Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy 22nd Birthday, Khairizan

An enormous thanks to Zafirah al-Sadat Zyed and Fa who planned everything and successfully dragged me out of the house to the land far,far away and back called Putrajaya for the new year 2009 cum my 22nd birthday celebration.

They even prepared the birthday muffins as birthday cake. How thoughtful, seriously.

Lots of thanks as well to Ayi for tagging along and Imran for being there as well.

To the ones I truly love and cherished and hard-to-live-without friends, Ann Jie, Zafirah Md Nor, Megati, Farra, Chong Jin and Alexis, thanks for your wishes and I do appreciate every one of it.

Especially Ann Jie, for your special note on my birthday on Facebook, I never knew I was that important to you! Love you!

To others who wished as well, many thanks as well.

It was indeed a day to be remembered by me.

Imran's bike. Awesomeness.

January 1st, 2008 at 1.20am on Sri Gemilang Bridge, Putrajaya
More birthday and new year's pics at:


Palister said...

DAMN!!! Is that Kawasaki ER6N??? or something like 6ENR? or more like 6ENR?? whatever!!! That's cool!!! ask your friend to go to your bro in law house so that I can rev that bike!!! hehehehe...

Khairizan Yaacob said...

just click on the image and you can see that it's Kawasaki ER6N! Cool kan! I've been on that bike, except it wasn't moving..hehe