next wish-list. Fingers crossed.

Bottega Veneta is available in Starhill, Kuala Lumpur.


kikikakakiko said...

nak pegang..ops, dah pegang, tak bawak blk je lagik..

Khairizan Yaacob said...

hehe sabar...ade rezeki, xke mana..